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You got the job, come and resume tomorrow, the interviewer told me.

Really, wow, i can believe this. Thanks, I replied to the lady.

You are welcome, she responded and smiled.

I was very nervous about getting the job. I didn know if Im going to be accepted or not. Jane told me to calm down and give my best. Well, why won I be nervous, it was Enzos. Enzo group of companies was one of the best in the united kingdom and it almost sound unbelievable when the interviewer handled me my employment letter. I stared at the letter in amusement. I studied Business administration at the university of London, London school of economics and political science, Houghton street. I have worked at different companies but trust me, this sounds like hitting the jackpot.

Well, my name is Elisse Jones and i am 28 years old. I was thinking of calling my best friend to share the news with her. Well, speaking of my best friend Jane, she is all in one. We met in the university though she is a rich kid but she is so humble that you won even know. I couldn ask for a better friend than her. She knows everything about my family problem and she helps in whatever she can. Well, i decided not to inform her yet though I know she would be happy with the news but I want to surprise her.

Hi Jane, i greeted as i sat down tiredly on the couch.

Hey, you are back? She asked.

Yeah, i answered her.

You got the job right? She asked and smiled at me knowing fully well that i wound have secured the job.

No, I didn . I replied her pretending to sad while putting on a hard face.

You didn , why? You ace the exam and Im sure you would have done well with the interview so I don get it. She said surprised as well as disappointed.

Well, I did try my best but i wasn selected. I answered her.

That isn fair but not to worry , i am sure you gonna find another job soon. Cheer up , don be so sullen . She encourage and smiled at me.

Well, i got the job. I announced happily to her.

You did what! She exclaimed.

I got the job, i got the job at Enzos. I announced again. She jumped at me and hugged me.

Im happy, im so happy for you. She said and hug me again

Im happy too, i replied.

You know what, let go clubbing tonight just to celebrate this. She suggested as she dragged me up from couch.

Of course, I agreed.


Well, my name is Lorenzo Miller and i am the CEO of Enzo group of companies.

My secretary came in to inform me of the arrival of my best friend.

May i come in sir, she knocked.

Come in, I answered.

Sir, your friend is around, she announced as she looked down. Well, she dare not looked up as everybody was afraid of me because i emit a very cold aura so they were

t that fond of me but who cares, I don gave a damn about whatever they thought of me as long as they don ** up with their job.

Tell him to come in. I ordered her.

OK sir, she said as she hurriedly went


Hi Enzo, Sebastian greeted me as he enters. Sebastian Carlos has been my childhood friend. His family and mine has been a great business partner for years and we got along very well. I confide in him most and he knows everything about me including my past.

Hi Sebastian, i answered him

How is work, he asked as he sat down.

Well, as you can see, im very busy. I responded .

We have a family dinner at the house, mum invited you over, he informed me.

I will see to it but seriously your mum never stopped inviting me over when all she is going to talk about will be when will you find yourself a girlfriend, you are getting old. Isn that funny. I said laughing and he laughed too.

Well, your mum rant about the same thing too, I wonder why won they just leave us alone, he replied still laughing .

I guess they should just do that, I concluded.

Are you coming to club tonight, you are going to have fun. There will be plenty of girls, you know, the type you like. He said and winked at me.

Well, i don think Im gonna come, Clara is at the house.

CLARA? The same Clara, he asked.

No, the girl I picked about three weeks ago. I explained.

She is at your house? He asked me

Yes, why? I answered and asked him

Of course Im surprised, you haven picked a girl for more than two days and you even kept her in your house. Am I missing something here or does she remind you of that bicth you called your ex because she bears the same name with her. He asked

No, and stop calling her a bitch and this Clara, she isn just like all those other girls, she doesn trespass and doesn asked questions about what doesn concern her. She does her job well and i am satisfied with her for now and once i get fed up with her, i discard her, period. i explained cutting him shut of whatever he was thinking.

I thought youve grow feelings for her or something , he said and i laughed

Feelings, you should know that is not possible, i play and get rid when im tired, you know that.

You are really something else. But seriously, don you think you need someone, someone who is going to make you smile again and heal all your wounds, you should

t shut your heart totally because of one mistake. He suggested.

Clara is not a mistake. I said knowing he has started again.

Well, if you say so but seriously you need to find someone else, he suggested again.

Oh, says the man who has one, i laughed.

Mine is better, at least, i am just waiting for the right person to turn up, he replied.

Whatever, i don need anyone, they are all fake, i answered bitterly.

You need to let go of the past Enzo, he lectured.

I think i know where this conversation is going so let end it and find something else to say, i frowned.


No buts, i don want to talk about this. I cut him short.

It is okay , he surrendered.

Women, i hate them. Not after what Clara did to me, i believed they are to be used for fun and get rid of eventually. I don want to attached them to any importance. Not anymore, Not after what Clara did. I thought.

Hi babe, Clara said and hugged as soon as i entered into the house.

Hi, i thought i told you to stop calling me that. I replied and frown at her.

Alright Enzo, you don have to frown at me, you know i don like it when you do that. She said.

Then stop calling me that, I told her and pushed her away.

Hey don push me away. She hold my hands and kissed me, i kissed her back

Hmm, i love this, i love you Enzo, she said in between our kisses.

What! What did you just say, i asked her and push her away.

I said i love you. She repeated it again looking surprised and not knowing what she did wrong.

You are crazy, you know what, i think this is over. Get out of my house . I told her.

What! What did i do wrong, why will you tell me to get out all of a sudden. She asked.

You said you love me, I replied furiously.

What! I thought you love me too. She said surprised.

LOVE? I laughed, you know what, just get the hell out of my house. I commanded.

OK, I am sorry. I won say that anymore. She apologized.

I said GET OUT. I shouted and throw her some money. I am going to get my driver bring your stuff to you tomorrow. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW. I shouted and that makes her shivered, she picked up the money I throws at her and she get out.

BITCH, I hissed.

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