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Jane, Jane, wake up. I tap her and shake her body.

Hmm what? She asked with her eyes closed.

I m nervous, i told her.

What! You are up already and you have finished dressing, she asked surprised. It is just 6:30 am, it is too early, she said while rubbing off sleep off her face.

I know but i don want to be late, its my first day.I explained to her.

Of course i know it is your first day at work but you said you are to resume by 8:00 am and this is just 6:30am. It s too early, she insisted stressing out her point.

Alright i will wait till 7:00am but i am nervous, I said and hold her hands.

Why would you be, youave gotten the job already, she said.

Yeah, you are right but are you sure im putting on the right dress. I asked turning around for her to check me out. I was putting on a black suit with a pair of golden heel and my hair is packed in a ponytail.

This is okay, not bad, she commended.

Are you sure, i asked again.

Of course, this is okay for an office dress unless you have someone there to seduced, she said and laughed.

Stop it, im being serious. I said and squint my eyes at her.

Relax, i am only joking. This dress is good enough, she told me.

Well, i got to the office earlier than i should. As soon as i got down from the taxi, I looked at the building and smiled to myself.

Wow, i can believe i will be working here, i thought aloud.

I entered into the building and made my way straight to the reception.

Hi, i greeted the receptionist

Hi, welcome to Enzos, pls what can I do for you?she smiled at me and asked.

Actually, my name is Elisse and I was recently employed. Yesterday to be precised. Today is my first day but i don know how things are done here. I explained to her.

Oh, you must be the new assistant marketer, she concluded.

Yes, i am. I answered her.

Wait for a moment, she said and placed a call and in a few minutes, someone appeared.

Hi, Diana, the new lady greeted.

Hi Sam, so this is Elisse, she is the new assistant marketer and i would like you to lead her to your department. She introduced me to Sam.

Hi, my name is Samantha but you can Sam. I am the financial auditor. She introduced herself and stretched out her hand for a handshake.

Well, i am Elisse. I said and shake her hand.

You can follow me, she directed and I followed after her.

She took me to the third building using the elevator and we got to the department which was known to be the marketing and sales department and she directed me towards a middle aged man.

Hi Sir, she greeted the man.

Hi Sam, what can i do for you, the man said and looked up.

Well, this is Elisse, your new assistant. She told him.

Oh, so you are Elisse. I was informed already you will be coming today so i have been expecting you, he said and smiled at me.

Good morning Sir, i greeted him.

Well I would leave you two, I have to go back to my table. Sam said and went away.

Good morning Elisse, I am Mr Wright by name and i hope we can work together peacefully. Well, im going for a meeting now. Your table is over there, i am going to explain your work here when i get back so you can make yourself comfortable till i comes back. Meanwhile, you can help me with this, he gave me a file and stand up to go.

Thank you, Mr Wright, I said.

You are welcome, i hope you like it here, he replied and went away.

Two hours later, he came back,

Sir, you are back from the meeting, i asked him.

Yes, he answered.

This is the file you asked me to work on, i said and gave him the file.

Thanks, you are quite fast, he commended and collected the file from me.

After that, he sat me down and explained those things i am supposed to do and also about the company rules and regulations. I listen attentively and nodded my head.

Minutes later, he excused himself and went away.

Hi, someone greeted.

Hi, Sam, i answered and looked up.

Are you busy? She asked.

Not really, why? I answered and asked.

Actually its break hour so I was thinking we should grab something to eat at the company restaurant, she said and requested.

You have a restaurant here? I asked.

Of course, it at the second building, you know, we could go there and chat also, she explained.

OK, give me a few minutes to clear my table, I requested.

Alright, take your time, she said.

We can go now, i told her.

OK, she replied.

At the restaurant, we grab a seat, ordered our food and we started eating. We barely start eating when she started talking,

You know what, Iave been with this company for about five years now if i may recall, she said.

Five years! I exclaimed.

Yes, five years and seriously i know almost everything about this company already, she said while sipping her drink.

Of course, you should, five years isn a short period of time, I replied.

Yeah, she agreed.

So, what did you think of Mr Wright, I asked.

Mr Wright? She asked.

Yeah, Mr Wright, i mean is he a good person. Is he someone i can trust, I asked her.

Of course, he is a very good person. He is more like a mentor to me. I remembered the first time i got here, i was so clueless about everything and the boss was always angry with me and it got to a point when i was about to be sacked but he comes in and helped me , he put me through though it wasn part of his work, he still help me get through and i am forever grateful for what he has done for me, she explained.

That means i have nothing to worry about, i concluded.

Yes, but you know, i pitied him, she said.

Pitied him, i asked curiously.

Yes, he has a presentation next week.The CEO isn in a good mood recently, he even fired the sales manager today, she explained and sighed.

But, hasn he attempted any presentation before, I asked.

Yes, he has, but this is different. It is an urgent presentation because the company has a target to meet and he, as the marketing officer must re strategies a plan to market our product so as for our investors to be impressed and im afraid he won be able to meet up with the date, she explained.

Why won he be able to meet up, today is Monday and you are talking about next week Monday if i get you right, i asked.

Yeah, but he isn himself this days. He got a lot on his mind, she said.

I don understand you, can you make it more clearly, I asked.

Well, he told me that his wife and his daughters got involved in an accident and i they have been in a coma since then, it happens about two month ago and he hasn be himself since then.

What! Thats too much, i exclaimed.

Yes, he seems overwhelmed with his situation already and the CEO isn going to considered that, she said.

Why? And why can he asked for a work leave. Im sure the company can give him that, I asked.

LEAVE? It seems you don know how it works here. We are not permitted for a leave until you have work for about thirty years. The CEO is a very wicked person. He has never put anyone into consideration except himself, he is very selfish and he is a sadist, she explained as she lowers her voice.

A SADIST? I asked and exclaimed.

Yes, a sadist. He is so handsome but trust me, he is a devil in disguise. He loves to make people suffer and he derives joy in seeing you in pain. He is more like a demonic boss, he doesn care about your feelings at all, she explained.

Wow, thats bad, I said surprised that such people still exist in this world.

Yeah, but you know what, I think he hated women most, he hated us to the core. He is very mean. You know, there was a time that this rumor was going about at the office that he is a fag but that isn true because his former secretary caught him making out with one of his girlfriends in the office and she spreads it around the office and guess what, he found out and fired her immediately so since then, everybody kept their mouth shut no matter what he does wrong, she explained.

Wow! Thats awesome, i exclaimed.

Yeah, he fired a lady today also. He said she didn present well but i think there is more to it, maybe he is frustrated, depressed or something more because he doesn look like someone who is normal to me. Maybe he has some cloudy past because those that has been in the company for a long time said he wasn like that before, they said he just changed all of a sudden. He owned this company when he was about fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years old? I asked.

Yes, when his father died, he has to take over as the successor, though he didn start acting immediately, he has to go to school so his mother was the one that was acting as the CEO but when he finished schooling, he took over, she explained.

Oh, i understand but how did you know all of this, you said you started working about five years ago right? I asked.

You know i got ears in this office right, let drop that, so as i was saying i did think the lady presented well but he was just finding fault so im a little bit afraid for Mr Wright, he might just lose job, she explained.

But, is the CEO that bad? I asked.

He is more than bad, she replied.

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