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I got home from work angrily, we mustn loss those client. We mustn loss those investors to our rival or should i say my personal rival. I smiled bitterly as i remembered the reason why Clara left me, it was because of that bastard, so at least if i can have Clara, I mustn loss that contract. Apart from having a personal feud with the rivalry company, those client are big investor and them being able to invest in our company will be a great opportunity for us. We major in pearl farming and our company is one of the largest company in the united kingdom but if those client are able to invest in our company, we would be able to expand our business to France so we mustn loss the deal. I was furious about the lady that presented earlier at the office today, all she presented was trash so I had to sack her and so im looking forward to the presentation coming from the Marketing department. If they failed me too, that means i have to find a way myself, I thought and concluded. I was interuped by the by the sound of my phone, i picked it up

Hello Mum, I greeted her over the phone.

Hey sweetheart, are you at home? She replied and asked.

Yeah, why? I asked.

Come open the door. lm at your doorstep, she announced.

Oh, wait a minute. Im coming, i said as i stand up to open the door.

Hi Mum, i greeted and hugged her after opening the door for her.

Hi Enzo, she replied and hugged me back.

Why are you here? I asked her after releasing her from the hug.

Can i visit my son or are you trying to chase me away, she said as she move to sit on the couch.

Mum, we both know that is not what i am talking about, you don just visit without any reasons.

Well, i was passing by so I decided to come here unannounced as usual to see maybe i could stumbled upon a pretty lady. She said and smiled.

Well, you know that is not possible, i told her.

Of course but who knows, i might be lucky to find one, she said again.

How is Leonardo? I hope he is doing well with his study. He told me he wanted to changed his school but i don see any reason why he should, i said changing the topic.

I know you are not going to allow me talk me about this but seriously Leonardo is fine but you need to find a girl. I want a grandchild sweetheart, you can denied me that. Right? She said sadly.

I told you we shouldn talk about this anymore, I told her.

Really, why shouldn we talk about it, seriously, im afraid. I don even know, maybe people are saying the truth. Im afraid, im afraid you are gay, she complained.

Mum, i am absolutely fine, there is nothing wrong with me. I am not just ready, i said.

You are not ready. Really, then when will you be, you are thirty one already Enzo. So tell me, when will you be, when you are forty. Sweetheart, you are not getting any younger and i at least want to see a grandchild, she complained.

Mum, lets stop this okay, what will you eat, I asked as i stand up.

What! Are you going to cook for me.Did you even know how to cook, where did you learn that from, she asked.

Mum, I have some ordered food so if you want, just tell me, i told her.

Oh, ordered food. Wow, I can believe that is what you eat everyday. No wonder you have become so lean. You need a woman Enzo, a woman who will make you happy, someone who will do all of this for you, a woman you can call your own, a woman who will cook better food, better than what you are offering me, she begins to complain again.

Mum, you know what, stop this , i said frustratedly to her.

You know what, I think i need to personally employ someone, someone who will cook for you better that all this rubbish you called food, she announced.

You don have to do that Mum, I am perfectly fine, I told her.

No, you are not and there is no room for argument. I will be going now because i can stay here any longer and tolerate your nonsense, i would send someone here so do not be surprised if anyone show up unexpectedly, she said and stand up to leave.

Bye, i said after realising and knowing that she would change her decision.

Bye, she said and gave me a peck and then she moves out.


I got home from work and i met Elisse eating.

Hey Elisse, you are back from work? I asked her.

Yeah, how was your day? She replied and asked.

Great but i am really hungry, i said and sat down.

Well, i left some food for the in the kitchen, she told me.

Wow, thanks sweetheart and to say i was already salivating when i saw you eating. I missed your cooking, i told her and went to the kitchen. Well, don blame me for being a foodie, Elisse has always been a good cook.

She loves cooking and i have always appreciate her cooking skill.

This taste great, i said as i stuff some food inside my mouth and smile.

You are really a foodie hmm, she replied.

Well, don blame me for being that, you made me that, i told her and roll my eyes at her.

The cooking agency called, she announced.

The cooking agency? Haven you already resigned, i thought you told me youve resigned , I asked her

Yeah, but i borrowed some money from them so they have to elongate the contract just for me to be able to clear my debt, she explained.

You borrowed money from them? I was surprised and asked her.

No, i asked for an advanced payment back then when i was seriously in need of money and now i have to work for them a little more time before i can finally terminate my contract with them, she explained.

You asked for an advanced payment and you didn deem it fit to tell me and what did you even used the money for? I asked her.

No, it wasn like that, it was to pay off fathers debt to Jerome and also to pay for Julia exam, she explained.

Really, didn i told you that im going to help you sort it out, no wonder you told me not to worry about it when i gave you the money. Im disappointed in you, I told her and i stand up to leave.

No, Jane. Im really sorry i lied to you, i just don wanna be a burden to you, youve done enough for me and i don wanna disturb you, she explained as she holds my hand.

Really, or maybe you should remind me when I even told you that you were a burden or a disturbance to me. Aren we partners, didn you see me as a sister? I asked her.

No, thats not the case. Okay, im sorry, i won do that again, she pleaded and make a puppy face.

Don make that face, you know i can stay angry at you, right. I said to her.

Thanks, she said and hugged me.

So, you were saying something about the agency calling? I asked her wanting her to continue.

Yeah, they called me and told me a woman wants to meet up with me. Well, I went to meet her up and

And what? I interrupted her.

Apparently she wanted me to be her son cook, she wanted me to be a full time cook, she explained.

Yeah, a full time cook? I asked her.

Yeah, that means I have to live together with her son, she explained.

And what about your work, i asked her.

Well, I told her that and she asked me where i worked, i told her it was it was Enzos. She was surprised and she told me her son works there also and that i shouldn worry, so I agreed, she explained.

What! You agreed. What about me, how am i going to cope without you, i said and frown at her.

I know but im sorry. Don worry, im going to make sure i called you every day, she said and smiled.

That is not fair, i am going to miss you, I said and hugged her.

I am going to miss you too, she said and hugged me back.

When are you leaving? I asked her.

Next tomorrow, it think its best I leave on weekend since there isn work, she concluded.

I am going to miss you, i said and hugged her again.

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