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JULIA POV, Well, i got the scholarship. I finally got a chance to study at Roman high school. Roman high school was one of the best school in the united kingdom and it has always been my dream school. It is a school for the elites and i am so lucky to have been given the scholarship.

Now, Elisse won have to worry about my fees anymore. I know that she would be so proud of me. It has been hard for her, from paying fathers medical fee to paying my school fees. At least she would have least things to worry about now.

I decided to recall her. I dialed her number and she picked up.

Hey Sister, i greeted after she picked up.

Little baby, how are you? I missed you so much, she said.

Elisse , do not refer to me as a baby anymore. Im grown up now, i replied.

Oh, but you are still my baby sister, she replied.

Well, I have been trying to reach you but i wasn able, i complained.

Sorry, Jane told me everything. You got the scholarship, Right? She asked.

Yeah, i did. Im so happy, i said.

Congratulations, im so proud of you, she congratulated me.

Thanks, i replied.

So, when are you resuming? She asked me.

Tomorrow, i guessed, I said.

Thats great, how about father? Is he fine? Hope he doesn have another relapse, she inquired.

Yeah, he is much better this days, i answered.

OK, just make sure he uses his drug frequently, she said.

Of course, you can trust me on that, I assured.

OK, bye, she said.

Bye, I replied.


I went to Sebastian house immediately after speaking to Mum.

Hey guy, whats up. Why are you back? He asked me.

Hi, I answered after making my way to his living room.

Why are you back? You left not quite long ago, he asked.

Yeah, but on getting home, i met an intruder, i explained.

An intruder? I think that you should be more clearer. I don understand you, he said.

Well, few days ago, Mum came visiting and you know how she is. She started complaining about the fact that i am becoming lean. So, she started making suggestions about finding me a cook. I refused but you know she wouldn agree with me and today to my utmost surprise, I met the cook at home, i explained.

You met the cook at home and so what? What is wrong with that? He asked.

Everything, i mean everything is wrong with it. I don want her, like i do not need her presence, i shouted stressing out my point.

Wow, relax. It is a lady. Right? He asked.

Yeah, a lady, I answered.

Oh, i see. So what are you going to do about it? He asked.

Mum said that i should give her a month, i answered.

A month? He asked.

Yeah, a month, i answered.

So is that the reason why you freaked out so much like that? He asked.

Yeah, i guessed, i answered.

You know what, go home, relax, calm down. Lay down some rules and regulations for her. It is your house so if she wants to live with you, she has to abide by your rules, he advised.

Thanks, I said.

Is she pretty? He asked all of a sudden.

Pretty? I don know, i mean she is not, i answered squinting my eyes.

She is pretty, he affirmed .

I never said she is, i said.

Based on the fact that i have known you for long, i think i know when you are lying or not, he answered.

I don like her, i said.

I never said you did, he answered laughing.

Im serious, how can i even like her. She is so stubborn and she doesn look like the listening type, i explained.

You got to handle her, he said.

Well, I guessed i had to do just that, put her in her place. Thanks, i know that coming to you place will really help, I told him

Well, you can always trust me to fix your problems, he answered.

Bye, i got to go, i said as i stand up to go.

Bye, he replied and stand up to see me off to the car.


After Julia calling, I decided to take a nap in the sitting room since he hasn showed me my room yet. I was about to take a nap when i heard the sound of a car. I got up to take a peek and i found out it was really him. I proceed to sit back on the couch, the door opens and here comes the Greek God.

Well, if you decided that you are not going to leave then i guessed you to listen to whatever I say, he explained.

What, i don understand you, I replied.

Take and read this, he commanded and handled me a list.

I collected the list and I read,

Rule 1: Do not for any reason enter my room.

Rule 2: You are not allowed to entertain any visitors coz i hate strangers flocking my house.

Rule 3: I can wake you up anytime I feel hungry.

Rule 4: Do not for any reason interfere in my personal affairs.

Rule 5: You don have any right to disagree with me and only i has the right to make amendment to the rules.

That is all for now, if i have any other things to include. I will let you know, he said.

Well, this is fine by me. At least i don have to kill someone, i said trying to make a joke but he didn smile. He told me to sign which I did.

Fine, he said as he collected the paper back from me. Follow me, let me show you your room.

OK Sir, i said and followed him after carrying my luggages behind.

Well, I finally settled down in the beautiful, amazing and spacious room he took me to. The room was very big, painted in all white and at the middle of the room was a huge bed. I started unpacking my belongings when I saw my phone rang and Jane name appeared on the screen.

Hi Jane, you called back. Well, i have finally settled down, I informed her.

Hey, about the other time, you were saying? She asked.

I said he is my boss. Like, Enzo is the short form of Lorenzo, i explained.

Yeah, but how did you figured out that. I mean anyone could be Enzo, she said.

No, remember i told you that Mrs Miller said her son works at Enzos but she didn told me her son was the CEO.

Oh, yeah, i remembered. Thats too coincidental, She said.

Yeah, I replied.

So tell me, what is your view about him? She asked.

My view? I don understand, I asked.

Silly, i mean is he handsome? She asked.

Handsome? I don know, i replied.

Stop it, i bet that he will be one hell of an hot dude. Oh my God, you finally found someone to get you laid, she said.

What! Shut up, i didn say i like him, he said.

You don like him? She asked.

He is crazy. I don like crazy people, l commented.

CRAZY? What did you say that?

Today, when he saw me cooking, he thought i was someone else, so he called me Clara and when i turned back . It was like i saw a little bit of disappointment in his eyes as he got angry at me, i explained.

CLARA? Who is Clara? I asked.

I don know but I feel like he need someone to hold on to, i said

Yeah, maybe , she replied.

Well, i have to go now. Bye, I said.

Bye, she replied.


I was in the library going through some document when someone knocked the door and i knew immediately that it was Elisse.

Who is that? I asked making my voice a little bit terrifying.

I was thinking that if you are ready, i could serve your food, she said.

I thought for a bit and then told her to serve it but she shouldn dish it out yet.

If im done here, i will come dish it out myself, i told her.

Okay, she replied me and went away.

The next morning, i woke up to see the sun ray.

Such an amazing ray, i said to myself.

I got up from bed, do my regular morning routines and went downstairs to drink a glass of water and probably to eat my food.

Is she still in bed, such an early morning for a lazy person, i thought aloud as i noticed that everywhere was quiet. I was so immersed in my thought that i didn take note of the food flask on the dinning table. I entered the kitchen and drank water then i moved out of the kitchen to noticed the food flask i didn take note of earlier. I saw a note beside the food flask and i picked it up to read,

Good morning Sir, i am off to work.

You can enjoy the amazing and appetizing food I prepared for you.

I hope you have a wonderful day Sir, the note reads.

Wow, what a gut. So, she works, i said to myself and then thought for a while.

Well, i think i have found a perfect reason to send her away. I am going to tell her to stop working, failure to comply would see her off to the door of my house, i thought aloud. I opened the food flask and truly an appetizing aroma filled my nostril.

Damn it, she is such a good cook, i heard myself saying as i settled down to devour the content .

After eating breakfast, i got up to get ready for work.

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