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Chapter 528 Debt Paying

Mad King: I just entered the peak of the Meridian Opening Realm (Tier 3) and destroyed at least ten small sects. Great Day.

Scholar: How many sects have you destroyed Don't you feel guilty for all the lives in your hand

Mad King: Guilt What is that Anyway, I have absorbed these people's flesh, blood, and soul in exchange for many Karma Points. Now, I have some income to spend.

Scholar: I still think giving people like you power is wrong.

Doctor: I concur with this sentiment.

Mad King: You guys just don't have what it takes to reach the top of the cultivation world. I bet you goody two shoes are still in the Body Refining Realm because you won't use drastic measures for cultivation.

Doctor: For your information, I'm now at the peak of the True Yuan Realm (Tier 2) and about to enter the Meridian Opening Realm.

Scholar: I'm already in the middle stage of the Meridian Opening Realm.

Mad King: How is that possible How can you be so quick

Scholar: You're not the only one who can use Luck to cultivate.

Mad King: Did you also become the king of a dynasty No, your temperament and ideals do not fit the Sovereign Path. Did you become the Prime Minister of a fortune dynasty

Scholar: Huh Despite your title, you're pretty intelligent.

Mad King: What a rude bastard. Whatever. Doctor, how come your cultivation is so fast"

Doctor: I don't know, talent.

Mad King: Please! Who amongst us is not talented Otherwise, we would not be there.

Doctor: In that case, I don't know.

Mad King: Give me a moment.

A few minutes later.

Mad King: I know; you're using the power of incense.

Doctor: What do you mean

Mad King: Every time you treat a patient that thanks you with their heart, their emotions turn into incense which boosts your cultivation level; this is part of your cultivation technique."

Doctor: How fascinating. Wait, how do you know this

Mad King: I use the search function.

Scholar: Elaborate, please.

Mad King: Don't you guys know If you want to know something, you can use the search function. Then, an answer will be given to you along with the price for that answer.

Assassin: Mad King, are you rich

Mad King: Compare to you lots, I guess I am.

Assassin: Then, can you lend me some Karma Points

Mad King: Can't you buy whatever you want with a loan

Assassin: I tried that, but it said I could not receive any more loans because of the high debt from the cultivation technique.

Mad King: What do you want to buy And why do you want to buy it Please tell the truth.

Assassin: Fine. I was part of an organization that took orphans at a young age and trained them with cruel methods to be assassins for hire. After getting the cultivation technique and reaching the True Yuan Realm, I slaughtered everybody for what they did to me.

However, I also learned they were nothing but a Mortal Branch of one of the top factions in the cultivation world. So, I need to buy a Tier 9 talisman to destroy that faction.

Inside a throne room, the mad king sat on his golden dragon throne with his eyes closed. After reading that Assassin wanted to buy a Tier 9 level resource, he hesitated. Even with all the sects he slaughtered, he barely had enough Karma Points to purchase a Tier 6 resource, so how could he lend her his money

Additionally, why would she need such a high-level resource There are plenty of ways for her to hide and remain undetected through the chat group. So, things were not as simple as Assassin stated.

Nevertheless, the Mad King quickly thought about something he recently realized: the cultivation technique he cultivated was powerful beyond measure. In one of the small sects he destroyed, he found an incomplete cultivation technique that belonged to a powerful sect in his world.

And that sect is one of the most powerful factions in the entire world. The Mad King then compared that technique with the one he cultivated, and he could only say it was dog ** when compared. Although that technique only contained the first two realms, he could still see the vast difference.

So, he had an idea.

Mad King: I agree to lend you all my points, but I have a few conditions.

Assassin: Please say.

Mad King: Firstly, I want a five-time return on borrowed points.

Assassin: Deal.

Assassin thought he would ask more, and she was prepared to be taken advantage of.

Mad King: Secondly, I want you to train a group of Elite Assassins for me, and they must obey me and only me. Don't leave any secret backhand on them so you can control them when needed.

Assassin pondered for a moment and realized the Mad King's purpose was to take advantage of the uniqueness of her cultivation technique. Like him, she also learned how unique it was. Before that, she planned to change to another one after reaching the Martial Intent Realm (Tier 4) to not pay for all the Karma Points.

After all, with this technique, she could understand Shadow and Space Intent. Then, all she had to do was switch to another decent technique and integrate her intent into that technique.

Unfortunately, after infiltrating and stealing a few techniques from Tier 4 and 5 sects, she realized how horrible these native techniques were compared to the one she's using. And although she had not seen those Tier 9 sects' techniques, she did not think they would be as good as hers.

Assassin: I agree with your condition. But how do I get the trained people to you"

Mad King: As I said before, you guys need to use the Search Function more often. We can travel to each other's worlds through Transmission Arrays. The only issue is the high price. However, there are less expensive options like paying for a Void Boat Voyage, but those take time to travel between worlds. But you can also pay extra to expedite the voyage.

The other four became serious after learning this news. This information changed the dynamic of the entire group.

Assassin: Good to know. Does anyone else want to lend me some money

No one answered her.

Assassin: I'm willing to return you three times the amount.

Still no answer.

Assassin: I thought you guys were smart. I can't believe the mad king is the only wise man here.

Scholar: What do you mean by that

Assassin: After I destroy the Tier 9 sect, I will have access to all their resources so that I won't lack any Karma Points. So, there is no need to worry about repaying you.

Scholar: "..."

Doctor: "..."

Mad King: She could even lend some Karma Points afterward to destroy Tier 9 sects in our world so we can have more resources.

Assassin: Exactly. Plus, Scholar, I doubt you won't need my help training a few elite assassins for you.

Scholar: Fine, I'll lend you my money. Don't forget your promise.

Although Scholar considered himself a loyal minister, he understood the mind of a Sovereign is fickle. So, there is nothing wrong with having some secret force underneath him.

Doctor: Me too.

The doctor was slightly guilty that his action would result in the death of countless people. However, he had a sense of urgency after learning they could travel to each other worlds. He needed to be as strong as possible to protect his world from the very likely invasion of these people–especially the mad king.

So, he told himself it was alright since he was not the one killing these people; the Karma of their death should not fall on his head.

Butcher: I just got online and read the conversation. I'll also lend you some of my savings.

Afterward, the group sent Assassin their Karma Points using the Chat Group as a contract guarantee.

Deep in an underground hideout, Assassin sat cross-legged on a cushion. She opened her eyes when a talisman appeared in her hand.

"Finally got it," she muttered. With the other's points–mainly the Mad King–and her savings after stealing from a few dozens of sects, she finally had enough to buy this talisman.

'Based on my analysis, my backlash for stealing luck will most likely come from the Killing Temple learning of my action and hunting them down. But what if I destroy them before they become my backlash

'The backlash would be gone, or prolongedly delay. Even if it does not work, I bet the Killing Temple has a few innate treasures.'

"Hopefully, it is as strong as the description," muttered Assassin before leaving the base.

Meanwhile, Wang Wei read their chat before checking the inventory. Most of the things these guys exchanged were useless items between Tier 1 and 4. However, Wang Wei truly valued the Lifespan and Luck they exchanged.

Every time these people steal someone's luck, 20% of it goes to him. Additionally, people like Assassin, Mad King, and Butcher also absorbed their targets or victims' flesh, blood, soul, and lifespan.

Wang Wei needed Luck and Lifespan as sacrifices to boost his comprehension; he has a long way to go to catch up to Di Tian's Golden Law Tree.

After checking the inventory, he focused on Assassin. Without hesitation, she traveled to the location of the Killing Temple and activated the talisman. Then, a giant hand descended from the sky, descending on the temple.

Numerous martial artists in the True World Realm (Tier 9) appeared in the sky and manifested their world to block that hand. Unfortunately, that talisman contained 50% of Wang Wei's strength.

So, the hand annihilated these worlds without stopping its momentum.


The magnificent temple shook tremendously before being destroyed. All the disciples, elders, deacons, and even the sect master died. Oddly, they just died with their bodies and souls intact; it was as if they just died without any causes or reasons.

Assassin frowned after seeing all these perfect intact bodies lying on the floor. With her cultivation level, she could not understand what was wrong with these people, so she hurriedly used the search function.

She then learned these people's bodies were preserved in case she wanted to absorb their Luck and sacrifice their bodies and lifespan. Furthermore, she also realized the attack also preserved the resource hall of the temple.

Suddenly, Assassin received a message directly in her mind asking if she wanted to use some karma points to get rid of the temple members not present in the main branch.

She then realized her mistake, or an oversight on her part: The Killer Temple had many branches scattered across the world. And many of these branches have Tier 9 powerhouses.

Once they learned she destroyed their sect, they would hunt her down until the end of the earth.

'So, is this my true Luck Backlash'

So, she quickly contacted the chat group and agreed. Immediately, Assassin felt she was connected to a mighty and supreme being.

'Lord of Destiny.'

Her eyes changed as she saw thousands of invisible yellow threads connecting from the destroyed temple to different parts of the world. She also saw all these threads were connected to her.

Then, an invisible blade appeared to cut off all the threads, and with each one severe, Assassin knew that one of the temple branch assassins was dead, but it appeared as if they were erased from the world. The Lord of Destiny's power wiped out all their memories and trace of existence.

As she experienced this scene, she had a look of envy and yearning. Then, she quickly collected herself. She rushed toward the sect's resources hall, and a small light entered her forehead on her way there.

She was scared at first but calmed down after realizing it was information about the location of the sect's precious resources. At her destination, Assassin was not surprised the previous attack had destroyed the temple's formation.

So, with no hindrance, she rushed to a specific destination.

'Two innate treasures It seems my luck is good.'

She only needed one to pay her initiation debt, so she wondered what to do with the second. However, Assassin did not hesitate before choosing to exchange it.

With the second innate treasure, she had enough Karma Points to pay for her cultivation technique and the price of having Destiny Lord take action, with enough left over to repay all her debts and still be considered rich.

Wang Wei looked at the two innate treasures in his hand. Although they were only the lowest level, he did not mind. He can still exchange for ultimate level innate herb with the sect as long as he pays for the difference.

A few strings of Chaos Qi produced by his Qi Flower are more than enough to make up for the difference.

"Maybe I should destroy a few sects in Great Thousand Worlds to get the resources I need," muttered Wang Wei, who shook his head soon after. There was a better option: stealing.

With his ability, the sect's Protection Arrays were nothing to him, so he could infiltrate their resources hall and take what he wanted. He did not have to mindlessly slaughter. Although he was not affected by Karma, he didn't like large-scale slaughter unless necessary.

After coming up with this idea, Wang Wei acted. He first sent these two innate treasures to his clone back in the sect so it could exchange the resources he needed. He also instructed it to send them to the incarnations.

Then, he placed one of his Spirit Particles in a puppet and ordered him to use the Soul Network to start divining worlds whit sects that may have innate treasures.

As Wang Wei watched the puppets work, he sighed out loud. Ever since he arrived in this place, his intuition has told him to gather the resources for the incarnation as soon as possible.

As such, he suddenly had a sense of urgency.

He then focused on the chat group again.

"I need someone to help me gather Incense, and the doctor's method is too slow because of his conservative approach."

So, Wang Wei decided to find another person to add to the group. He originally wanted to create a fake account to secretly motivate these people to get Karma Points, but Assassin's actions made this idea futile.

Wang Wei then searched for someone in the same category of these five, with the difference that person wanted to be worshiped.

A few hours later, he found another person in another Middle Thousand World. Then, the members receive a message.

"Ding. Wannabe God has joined the chat group."-

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