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Chapter 27: As the Keyboard Emperor, It Goes Without Saying that Ill Destroy All Enemies That Stand in My Way

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“Ah, it felt so comfortable that it slipped my mind,” Zu An replied sheepishly before quickly changing the topic. “Where were we earlier Oh, yes. So, Im not the type of person to leave my name behind after doing a good deed, but I can tell that youre a kind person at heart. Given your sincerity, I fear that youll be unable to eat well or sleep in peace without knowing the name of your benefactor. Im a soft-hearted person, and I cant bear to see you suffer like that. Thus, Im willing to make an exception and share my name with you. However, you must promise me never to divulge it to anyone else, including these subordinates of yours.”

A glint flashed across Yu Yanluos eyes. “You doubt them”

“I wouldnt say that I doubt them; Id rather be safe than sorry,” Zu An replied. “I heard from Xiaoxi that the Yu clan is a juggernaut known throughout the world, but why are your guards so weak”

It was not that Zu An had no faith in humanity, but someone like Yu Yanluo was bound to stir the hearts of men no matter where she went. There was no way a group of third rank cultivators led by a fourth rank cultivator was enough to keep her safe.

Yu Yanluo replied, “My other guards had other duties on hand, so they were dispatched elsewhere.”

Zu An looked as if he had expected such an answer. “You mean to say that the bandits of the Blackwind Stockade just happened to assault you while your guard was at its weakest It could be possible, but dont you think that its too much of a coincidence”

Even if there was no spy amongst the guards, he was unwilling to take the risk. After all, one additional person knowing his identity meant an additional chance for things to go wrong.

Yu Yanluo chuckled softly. “Your intelligence does you credit. You arent an ordinary man, thats for sure.”

Zu Ans chin lifted proudly. “Of course. Didnt you see me defeat those rascals with a mere flick of my fingers I, Zu An, am like a deity gazing upon the world from my lofty perch. Theres no greater sky above me out there. There are millions of Keyboard Immortals out there in the world, but all of them pay homage to me. As the Keyboard Emperor, it goes without saying that none can consider themselves my equal. Who would dare to claim themselves invincible in my presence”

Yu Yanluo stared at him stupidly.

Sword Immortal Sword Emperor This fellow was indeed quite enigmatic. While his cultivation certainly wasnt at the level he claimed, his confidence was clearly on par with that of an expert. [1]

“Your name is Zu An” Yu Yanluo asked. “Where do you live Ill have my men send the gold to your residence.”

Her suggestion bothered Zu An. To be honest, he found his identity as the son-in-law of the Chu clan rather embarrassing. Furthermore, he did not want those in the Chu clan to find out about him. “Why dont you tell me your address instead Ill drop by and claim my reward when Im free.”

“Thats fine by me too.” Yu Yanluo wasnt surprised that Zu An preferred to keep his residence a secret. She withdrew a jade token from her robe and passed it to him. “Here, take this.”

Zu An took the jade token and examined it closely. It was a snow-white piece, decorated with the delicate carving of an unfamiliar animal. It still carried the lingering warmth and fragrance of Yu Yanluo. Seeing this, he asked subconsciously, “Is this a token of your love”

Yu Yanluo was not offended by Zu Ans tactless comment. Instead, she smiled lightly and said, “Youre not too weak, but you still have many years of hard work ahead of you if you wish to become a man worthy of me. This jade token is an insignia. Present it to my men, and they will let you pass.”

Zu An tucked the jade token into his robe. “Look forward to it, then. Ill be knocking on your door a few years from now, to become your man.”

Yu Yanluo burst into laughter. She rather appreciated this young mans straightforward attitude.

The two of them made their way back to the carriage. Ji Xiaoxi was squatting by the guards side, bandaging their wounds. Zu An leaped in fright and exclaimed, “Why are they able to move”

Ji Xiaoxi blinked her eyes. “I released the restrictions on them. Their wounds were quite severe, and they needed immediate treatment.”

“Thank you, Miss Ji.” The guards said earnestly. They were mystified as to why a lady who possessed such an angelic nature would be involved with that demonic scoundrel. What if she were to be led astray by him

They dared not voice their misgivings for fear of offending Zu An. If traumas could be overcome that easily, they wouldnt be called traumas.

“You mentioned earlier that your father is Divine Physician Ji Dengtu” Yu Yanluo examined Ji Xiaoxi closely. This young woman, full of innocent beauty, was positively charming.

“Thats right,” Ji Xiaoxi replied shyly. She felt more than a little flustered by Yu Yanluos mature elegance, and struggled to face her directly.

“Ive long heard of Divine Physician Jis reputation. I didnt think that he would have such a ravishing and capable daughter. I really must thank you for your help today.” Yu Yanluo bowed slightly towards her.

“Actually, I didnt do much at all.” Ji Xiaoxi bowed anxiously in return. “Ah right, my father seems to be very fond of you. I thought that the two of you might have met each other before.”

Yu Yanluo was amused. She had no impression of meeting Divine Physician Ji before. Countless men fantasized about her long after the day they met her in person, but not many of them ever made an impression on her. Perhaps, Ji Dengtu was one of them. However, it probably wouldnt be appropriate to mention this in front of his daughter, and so she replied with a gentle smile, “We might have met before. Unfortunately, so much has happened recently, Im afraid my memory has gotten a little hazy.”

There was the sound of distant hooves approaching. Zu Ans face grew serious, but Yu Yanluo quickly reassured him. “Dont worry, they should be my people.”

“I dont wish to get involved in the internal politics of your clan. Theyre too complicated. Farewell. Ill drop by your Yu clan residence one of these days to collect my compensation!” At this, Zu An hurried off, pulling Ji Xiaoxi behind him.

“Ah Were leaving just like that” Ji Xiaoxi was left bewildered by the sudden departure. They were clearly hitting it off with one another just a moment ago!

“Just leave with me first,” Zu An insisted. Ji Xiaoxi replied with a noncommittal grunt, but let herself be dragged away, waving her goodbyes behind her.

A hint of a smile lit up Yu Yanluos beautiful eyes as she watched the departing duo. “Hes really an interesting lad.”

Ji Xiaoxi was dragged out of the mountain valley and into the forest. Seeing how Zu An was still holding onto her hands, her face reddened. “Your hand has been poisoned again.”

Zu An was unperturbed. “Dont you have any antidote anyway You can just cure me.”

“Oh~” Ji Xiaoxi replied. She blinked her eyes as a sudden thought came to her. There was something amiss about this situation. The substance that her father had concocted was supposed to protect her from getting taken advantage of, but this fellow brazenly touched her body anyway, and even asked her for the antidote!

When they had retreated a safe distance, Zu An pulled her down into a squat and turned to observe the valley.

Ji Xiaoxi fished out the antidote and smeared more of it onto Zu Ans hand. As she worked, she asked curiously, “Why did we need to run away”

Zu An replied, “You mention that Madam Yu had just lost her husband. Her carriage was assaulted right after that. Its clear as day that someones out to get her, and its likely that there are insiders in the Yu clan involved as well. Theres no way to be certain if these reinforcements intend to save her or to kill her. Either way, its best for us not to get embroiled in this mess.”

His situation with the Chu clan was already bad enough. Getting mixed in with the politics of yet another major clan would merely hasten his demise.

Ji Xiaoxi grasped the crux of what Zu An was saying. She nodded and exclaimed, “I hadnt thought that deeply into the situation. Wow, big brother Zu, you are really smart!”

“Duh~” Zu An tilted his head smugly. It felt good to be praised by such a pretty lady, and he waited patiently for more compliments to roll in. However, Ji Xiaoxi was too focused on treating his hand that none followed.

Sighing in disappointment, Zu An turned his attention back to the mountain valley. A group of knights dressed in white robes with golden stitchings was racing toward the carriage. Judging by their valiant appearance, they looked like fairly powerful cultivators. Many of them gave off a commanding aura that felt even more imposing than the Third Master of the Blackwind Stockade.

The leader of the group of knights was a particularly tall man with sharp eyebrows. His eyes seemed severe, but his carefully-trimmed mustache mellowed his appearance and gave him a scholarly air.

“Sister-in-law, I apologize for my lateness. I hope that youre still safe!” Upon seeing Yu Yanluo, that man leapt from his horse and rushed to her side, a concerned look on his face.

“Thats her brother-in-law” Zu An muttered. Considering that Yu Yanluos husband had just passed away, the sight of a young, beautiful widow together with her suave, dashing brother-in-law... it was hard not to read more deeply into the situation. “Xiaoxi, whos that guy over there”

Ji Xiaoxi shook her head. “I dont know either.” She was still young, and it wasnt as if she devoted her time to prying into the affairs of others. It was perfectly normal for her not to be familiar with the intricate web of relationships within the Yu clan.

Yu Yanluo replied nonchalantly, “Im fine. Lets head to the city first.” She turned brusquely and entered her carriage.

The mustached man was left standing alone in the field. His eyes flashed with anger, but he swiftly reined it in and gestured to his subordinates to help the wounded onto horses. After that had been seen to, he gave the order for the group to set off.

Steering his horse beside the carriage, the mustached man inquired through the window, “Sister-in-law, may I ask how those bandits from the Blackwind Stockade were killed”

“Im a little tired. Lets talk about it later,” Yu Yanluo replied languorously.

The mustached man frowned deeply at her response, and his visage clouded over in anger.

Zu An stroked his jaw idly as he observed their interaction.

Zu An and Ji Xiaoxi made their own uneventful way back to the city shortly after. Once in the city, she looked up at him and said, “Big brother Zu, you should come home with me. Ill get my father to take a look at your condition.”

Her gaze subconsciously drifted towards his crotch as she spoke. Zu Ans face darkened. Are you going to do this every time

Zu An had intended to pay a visit to Divine Physician Ji, and accepted her invitation. It was beginning to grow dark. He wondered if the Chu clan had imposed any sort of curfew in their estate, and whether he would be locked out if he returned too late.

Even if thats the case, I should be able to get Xiaoxi to take me in for the night, right

His plan seemed less viable as he remembered her fathers disposition.

He entertained these worries as they made their way to the Ji Residence. Before they had reached their destination, someone suddenly shouted, “Miss Ji is back! Miss Ji is back!”

The mass of people camped outside the Ji Residence immediately crowded around her.

“Miss Ji, over here! Please take a look.”

“Miss Ji, please examine me first. I was the first one to arrive here!”

“Miss Ji, my illness is far more severe than the others!”


It wasnt Ji Xiaoxis first time being surrounded by so many people, but she still felt uncomfortable. Her face flushed as she ordered, “Calm down, everyone. Queue up. Ill look at you all one by one.”

Zu An was honestly impressed. He had heard from Cheng Shouping that Ji Xiaoxi was very popular among the people of the city, but it was only seeing it in person that he really understood what it meant to be loved by the populace. Every single one of these people here sincerely cherished and respected her.

Despite this, Zu An was not supportive of it. This lass was good all around, except for her soft personality. These people were obviously taking advantage of her kindness to get free treatment. It was no wonder why Divine Physician Ji had been so harsh with them earlier.

1. The words forKeyboard andSword sound similar in Chinese.


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