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Chapter 18: Mrs. Gu Is So Fierce

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“Whats wrong with me You should be asking yourself who else on earth does business like you do. Giving away things worth over 30 million just like that Do you think the Qiao family is doing charity No matter how big Qiao Corporation is, they wont allow you to squander money like this, right”

Who said that Qiao Rou was a genius In Qiao Xis eyes, she was a stupid woman!


Qiao Rous nails dug into her palms. Qiao Xi was pushing all the blame to her with just a few sentences. If her father found out that she had given Qiao Corporations things to Gu Moling for free, who knew how he would scold her

The marriage between their two families was for mutual benefits; not to let the Gu family suck their resources!

Thinking about this, Qiao Rou could only suppress her resentment and grit her teeth. She agreed and said, “Sister, youre right. Ill cover the bill.”

“Three days.”

Qiao Xi lazily leaned against the table and stretched out three fingers. “Ill give you three days to transfer everything to me with interest.”

Qiao Rou looked troubled. Where could she get the money in such a short time!

Her gaze swept past the silent Gu Moling, and Qiao Xi gave a light tsk. “You have such bad taste in men.”

She waved at Gu Moling. “Even though my engagement with you has been canceled, I heard that youve hooked up with my sister As a man, isnt this the time when you should step forward”

Those words carried a lot of information!

Sensing the probing gazes of the people around him, Gu Moling finally could not take it anymore. He quickly paid with his card and pulled Qiao Rou away!

Before he left, he glanced fiercely at Qiao Xi.

The hacker he contacted earlier had already accepted his request. Once he erased the video on Qiao Xis phone, he would see if she could continue acting this way in front of him!

Qiao Xi did not mind Gu Molings gaze at all. She was in a good mood and was about to pack her things to go home. Suddenly, she was stunned.

Gu Zheng was standing in a corner of the shop, leaning against a pillar. His long legs were slightly bent, and his dark eyes were full of smiles.

Earlier, Qiao Xi had looked like a lion defending its territory—ferocious and difficult to deal with.

However, she was inexplicably cute at the same time.

Gu Zheng chuckled. “Mrs. Gu…”

This was the first time Gu Zheng addressed Qiao Xi asMrs. Gu. His voice was low and charming, like a small brush that tickled ones heart. “Mrs. Gu, youre so fierce.”

Qiao Xis expression froze.

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You think I was being fierce I was clearly very polite just now, alright

Qiao Xi silently rolled her eyes. At this moment, she suddenly recalled the rumors about her from the outside world, so she raised her eyes and pretended to be puzzled as she looked at Gu Zheng. “Am I fierce Everyone says that the weak cant take care of themselves.”

Gu Zheng, “”

He looked at her in disbelief. What was wrong with this woman Was she crazy

She was weak and could not take care of herself

After feeling content from looking at Gu Zhengs shocked expression, Qiao Xi rubbed her face and said seriously, “Mr. Gu, youre too inexperienced. If you think I was fierce earlier, you might not be able to accept me when I show you just how fierce I can be.”

If he was calling her fierce for just getting Gu Moling and Qiao Rou to pay their debts… Would he not be scared to death if he ever found out what she had done in the past

However, as the overlord of Li City, he would not be so timid, right

Qiao Xi pondered in her heart.

“Im inexperienced”

Gu Zheng was so angry that he laughed. “Are you saying that Im inexperienced”

He approached Qiao Xi step by step, his long eyelashes casting a shadow under his eyes. His aura was terrifying. “Qiao Xi, should I say that youre fearless because you dont know anything, or should I say its because youre too naive”

Despite being the youngest child of the Gu family, he was able to surpass his brother who was ranked at the top and become the head of the Gu family. He only took one year to lead the Gu family into becoming the overlord of Li City.

How could someone like him be called inexperienced

Qiao Xi gasped softly and raised her head to meet Gu Zhengs gloomy eyes. “Or should I say that Im full of confidence The brave are invincible, no”

After all, although Gu Zheng was powerful, she was not weak either.

Gu Zhengs face darkened as he turned around to leave. He could not communicate with this woman! Where did she get the confidence to say such things

As she watched Gu Zheng leave in a huff, Qiao Xi massaged the space between her eyebrows. She realized that Gu Zheng was too difficult to understand. He always got angry at the slightest thing.

Mr. Zhang recovered his initial shock from seeing Gu Zheng and carefully advised, “Perhaps you should learn to be a little more gentle, Eldest Miss”

Qiao Xi lazily propped up her chin. “How should I be gentle Like Qiao Rou”

Mr. Zhang thought about the image and shuddered. “Forget it, forget it. Eldest Miss, youre good enough just like this.”

Qiao Xi nodded. She also felt that it was good for her to just be like this.

However, how was she going to kiss Gu Zheng if he angrily left the room every time How would she enjoy the original flavors of food

Thinking about this, Qiao Xi opened WeChat and scrolled through her contacts before finally sending a message to Mo Yuan.


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