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Chapter 24: Raising The Price

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At the same time, in the Qiao familys home.

Gu Moling was discussing the companys collaboration plan with Qiao Rou when he suddenly received a message on his phone. He looked at it. “Black Tide has replied. They said that as long as we give out the order, they can hack into the device anytime.”

Mr. Qiao, who was listening on the side, could not help but be delighted. “Really Then get her to hack into the device now!”

Gu Moling hesitated for a moment. “If we let the Black Tide take action, Im afraid that Qiao Xi…”

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Once the evidence in Qiao Xis hands was gone, then she would be at their mercy.

All the dirty water meant to be splashed on Qiao Rou could be poured onto Qiao Xi. She would never be able to make a comeback.

Gu Molings conscience suddenly pricked him. All of this was clearly not Qiao Xis fault, yet for the sake of protecting Qiao Rou, he had to push the blame to Qiao Xi. Was this not too unfair to Qiao Xi

Qiao Rous hands, which were under the table, tugged at her clothes. However, her face was filled with loneliness. “Brother Moling, lets not get Black Tide to do anything… Its my fault. I love you too much, so I did something stupid like faking my pregnancy… My sister is innocent, so its not fair for us to do this to her.”

After a pause, she continued, “Even if my sister has changed, shell always be my sister… Even if she threatens me with the video on her phone, Ill give in to her…”

“Rou Rou!”

Mr. Qiao said with a straight face, “Apart from being Qiao Xis younger sister, youre also the successor of Qiao Corporation. You can be soft-hearted toward Qiao Xi because of your relationship as sisters, but as the successor of Qiao Corporation, everything about you is closely related to the company. Having evidence against you in the hands of an opponent is equivalent to planting a time bomb in Qiao Corporation.

“Now is not the time for you to hesitate. So what if Qiao Xis reputation is ruined Shell always be the eldest daughter of the Qiao family. With you, the future heir of Qiao Corporation, protecting her, how would she suffer”

One was Qiao Xi who came from the countryside, while the other was Qiao Rou who was raised as an heir since she was young. It was clear who was more important.

After hearing Mr. Qiaos words, Gu Moling felt that it made sense. “Uncle Qiao is right. Well just have to let Qiao Xi suffer this time. Well think of a way to compensate her in the future.”

A moment later, Qiao Xis phone rang.

“Hello, Black Tide. Im Gu Moling.”

Gu Moling sounded rather respectful.

Qiao Xi turned on the voice changer and spoke lazily. Her voice sounded robotic. “Are you the person who asked me to hack a womans phone for 30 million yuan”

The words came out of her mouth with a hint of wretchedness.

Gu Moling wanted Black Current to hack into Qiao Xis phone to protect Qiao Rou, but after hearing what Black Tide said, it made him seem like he was a pervert spying into womens phones.

Even so, Gu Moling did not dare to say anything.

No one wanted to provoke a top hacker who could easily snatch any encrypted files on his phone.

“Please forgive me, Black Tide. I had no choice but to look for you. That woman is threatening my fiancée with a video. As a man, its my duty to protect my woman.”

“Oh, youre really loyal. But I casually investigated the matter and found a few things. Why does it seem that the situation is different from what you just said, Mr. Gu”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Gu Moling was surprised that Black Tide had found out his identity in such a short period of time. He also panicked at upon hearing that the other party had done an investigation.

“I wonder what youve found There are some things that may not be accurate. I can personally explain it to you.”

“Alright then, Mr. Gu. Please talk to me about your fiancée first. From what I know, your fiancée is Qiao Xi. Youre offering me 30 million yuan just to have me hack into her phone. But you just said that everything youre doing now is to protect your fiancée, so is your fiancée someone else”

“Yes, my fiancée is called Qiao Rou. Shes Qiao Xis younger sister.”

Hearing Gu Molings words, Qiao Rou was moved to tears. She could not help herself and leaned her delicate body on Gu Molings shoulder.

The corners of Qiao Xis mouth curled up. “So you hooked up with Qiao Xis younger sister, Qiao Rou, while you were engaged to Qiao Xi Mr. Gu, youre quite a player.”

“Black Tide, Rourou and I are truly in love. Rourou is gentle, kind, and loves me wholeheartedly. Shes also a famous and talented woman in Li City. Its normal for me to fall in love with her. Qiao Xi, on the other hand, came from the countryside. She is boorish and ignorant. She even lies all the time. Shes really unqualified to enter the Gu family.”

She was not qualified to enter the Gu family…

Qiao Xi smiled meaningfully. “Every dog has its day. Mr. Gu, its better if you dont say too much.”

After she finished speaking, she did not give Gu Moling a chance to say anything else.. She said, “I can accept your job, but what youre doing isnt right, so Im raising the price.”


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