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When the affirmative ‘yes’ fell and it was clearly transmitted to Ruan Sixian’s ears, she felt that there was something wrong with the conversation she had just had with Fu Mingyu.

Even Helan Feng looked at them both with slanted eyes.

Even for a man and a woman who meet for the first time, they will become embarrassed if they are forced to get together.

What’s more, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu keep their heads down all day long and don’t raise their heads to look at each other.

As soon as the topic turned into this direction, the atmosphere became inexplicably subtle.

Besides, this is not the first time this kind of dialogue has appeared.

Ruan Sixian remembers that she once asked Fu Mingyu if he wanted to be her boyfriend.

However, Fu Mingyu didn’t answer at that time, and she was in an angry state when she asked this question, so she didn’t take it seriously either.

But now, Fu Mingyu seems to say ‘Just try to be my girlfriend and you will know how I am’ bluntly.

When she understood this, Ruan Sixian naturally closed her mouth.

But when the consciousness floats in that direction, it becomes a little out of control and some illogical thoughts pop up and jump around in the mind.

She found that after that slap, her bad feelings towards Fu Mingyu seemed to clear up.

Not so annoying anymore and even pretty good a lot of the time, especially his temper, which seems to be particularly good.

In addition to unlimited tolerance for her unreasonable troubles, many times, what he did seems to have gone beyond the boundaries of how ordinary men and women getting along.

For example, insisting on going to her house for dinner.

For example, accompanying her to the police station.

For example again, going to the bar to find her that night because of a message from her.

Ruan Sixian even recalled the trivial matter of him standing in front of her to block the dog in the elevator.

She looked at Fu Mingyu without an emotional filter at this time, only to realize that actually, something had been wrong since a long time ago.

When she was thinking about it, Ruan Sixian glanced at the main dashboard and the cold data on it brought her mind back in time.

She frowned and said indifferently: “The instructor is still here, so don’t talk nonsense.

Otherwise, we can order you to leave the cockpit even if you are the boss.”

Fu Mingyu pressed his tongue against the inner side of his cheek and smiled, then turned his head to look out the window.

Helan Feng curled his mouth, then moved his eyebrows and stopped talking.

For a moment, the cockpit quieted down.

Then the cockpit door was knocked twice, and the Purser called in through the PA[1].

Helan Feng cleared his throat, picked up the PA and said: “Let’s have a drink, everyone.”

When the cockpit door opened, the Purser came in and asked: “President Fu, Instructor Helan and Co-pilot Ruan, would you like something to drink”

Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu said in unison: “Coffee without sugar.”

The air stagnated for a moment, and Helan Feng held back a smile, “I think you two still have a tacit understanding.”

After getting off the plane, Bo Yang had arranged for the driver to go directly to Xicheng with Fu Mingyu.

The fog in the early morning had not yet dissipated by noon, and the traffic on the highway was stagnant.

Bo Yang looked at his watch from time to time.

Lately, for a long time, Fu Mingyu has always stayed up late because of the flight quality monitoring reform.

He had irregular diet and gastrointestinal problems.

The doctor told him to eat on time.

However, judging from the current situation, he couldn’t even catch up with lunch before the meeting.

Today is the International Import Expo.

Major manufacturers from all over the world have come to bid for tenders, covering aircraft engines, aviation equipment, special vehicles, cabin equipment, in-flight entertainment programs, and so on.

It is one of the important projects of Hengshi Corporation this year, and it is expected to be a whole afternoon’s participation in the meeting.

As Bo Yang expected, they indeed arrived at the conference center after two hours of travel.

Participants and manufacturer representatives were already in place, and the scene was overcrowded, but quiet and orderly.

The staff led Fu Mingyu to the VIP seat in the first row, with Fu Mingyu’s nameplate on the table.

After he took his seat, the surrounding participants came up to greet him one after another.

Each hand stretched over and was followed by the self-introduction of the other party, one after another, and did not stop at all.

It was not until the moderator started to adjust the microphone on the stage that the last person who conversed with him left.

[1] PA: Public/Passenger Announcement, a device for communicating inside the airplane.


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