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“There are no medical staff in the cabin!”

Ni Tong ran into the cockpit and leaned over to see the captain’s situation.

His neatly combed hair when they set out in the morning was scattered now.

“After circling in the sky for so long, many passengers have become impatient.”

Ruan Sixian glanced at the captain who fainted in the pilot’s seat from the corner of her eyes, took a deep breath and said: “Call the First-class Flight Attendant to come in and take care of the captain.

You go out and inform the passengers that we are preparing to land.”

She glanced at Ni Tong again, “Fix your hair.

Don’t cause panic.”

Ni Tong immediately stretched out her hand to cover her hair, but didn’t go out immediately.

“With the current situation… Can you land”

“Hurry up!”

Ni Tong couldn’t say a word and ran out immediately.

Two minutes later, the First-class Flight Attendant came in, fastened her seat belt and sat next to the captain.

She clenched her hands and asked nervously: “What’s the situation now”

“It’s okay.” Ruan Sixian said, “Don’t worry.”

In fact, the situation is not okay at all.

The captain’s incapacitation is second, and the main problem is that the main runway at the airport, which is set according to the most frequent wind direction of the year, is now unusable.

If the plane descends with the wind, it is very likely that the runway is not long enough.

However, the current secondary runway has strong crosswinds, which makes it easy to blow the plane sideways.

Moreover, she can predict that the current ground drainage condition may lead to the emergence of a ‘seaplane’ situation.

Even if the captain was awake, it was a very difficult landing.

“Fifty percent.”

After talking to the Control Center, Ruan Sixian silently recited the number in her mind.

Now the crosswind intensity has almost reached the specified upper limit and barely meets the landing conditions.

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She estimated that the probability of landing was only 50%.

In the simulator, there have been more difficult situations than this.

The difference is that the safety of hundreds of people in the cabin is all heavily pressed on her now.

The captain is incapacitated and she is not qualified to panic.

She must make herself extremely sober at this time, and all the data are quickly calculated in her mind.

The plane turned and entered the approach line.

“Ah…” After crossing the clouds, the flight attendant next to her breathed a sigh of relief and murmured silently, “Finally see the runway!”

However, as soon as her voice fell, the rain surged again, and the front windshield almost became a waterfall.

The speed of the wipers can’t keep up with the speed of rainfall at all.

During the descent, the line of sight becomes narrower and narrower.

Ruan Sixian tightly pursed her lips and peered at the runway in front of her almost only from the gap.

Feeling the shock at the moment of landing, the flight attendant next to her patted her chest and wanted to cheer up Ruan Sixian, but saw her tighten her eyebrows.

She followed Ruan Sixian’s line of sight to the left window, and her heart suddenly jumped violently.

The rain continued unabated, and the maintenance ground crew in raincoat shuttled quickly at the airport to command and arrange to ensure the smoothness of the runway.

Inside the crew bus, the mobile phone rings one after another.

“How about the drainage of the secondary runway”

Fu Mingyu asked.

“The rain is too heavy.

It’s too late.

The water can’t be discharged in time.

Now the ground crew is dealing with it.”

Bo Yang glanced at his mobile phone and said: “The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Civil Aviation Administration of Jiangcheng have sent people to Jiangcheng International Airport to check the situation as soon as possible.

Do you want to go over”

“Give it to Mr.


I will just stay right here.”

Fu Mingyu took out his mobile phone that kept ringing, opened WeChat and focused on Ruan Sixian’s last message.

[Ruan Sixian]: Okay, okay, I know.

I am about to take off, so shut up.

There are hundreds of flights in the air every day.

Although everyone is careful and uses all their strengths to ensure the safety of each flight.

But the changes of nature come as quick as it is said and manpower is completely insignificant in front of nature.

He can still stand safely in the crew bus amidst the strong winds and rain, hail and thunderclouds, while his girl, with slender waist and legs, bright eyes and white teeth, who should be held in the palm of his hand and spoiled for a lifetime, is fighting with the nature at every moment in reality.


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