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The person beside him even sneered as if someone owed him.

Bo Yang has dug a grave for Ruan Sixian in his heart.

This is too rigid.

Let alone Fu Mingyu, if it was him whose temper has been challenged by Ruan Sixian time and again, he too, will list her in the death list.

He raised his eyes and looked at Fu Mingyu’s side face, which was more gloomy than when he had just held the meeting.

He has been here for more than a year and has never seen Fu Mingyu so angry.

Half an hour later, the meeting of the Maintenance Department ended, and the dedicated crew car had been waiting downstairs to send Fu Mingyu, Bo Yang and two assistants to the terminal.

In the car, Bo Yang took out the resume he had just received.

He took a look at it first, and when he turned to the second page, he felt puzzled and confused.

But this is not his problem.

After pondering it, he said:”President Fu, Ruan Sixian, she…”

Without waiting for Bo Yang to finish, Fu Mingyu took the resume and turned to the first page impatiently.

He looked at it hastily, but his expression didn’t change much.

Until he saw the second page of ‘Past Professional Experiences’, his eyes stopped.

The car stopped immediately afterwards, and Bo Yang said, “President Fu, do you want to board the plane first”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes slowly moved his gaze away from the ‘Hengshi Airlines, Jiangcheng Headquarter, Crew 4’ and looked up at the corridor bridge.

Behind the transparent plastic-steel wall, the three people in uniforms loomed at the engine room entrance.

Three years ago…

Fu Mingyu strides toward the corridor bridge and tells Bo Yang to call his former secretary in North Africa.

Some signs have slowly surfaced in his mind, but it seems to be too dramatic, so Fu Mingyu is not too sure about it.

When the phone in North Africa was connected, Fu Mingyu had already entered the corridor bridge.

Less than 20 meters away, Ruan Sixian was standing uprightly next to the captain, smiling, and her eyes slowly moved to him.

Fu Mingyu heard the voice of his former secretary.

“Ruan Sixian I remember her.

I’m very impressed with her.”

“When you went to London to acquire W.T Airport three years ago, she appeared several times.”

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“She also sent over several times of coffee.

Do you remember”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes swiftly, his steps did not stop, but his gaze was a bit stunned.

The sound in his ear continued.

“Then she also showed up at Alvin’s private yacht party.

Didn’t you give her a room card”

“She resigned after that day.

I mentioned it to you.”

“As for the others…My only impression is that before I transferred to North Africa, I sorted out your work email and found that Ruan Sixian sent you more than ten emails during that period, all about the Feiyang plan.

“I saw her sincerity at that time, so I also adjusted her information.

That year, she had passed the assessment of the Feiyang plan and was the best candidate at that time.”

At the same time as the former secretary explained, Fu Mingyu had gradually come to a distance of less than two meters from the engine room.

“It wasn’t a big deal, and I didn’t mention it later, but I thought at the time that maybe it wasn’t just Mr.

Fu, but I also misunderstood the girl.”

“Maybe she didn’t mean anything else.

She just wanted to be a pilot.”

When the words fell, Fu Mingyu was already standing in front of Ruan Sixian.

There is less than half a step between them.

There seemed to be wind blowing in Fu Mingyu’s ears that swept away the captain’s greeting, and there was only one person in front of him.

She is tall and straight, with meticulous uniforms, and the two epaulettes on her shoulders that show her identity are particularly conspicuous.

She curled the corner of her lips and said with a smile, “President Fu, welcome aboard.

Ruan Sixian, the trainee co-pilot of this flight, will serve you wholeheartedly.”

For a long time, a strange atmosphere floated in the air.

Ruan Sixian looked up and saw Fu Mingyu opened his mouth.



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