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The power from a raging true dragon was too strong!

One strike!

A single strike sent Fatty Lei tumbling away and seriously injured the rest.

Fatty Lei consumed the most power and was being stepped on by Murong Wanjian.

He couldnt move at all with the suppression from a true dragon.

He was gasping for air but maintained an arrogant attitude as he tried to laugh out: “Come on! Kill me!”

Because of the suppression, Fatty Lei couldnt even activate his soul for a real self-destruction.

It was over.

Fatty Lei looked over at Xuanyuan Yi and Blindman Liu and said with a smile: “It was me that underestimated him and caused you guys to suffer.

Jingang, you guys quickly leave!”

Jingang didnt move.

Murong Bai and the others didnt move.


They already had thoughts of fighting to their deaths.

They were already prepared the moment they followed Feng Lei into the imperial palace, which included dying.

Even though they failed in their assassination, they were considered quite strong already for pushing Murong Wanjian to this extent.

When Luo Tian shows up the next day, he will have a gauge for Murong Wanjians strength and would not fail as they did.

Murong Wanjians mouth curved up, “Escape Where can you guys run to Will there be a place for you guys to hide in the Tianxuan Continent Those who obey me will prosper, and those that oppose me will die.

Going against I, Murong Wanjian, will only lead to one outcome – death!”

After saying that, Murong Wanjian put more pressure on his leg and forced Fatty Leis body into the ground.

He then lifted his leg up before viciously stomping down.


Feng Leis entire body was embedded into the ground.

After that, Murong Wanjian stomped down once more on top of Fatty Lei and created a huge pit.

He coldly stared at Feng Lei and said: “A piece of trash like you wants to assassinate me Hahaha… in my eyes, you guys are nothing but a group of pitiful ants! And that so called boss of yours, Luo Tian, is the same thing! I remember he was lying in bed pretending to be dead at Jade Mountain City.

Even in front of the woman he liked, he didnt dare to make a single sound when I was around.

That kind of person… hahaha… is a complete joke! The only thing he can do in this world is to highlight how powerful I am.

Without pieces of trash like you guys, how would others see how strong and handsome I am”


“You bunch of ants, tremble before me!”



Arrogant laughter!

The insufferable arrogance!

During the time at Jade Mountain City, he already knew Luo Tian was pretending to be unconscious.

At that time, he didnt care since he didnt put Luo Tian in his eyes.

Even though Luo Tian created so many miracles in the past few years, he still considered Luo Tians existence similar to an ant.

He felt that Luo Tian was not qualified to fight with him.

So what if he fused some divine beast bloodlines So what if he learned some God skill

In his eyes, Luo Tian was merely a kid playing house and had no impact on his own life.

Only his true dragons bloodline was the strongest power!

Descendant of a Dragon God

That worm

He will be directly crushed to the ground by his true dragon powers and not dare to move around!

A true dragons bloodline was a peerless existence!

Especially when he cultivated his true dragons bloodline to the great perfection realm.

That power became even stronger and had reached the stage of being unparalleled!

This was Murong Wanjians capital.

This was the capital for him to be so arrogant!

Xuanyuan Yi was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard.

He stared at Murong Wanjian and said: “You have all the best resources in the Tianxuan Continent to use.

You have a Profound God Sovereign expert as your master.

You have the backing of the Imperial God Immortal Sect, the Starsea Immortal Sect, and basically all ten great immortal sects.

Without those, you would only be a low ranking martial artist.

What does Luo Tian have He doesnt have a background, no backing, and no resources.

Everything he has was acquired by his own two hands.”

“Murong Wanjian, you are indeed strong but you are nothing when compared to Luo Tian.”

“We will die here today.”

“But you wont live long either.

Its the end for you once our boss appears.

He said that he will trample you to death with his own feet so he will definitely accomplish it.

You just wait and see.”


“Great words!” exclaimed Fatty Lei who was deep inside the ground.

Everyones expression changed to one of excitement like they were sneering at Murong Wanjian.

“Who do you think you are”

“You cant even compare to a single toe of our boss!”

“What qualifications do you have to compete with our boss”

“You are just a tool of the ten great immortal sects.

You completely lack the qualifications to be compared with our boss! Hahaha…”

“Murong Wanjian, arent you tired of living Do you have friends Do you have brothers Is there anyone that treats you like a friend You dont have anything.

You are basically the most pitiful bug under the sky,” said Leng Hanshuang.

“Crack~, crack~…”

“Crack~, crack~…”

Space was fracturing.

A beam of power shot out of Murong Wanjians body and enveloped the square they were in.

It was very similar to a powerful barrier that crushed down on Murong Bai and the others.

They were sent prone to the ground and started sinking into the soil.

He was angry!

Very angry!

He possessed the strongest bloodline and the strongest powers.

Power was everything in this world!

The anger inside Murong Wanjian was raging about and the killing intent coming from his body was especially strong.

“Who do you think you guys are! What qualifications do you have to judge me! You guys are nothing but ants! All of you can go to hell for me now!”

Fiery rage reaching the sky!

The aura of a true dragon was similar to flames that started erupting in explosive power.


Incredibly strong!

It was similar to a real true dragon enraged!


“Did we hit a sore spot”

“Murong Wanjian, you are just a pitiful bug! The most pitiful bug under the sky! Hahaha…” Jingang strained to roar this out while his whole body was covered in bone spikes.

His laughter was unusually arrogant as he wanted to go crazy even if he was going to die.

Especially in front of Murong Wanjian.

“Thats right, hes only a tool, a pitiful bug.”

“Our boss is the strongest person in this world.”

“The young miss has never liked you.

She only thinks of and misses Luo Tian.

Even if you marry the young miss, her heart will never belong to you.

Luo Tian is a thousand times better than you.

Hahaha…” Leng Hanshuangs behavior changed as she too started laughing like crazy.

Back then, she never dared to raise her head in front of Murong Wanjian.

She had treated Murong Wanjian as her everything.

But now, everything had changed to where Luo Tian became her everything.

“My fellow brothers!”

“We will become brothers in our next life for the boss! We will follow the boss in our next life and lead a good life!”

After saying that, their bodies could be seen sinking down further.

Fatty Leis body had already sunk several meters deep and his fleshly body showed outlines of cracks like it was about to rip apart.

The others already couldnt endure as their blood vessels exploded one after another and caused the pit to be filled with blood.

At their last moment, the ten people cried out in unison: “Boss is mighty! Boss is domineering! Hahaha…”

Murong Wanjian almost went crazy from anger.

He then roared out: “You guys are still thinking of the next life! I will turn you guys into ashes so that you cant even become a ghost!”

“Hold on!” A sudden voice from somewhere could be heard.


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