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Love Or Vengeance Chapter 8: Visiting Grandma

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The plane landed at the airport late in the afternoon.

Taking the car that was already waiting for them, they made their way to Damiens Villa.


After Eleanor was done talking to lawyer Jesse about the ZerAnderson Group, she told Cassie and the kids to wait for her while she visited the McKinley Manor.


At the McKinley Manor...

Old Madam Cindy, the leader of the McKinley family, was the oldest of the family and Eleanors grandmother.

Cindy was sick and as such, had to spend the most of her time in the bed. She had been diagnosed with a terminal illness 4 years ago and since then, she has been struggling for her life.

Eleanor was not sure, but she knew that it might be only her grandmother who loved her in the entire family shes always called her own.

She went into the room and saw the old woman sitting leisurely on the balcony with her personal servant by her side.

"El, is that you?" Cindys voice was aged.

Eleanor nodded.

"Come closer child, I have missed you."

Eleanor walked closer to her grandma and sat down beside her on the bench. Leaning in for a hug, she watched as the servant smiled at her before walking away, leaving to two to catch up.

Eleanor felt relieved meeting her grandmother. It had only been five years, but it feels like a lifetime.

Cindy looked at Eleanor, tears at the corner of her eyes.

Cindy spoke first, "Youve been away for many years. How have you been? Are you married now? Do you have kids my child? Oh please, tell Grandma everything." Cindy bombarded her with questions.

"Grandma chillax." Eleanor giggled as she held her grandmothers hand. She somehow, even if she wanted to, couldn hide anything from her grandmother.

She had the most respect for the old woman, not just because of her position, but because Cindy was the only one who loved her truly ever since her mother died.

"Grandma, I have two children. A boy and a girl." Eleanor paused as her grandma gasped in awe.

"really? Where are they? Bring them! Quick!"

"Grandma, Id bring them some other time. But today, Im here for another reason." Eleanors voice was serious, making her grandmother calm down.

After staring at her for some seconds, Cindy asked, "Tell me child what is it?"

Cindy listened as Eleanor told her of her plans to take over the ZerAnderson Group and what had transpired between Alexander, Elaine and herself. When Eleanor was done, she smiled brightly.

Touching her cheeks, Cindy said, "Im proud of you my child. You

e just like your mother. So strong-willed and positive. Ill be with every step of the way my dear. Rest assured."

Cindys assurance and love made Eleanor tear up a little. Sniffling back the tears, she nodded.

"Come with me."

Eleanor helped Cindy up as they walked back into the room. Cindy sat on the edge of the bed, while Eleanor stood beside her.

She bent down and pulled out a box from underneath the bed. The box was made of metal and it looked antique.

Cindy stretched out her hands, giving the box to Eleanor. "Your mother wanted me to give this to you. I promised I wouldn give it till you were ready to take over the company."

Eleanor was puzzled when she took the box, but when she heard it was from her mother, she became curious, but..

"Promise me you wouldn open it until the day you clock twenty-five. Thats the only condition to this box." Cindy said sternly and Eleanor became even more confused.

Why couldn she open it till her twenty fifth birthday? That was like in... six months. How on Earth was she to wait that long?

Even though she was dying if curiousity, Eleanor nodded respectfully.

After spending some time with the old woman, Eleanor bade her goodbye and took her leave. Earlier

when she had come in, Eleanor had taken the direct route to her grandmothers room, and so, she hadn passed through the main doors. But now that she was leaving, she felt it wouldn be bad to go through the main doors now.


The main house of the McKinley family came into view after a quiet path.

The large doors with its grand design did not capture Eleanors attention at all. She walked inside with the box in her hand without pause.

Several elegant ladies were chatting on the couch in the living hall.

Seeing Eleanor arrive, they all fell silent.

Scoffing, one of the ladies said, "Well, Well, Well, if it isn the shameless and thoughtless eldest young miss of the McKinley family."

Shameless? Thoughtless?

Eleanor grinned, but he was not bothered by the comments.

"Yes. She is the one. I thought she wouldn come back." said the other lady with a smirk on her face.

One by one, the ladies began to mock Eleanor, making her the topic of discussion.

Despite their words, Eleanor remained unmoved.

She walked further into the room with a warm and welcoming smile on her face and stood before a woman who was in her late 40s.

The woman was Eleanors stepmother, Elaine. The woman Alexander has an affair with.

Elaine, harmless and innocent in front of others, but infact was a devil. She did all kinds of things to hurt others in the dark.

Eleanor grinned as she saw the pretentious smile on Elaines face. "Elaine, you still know how to keep up the facade. Well done, I must commend your efforts. I clearly remember how you wore this same smile the day I was thrown out of this house. Also the day you and my so called father tried to sell my mothers company. Now you still manage to keep the smile. How marvellous?"

Elaine felt embarrassed. She felt as though the ground should open up and swallow her.

She always knew Eleanor was a fierce and feisty girl since the beginning, but she believed that the girl should have learnt her lesson after so many years. But, to her dismay, the feisty temper remained, and this time, it seemed she was back for more.

Elaine masked her shame with a calm smile and said, "What are you saying my dear?"

"Nothing much. Just tell my father that hed be hearing from my lawyers by the weekend." Eleanor smirked.

Saying this, Eleanor turned and continued to walk out, leaving Elaine staring at her retreating figure like a ghost.

She could still hear the other ladies mocking her behind her back, but it didn mean nothing to her. As far as she was concerned, her grandmother was all that mattered to her in the McKinley family.


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