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"Yes, that one." Lux then stares Aisha up and down and asks, "So are you for real, or did you just make that up?" Lux doesn know many women in his previous life besides his family, online friends, and coworkers. So he wonders if Aisha is joking or not.

Aisha bowed her head respectfully at her master, "I won dare enough to make fun of you, Master Lux." she raised her head, and despite being embarrassed, she began to undress her top, leaving only black lace bra covering her breasts. "I had already promised Madam Celestia to be the one who would take care of your sexual desire, Master Lux."

Oh wow, that sounds somewhat weird to me... Lux thought to himself before staring at Aishas face. She clearly is embarrassed to do something like this in front of him. Did my mom force her to do this or unwillingly force herself to do this? Lux may be somewhat of a guy who will jump at any opportunity of losing his virginity, but he is not the type who doesn care about the feeling of other people and their consent.

"Do you really want to do this, Aisha?"

"About what, Master Lux?"

"Please don force yourself to have sex with me," Lux said in a serious tone, making Aisha stunned at the thing that had just escaped his mouth before giggling at him. "Aisha?" Her reaction right after he said that made him feel weird about it.

"Im sorry for laughing, Master Lux, but the thing you just said is amusing."

"How so?" Lux raised his eyebrows at her response but kept his eyes respectfully staring at her breasts. He wished he could see her bare chest behind the black lace bra, but he needed an answer for now.

"Master Lux, I already told you before but considering what happened to you, I will tell you again..." Aisha picked up his right hand and placed it on her left breast, making Lux feel excited, considering that despite wanting the answer from Aisha, he was still a healthy young man. "From the day you saved me from loneliness, I fell in love with you."

Sound pretty cliche to him, but somehow it makes him feel slightly bitter at the answer. He is not the original Lux Von Agnes, so taking advantage of her love is a wicked move, but he still has one question in his mind.

"What was my response to that?" He was really curious about it.

Aisha looked down, a bit saddened due to remembering the answer of Lux in the past. "You said that you aren interested in me. So it is a No." Lux was stunned by that answer.

No? Seriously!? What kind of man, Lux Von Agnes, was to reject such a beautiful woman like Aisha? Maybe the previous Lux had balls of steel to make this kind of decision, or perhaps he had someone he was interested in? or Maybe he is just plain stupid..."You aren joking around, aren you?"

Aisha shook her head negatively at his question. "Sadly, Im not." her grip on his right wrist hardened. "I hope maybe one day, I can become worthy enough to be with you, Master Lux."

Such loyalty toward her feeling makes present Lux feel a bit guilty, even though it wasn his fault. Her grip on his wrist tightens; "Im sorry for saying this; please forget about it, Master Lux." She released his hand and removed it from her breast before standing up. But before she can leave him...

"Aisha, wait." Luxs command managed to make her stop.

"Yes, Master Lux?"

"Please stay here; I really enjoying your company right now."

"But Master Lux... As an employee, I shouldn talk like that to my employer. It is kind of unprofessional of me to talk about my feelings."

"Its okay... I understand, but just stay here and tell me what you know about my siblings. Im interested in them." To be honest, he wants to know what his older sisters did to him to make him afraid of women.


From what Aisha told him, he had over two older brothers, two older sisters, and one younger sister. Each of them was born from a different mother, except for the twin; both were the daughters of his fathers fifth wife, Aki Yamato.

The eldest is Reid Lionheart Augustus, the son of their fathers first wife, Eliza Augustus, who happened to be the third daughter of the former king of Althea. Despite his relatively young age, Reid is considered by everyone to be one of the strongest knights in Althea; Heck, people even believe him to be in the same rank as their father. He is already married to three beautiful women.

The Second Eldest is Fartha Von Agnes, the son of their fathers seventh wife, Ella Von Agnes, who was the best healer among the elves. He followed in his mothers footsteps into becoming the best healer of the Kingdom. He was supposed to be the familys heir, but he refused the position and handed it over to Lux. He was married to five beautiful women.

The Third and The Fourth are Sora Yamato and Miyu Yamato. They were the twin daughter of Aki Yamato, who used to be one of the noble Fox-kin from the Sakura Kingdom until she decided to marry Gerald as his fifth wife and move with him to the Althea Kingdom. Airi and Seia are students of Althea Academy, and they are considered to be prodigies in magic. Aisha doesn know what they did to Lux, which caused the gynophobia because she didn serve under him yet during that time, and the previous Lux refused to tell her about it.

The Sixth is Eve Von Agnes, the daughter of Freya, the Guardian Spirit of the Ever Mountain in the Ymir Kingdom, until that Mountain was destroyed by Mephisto and the second wife of Gerald. Eve is a shy and genius little sister of Lux. Despite Lux being relatively weak and with little to no potential in magic and strength, Eve still looks up to him.

"Pretty a big family..." He muttered. Honestly, he can remember what Aisha told him because his brain can handle that much information in one go. "Uhuk! Uhuk!" out of nowhere, He began to cough uncontrollably. His chest felt so hurt like he was stabbed by a knife... Wait, how did he even know what that felt like?

"Master Lux!" Aisha hurriedly rushed towards Lux and placed her hand gently rubbing against his back. She didn expect that the medicine would wear off this fast...Is her master going to die? "This is bad." She muttered worriedly for Luxs safety. If the medicine is no longer helpful for Lux, he has no other option but to have sex.

You know what? Fuck it! He just got into this world, and he is already dying? Yeah right...He refuses to back down now. He has yet to learn the enjoyment of sex. Lux is me now; I shouldn feel guilty about it, Lux trying to reason with himself. Aisha just offered her body to him and showed how much she loved him, so who is he to refuse her offer.


"Master Lu-Mmmph!" Before she could ask any question from Lux, the latter shut her down by forcing his lip on her. She was stunned for a second because Lux, of all people, was the one who kissed her and not the other way around, but after she recovered from it, Aisha quickly replied to his kiss by licking his tongue with her own.

I never knew that Master Lux is such a good kisser~ She thought to herself as she enjoyed the sensation of his tongue pushing against her. Honestly, even Lux doesn understand how he can be so good at kissing...Unless it has to do something with him being an Incubus.

Lux pulled his face away from Aisha before slowly caressing the dark elfs beautiful face. His blue sapphire eyes are staring right into her hazel-colored eyes. "Aisha." He muttered her name lovingly.

"What is it, Master Lux?" She asked while enjoying the feeling of his warm hand on her right cheek.

"I want to have sex with you." Simple and straight to the point. Lux doesn want to delay any longer and not to mention that he, as an incubus, needs to have sex to survive, and Aisha being such a hot and loyal dark elf woman is such a saving grace for him.

The heat reached her face; she had been waiting for this kind of thing from his mouth for years... "Master Lux, Both My body and life only belong to you. So you don need to ask anymore because I want to have sexual intercourse with you." She really is madly in love with Lux. She unhooks her bra, revealing her beautiful bare chest to him.

"Master Lux, My most sensitive part is my nipples. So please enjoy my breasts as you please." She placed her hands slightly above her chest to show that Lux had the right to do anything with her body. After all, he is the one she loves the most, Not to mention that she had been waiting for Lux to pound her in the bed since their first meeting.

Oh, God... This Dark Elf is Really Thirsty for him.

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