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Allen arrived at his office and his appearance was just the normal way of how things were being run in the company. He was going through one of the files on his table as usual with Kyle on the sofa watching a soccer match. He was deeply engrossed in it and couldn hide his excitement whenever his favourite team won. The office was soundproof luckily so Allen was faced with no other choice but to go for the last option...pretend to be deaf by putting on the bluetooth device.

A female secretary knocked, despite the music blasting through the earpiece and the soccer going on, the two men could still hear the knock. At a moment, Kyle cheerful look turned cold while Allens remained expressionless.

" Come in. " He ordered.

The secretary dressed in a tight fitted skirt and a top walked in swaying her hips effortlessly. Kyle didn spare a glance at her as his eyes were still glued to the screen. The secretary frowned a little because she had dressed this way to impress and seduce the man.

" Your report? " Allen asked and immediately the secretary looked at him, she felt terrified immediately. She returned her gaze downwards.

" Of...of course, sir. Mr Paul has decided to sell some of the shares with us that worth ten million dollars and he has a proposal ready. Your intentions are being waited upon now. "

" Dismiss. "

" Yes...yes sir. "

She walked out hastily and shut the door. After that action, she sighed in relief because the heat she felt was too much to handle alone but she was happy that she was able to make an impression and little by little, she believed that Kyle would notice her finally.

She was beautiful, elegant and intelligent, very competent enough for business. Why else would a man ignore such a beauty like her if he wasn blind? With this new realization, she left the entrance to her office with a happy mood. Kyle who was watching the soccer match in the office smiled and it disappeared after a few seconds which Allen noticed. Yeah, he heard that too.

Kyles phone rang and he picked it up. His face hardened when he had the phone pressed against his ear. His eyes darted towards the man seated on the swivel chair comfortably.

" Hmm. " The call ended.

Allen stared at him.

" They found a basement in the North City and a man exactly like our prediction. " Kyles face dropped with sadness at the last part. Allen stood up in fury and picked up his car keys immediately.

" Send me the address. " He ordered.

" Do you want me to come along? " Kyle asked in a lie tone that made Allen pause in his tracks and look at him.

" No, its fine. Stay here and take care of yourself and things. I also need you to pick up someone from Grannys mansion and bring her home. Take good care of her as well when I am gone for the short while and make sure she does not walk aimlessly around. " Allen instructed.

" Oh, you mean the Young Madam? " Kyle teased bit Allen snorted and walked away.

Kyle sighed heavily as he switched off the TV. He rubbed his forehead with his left palm and stared at the veins in his right hand that were now red due to certain circumstances. He closed his eyes and laid back on the sofa.


Jane got back to the hospital and fed her brother through the secured means happily and chatted all the way of feeding him. After this, she cleaned him up and got herself prepared for what the day might bring next. It was already late in the afternoon so going to work now was useless except if she wanted to be insulted the more.

" Damn work for now! " She muttered.

The reason she started working in that shop in he first place was to raise the money for Brunos surgery and now that the surgery was done, she didn want to be treated as a slave any longer even though she needed money to sustain herself but that was the least of her problems. Her main problem was the mess she had gotten herself into in the first place; a contract marriage with a stranger who was now her husband that she was going to meet today.

She hoped everything would go well.

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