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Mo Shen was greeted by a large two-story villa surrounded by grass walls that made the place very comforting to the eye. The exterior of the building was constructed with bricks and has a hint of a Georgian-style structure that compliments the grass wall that surrounds the whole property.

Not bad. That Jonathan has good taste. He approved of Jonathans sense of style. This must be the instinct of the wealthy. He really knew how to surprise someone.

He slowed down a bit the moment he reach the front gate of the villa.

Mo Shen saw dozens of guards wearing a black suit inside the gated driveway. Two of them bowed their head and open the door the moment they saw Mo Shens car plate number. They have already been given instructions on what to do, and they also knew that the person inside the car is someone that even their boss respect. Their boss even warns them not to show any hint of rudeness or they would face an unthinkable amount of pain.

Some of the guards take their bosss words to heart while others are suspecting that Mo Shen might be their bosss son from another woman. Hes favoring him too much so they just assumed that Mo Shen is the new successor.

Jonathan prioritized the privacy of Mo Shens life above all, so only a few people knew about the godly sect, cultivators, and about Mo Shens superpowers. Thats why it is only reasonable that they don know anything about his life.

The metal gate opened, and Mo Shen drive forward slowly. He saw all the guards bowing their heads to show their respect, but he just ignored them. They were paid to do that so he doesn need to get along with them. They just need to do their job and not disturb him.

"That Jonathan really knows how to get on my good side" Mo Shen smiled after seeing the courtyard.

The courtyard is filled with green grass, a driveway, and a large parking lot that go along well with the overall layout of the house. The driveway is made of red bricks so it was very eye-catching and the flowers planted in the artificial garden are very beautiful and quite expensive looking.

He could even see 2 gazebos in the middle of an artificial pond that greatly enhance the serenity of the house. The gazebo was not that big, but it could probably fit 6 people. Its a perfect place to drink tea whenever they want some time to relax,

broom broom

Mo Shen step on the paddle after noticing that he was spending too much time enjoying the scenery.

The driveway of the villa is a little bit long so it took Mo Shen a couple of minutes to reach the front entrance of the house. There, he was greeted by a four people glass door that has some flower patterns on it.

He saw someone approaching his car so he waited, instead of getting out of the car.

"Ill park your car, young master" A man wearing a black suit bowed his head to show some courtesy.

Mo Shen simply give his car keys and went inside. He knew that Jonathan is already waiting for him on the other side of the door.

As expected, Jonathan welcome him with a big smile. Mo Shen could even see 6 maids bowing their heads.

"We great the young Master"

"We great the young Master"

"We great the young Master"

All the maids spoke at the same time. Their sweet voice filled the hallway and Mo Shen realized that all her maids are very young. All of them seem to be only 18 years old.

Jonathan must have intentionally done this to get on my good side. What a silly child. Mo Shen chuckled and just brass it off like nothing. Jonathan put an effort to please him so its not appropriate for him to get angry for something so silly.

"You did a good job, Jonathan" Mo Shen complimented his efficiency. Jonathan had given him the full rundown of their operation and was quite pleased with this subordinate of his. He even bought the lands and properties surrounding the buildings to make sure that they could maintain their operation a secret. No wonder he became so successful, this man knows where to put his eggs. He immediately realized how powerful the godly sect is so he no longer hold back in spending his money.

"Thank you, young master " Jonathan smiled and was very pleased with himself.

Im so smart. Who cares about money? I could earn them back multiple times once the godly sect expose themselves to the world. Jonathan could not help but laugh in his heart for being a genius.

"I will be a bad boss if I don reward you. So this is yours now" Mo Shen raised his finger and a black hole appear. Jonathan thought it was a spell so he instinctively defended his face and kneel down. But nothing happened.

"What are you doing? " Mo Shen asks with a doubtful look.

"Ahem... Nothing young master " Jonathan composed himself and stand up.

Mo Shen ignored him and the black hole started spitting out bands of 1000 Yuan bills. The amount was so large that the whole table flooded with money. It was at least 300 million Yuan bills. Jonathan could also see some jewelry and other expensive items in the mix.


"Just my talent fee. They

e all dead so I just took it from them. They don need it anyway"

"Thank you, young master. This would really help our sect a lot " Jonathan bowed his head in gratitude, and he did not forget to emphasize that this money is for the sect.


Ill just give all this money to him. I can be bothered to laundry this money. Mo Shen thought to himself. He knew how bothersome it is to laundry illegal money. Even the gangs he massacred store their money in their own vault because its not impossible to put this kind of money in the bank without arousing the suspicion of the government. The government is very active when money is concerned.

"I expect you to finish renovating everything in a month so we could start our operations. By the way, I want you to go to this store to fetch these two person. They

e very important to our sect so show courtesy to them"

"Yes, Young master!" He answered with a bow.

Mo Shen left the room after settling everything with Jonathan. He gave him some specific orders that he would need to complete.

"I have been lagging behind my cultivations. I need to train more" Mo Shen close his eyes and gather the energy in his body. Hes now training under the basement. It was renovated to his specification so the energy in here had been artificially enhanced. The wall of the basement was coated with gold to magnify the metal elements of this cultivation room.

Mo Shen could feel his energy flowing in every inch of his veins like some kind of electricity. It continues to strengthen his body every time he completes full circulation. Hes practicing the Golden Budda Techniques so he needs a lot of gold elements energy to make his cultivation faster.

I don have enough resources to advance my spirit art so I need to focus more on my martial arts Mo Shen clinch his fist as he guides the energy towards his knuckle to strengthen his bones. The next several weeks will be spent on his martial arts cultivation. He needs a stronger body to become the strongest human on Earth.

After finishing 20 circulations to his knuckles, Mo Shen adjusted the energy to go toward his chest.

He guides the mana on his heart and directs the energy to his bones to increase its durability. He guesses that after a few weeks, his bones will become so strong that he will now be able to execute the first move of the golden budda technique "First Palm"

First Palm is the most basic attack technique of the golden budda but its power could not be underestimated. Its power comes from the hardness of the body and the bones so its force is more brutal than the current martial techniques available.

This technique is so powerful that he could probably kill a Peak Martial Warrior with one hit if hes able to master it at the big comprehension level without relying on his spirit arts. Unfortunately, this technique requires him to at least reach the Peak of Martial Warrior rank before he could execute it. He was not a martial artist in his past life so he has no choice but to learn and cultivate from scratch, The only reason he managed to get this far is that he was able to remember the content of the book.

I need more strength if I want to complete my goal. I need more power, this is not enough. Mo She could feel himself getting stronger but he was still not satisfied. Hes becoming more irritated and was having a hard time controlling his emotions.

"Damn, this soul parasite is really affecting my temper" Mo Shen calmed himself down and began stabilizing his emotions again. Good thing his willpower is strong so he was able to notice his sudden outburst in emotion.

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