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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 101: Army of Goblins

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Chapter 101: Army of Goblins

p ᴀɴ da n ᴏv el

When the goblins first noticed the army of skeletons rushing towards their nest, they were filled with confusion. Once they realized that they were under attack, they were overwhelmed with fear, as they have never fought with skeletons before.

One of the goblins retrieved a large blowing horn and hastily blew into it with all of its might.

The noise coming from the horn caused the air to tremble, instantly alerting all of the goblins in their nest.

Moments later, the skeleton army and the goblins clashed, where 250 skeleton warriors confronted over 1,000 goblin warriors and goblin casters.

While the skeleton warriors fought with the goblin warriors, the goblin casters would cast spells from the rear, bombarding the skeleton warriors.

However, Nina also had her own backliners, and 20 skeleton mages bombarded the goblins back.

Overall, Ninas skeleton warriors were slightly weaker than the goblin warriors, but her skeleton mages vastly surpassed the goblin casters in power.

As for Leos skeleton warriors, despite being Mastery Rank F, they were a lot stronger than the goblin warriors, and they cleaved a path towards the goblin casters in the back.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

In the midst of the chaos, Leo tried his best to find a path towards the goblin casters, but it was much harder than hed anticipated, as they were all the way behind the frontline that was filled with goblin warriors. He wanted to summon his skeleton casters as well, but he simply did not have the mana to do so.

Therefore, he decided to just kill his way towards the goblin casters. However, even with his passive skills, it wasnt an easy task fighting the goblin warriors.

About two minutes later, right as he was about to run out of mana, Leo decided to use Mana Drain on the goblin warriors instead of drinking a mana potion since nobody would notice it and he could save some resources that way. Of course, he made sure to keep the camera away from the act so that he doesnt record himself using Mana Drain.

“Raaagh!” The goblin warrior that Leo had decided to Mana Drain suddenly released a painful cry before falling to the ground with its body shriveled like a dried corpse that had died years ago, almost as though it had all of its blood drained from its body.

The surrounding goblins were startled when they saw this, and they all stopped fighting to stare at their companions dried up corpse with wide eyes.

“What happened to the monster! Why is it like that! This didnt happen when I used Mana Drain on Lia!” Leo asked Lilith. This was his first time using Mana Drain on a monster, so the results shocked him greatly.

“Monsters are mostly made of mana, so its only natural that they would shrivel up like this when you absorb their mana. To monsters, their mana is their blood. If you absorb all of a humans blood, how do you think their bodies will end up” Lilith said to him. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

“Luckily, I decided to do this in the middle of a battlefield with nobody watching, or it wouldve definitely raised some eyebrows.” Leo sighed, and he made a note to himself to never use Mana Drain on monsters if there were any other people nearby.

He looked at his mana a moment later to see that hed recovered all of his mana.

‘Even though its forbidden magic, its super useful!

Leo decided to summon his skeleton mages now that he had plenty of mana to spare.

Each skeleton mage required 500 mana to summon, and he could only summon 5 at most, so he used 2,500 mana to summon them. However, skeleton mages required twice as much mana than skeleton warriors to maintain, draining 50 mana every 10 seconds.

Now with 50 skeleton warriors and 5 skeleton mages in the field, Leo was losing 1,000 mana every 10 seconds, but he wasnt as worried since he had Mana Drain.

As long as there were still monsters nearby, he would be able to replenish all of his mana with a single Mana Drain. ,c,om

Eventually, with the help of his skeleton summons, Leo was finally able to break through the golden warriors and reach the goblin casters.

The goblin casters began panicking when they saw Leo, but before they could cast their spells, Leo killed them with his sword.

Once all of the goblin casters were killed, Leo and Nina focused on the remaining goblin warriors.

[ 1,000 Magic Points]

After killing 500 monsters and finishing his quest, Leo quickly purchased another one from the store for 75 Magic Points before he continued slaying more monsters.

Many minutes later, Leo rushed at the last goblin warrior standing and decapitating it with a swift strike across its thick neck.

“Stop record.”

Leo met up with Nina afterward.

“Are you okay”

“Yes, I am fine. What about you” Nina nodded before staring at his appearance, as his body was covered in goblin blood.

“Im also fine.” He said.

Although hed been hit a couple times, his invisible artifacts had minimized the damages and kept his injuries to a minimum.

“Lets harvest their mana cores before someone else comes and tries to steal our profit.” Leo said as he commanded his skeleton warriors to harvest the mana cores.

Nina did the same, and within minutes, over 1,000 B-Rank mana cores were stacked into a small mountain before them.

“Lets split the mana cores 50/50.” Leo said to her afterward.

“Are you sure Im pretty sure youd killed way more monsters than me.” Nina said to him.

“It doesnt change the fact that this was still a combined effort.”

While Leo and Nina split their harvest, a notification appeared before Leo.

Leo was pleasantly surprised to see this new function for the first time.

‘Two rewards… One for clearing the monsters nest and the other for killing many monsters in a short time This is great! Now I have more opportunities to acquire Magic Points! He laughed inwardly.-

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