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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 118: Giants Valley(5)

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Chapter 118: Giants Valley(5)

“Why are you asking such questions so suddenly” Leo asked with raised eyebrows.

“Y-You dont have to answer if you dont want to…” Nina quickly said after seeing Leos reaction.

“I dont mind. After all, I really dont care about her relationship with others. What happened between us in the past doesnt matter, because I am no longer the same person.” Leo calmly said.

“But thats because of your amnesia, right You will eventually remember your past, and when you do… You might regret it.” Nina said.

Leo smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, but trust me, even if I remember my past, nothing will change. Things between me and Valery are over. We might as well be strangers now.”

“Is that so… Sorry for being nosy.”

“Dont worry about it, I am nosy at times, too.” Leo smiled before lying back down in his sleeping bag and closing his eyes, quickly falling asleep.

After waking up several hours later, Leo and Nina ate some food before cleaning up the tent and returning to their grind.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

“I have been wondering this for a while now, but do monsters spawn endlessly” Leo suddenly asked.

“You want to get rid of all monsters in this world, right How is that possible if monsters keep spawning no matter how many times we kill them”

Nina pondered for a moment before speaking, “Actually, there is a limit. However, in order to reach this limit, we must kill the boss that is hidden in the area.”

“Huh A boss Like the ones in Labyrinths This is my first time hearing about this.” Leo said, looking quite surprised by this new information.

“Thats right. However, theyre not always available and must be spawned first. In order to spawn the boss, we must continue to kill the monsters in that area until the boss spawns. It may take 100 kills, 1,000 kills, or even 10,000 kills, but the boss will eventually appear. Once we kill the boss, the monsters will no longer respawn.”

“Is that so… Then is there any way to know if a boss spawn is near”

“Not without specialized magic equipment. However, if I use my spiritual eyes, perhaps I can tell if there are any major changes in the mana in the air, as that could potentially tell us if a boss will be spawning soon.” pᴀɴda nᴏvel

“Ill be counting on you then.” Leo nodded.

And for the next few days, they would continue to hunt the A-Rank monsters in Giants Valley without much break.

They would also cross paths with Valerys team a second time, but they didnt say anything to each other and acted as though they never saw each other.

“That Leo… Hes completely ignoring us now.” Jennifer gritted her teeth in frustration.

“Forget about him. Itll only give you a headache.” Erik said.

“Speaking of Leo, what rank do you think hes currently in” Kevin suddenly asked.

“Since theres only two of them, I doubt theyre that high up in the ranks.” Erik sneered. ,c,om

“I wouldnt be so sure about that.” Conan said, and he continued, “While their team consists of only two people, did you not see how Leo was able to easily defeat that Mountain Cyclops all by himself and with relative ease”

“Furthermore, Nina is rumored to wield Spiritual Eyes, which will allow them to find monsters more easily. Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if they are currently ranked first.”

“Rank one Surely, you must be joking.” Jennifer did not want to believe that a two-man team would be able to defeat their full team of six elite students.

p ᴀɴ da n ᴏv el “Anyways, we have a little over a week left in the training course. Lets stop wasting time and get back our rank.” John suddenly said to them.

“Yes, yes.”

A few days later marked the end of the third week of the training course, which meant the students only had another week left in the Wilderness.

“One week left… This is getting nerve wracking…” Leo said as he looked at his watch for the 24th time in the last hour.

“If you have time to keep looking at your watch, might as well spend that energy hunting monsters.” Lilith said to him.

“Thats Ninas job.” He shrugged.

Ever since they entered the Giants Valley, Ninas role has become more of a support than anything. She would use her Spiritual Eyes to find monsters for him, and he would defeat them. He could kill Mountain Cyclops with ease with the help of the Elders Orb of Restraints, but since it had a 10 minute cooldown after every use, it wasnt always available for every fight, but even without the artifact, he didnt have much trouble with the cyclops.

However, the Vengeful Treants were a pain in the ass for him, and he needed both the Elders Orb of Restraints as well as Ninas help in order to deal with them, so they wouldnt fight them unless the artifact was off cooldown.

Sometime later, Nina stopped walking and started staring in a certain direction with a pondering expression.

“Whats wrong” Leo asked her.

She pointed in the direction she was looking at and spoke, “Theres a powerful mana disturbance coming from behind that mountain; its stronger than anything I have ever seen before…”

“Could it be a boss spawn” Leo asked.

She nodded, “I have never seen one before, but that is highly likely to be the case.”

“Do you think we can defeat it…” Leo then asked.

“Since this is an A-Rank area, theres a small chance for the boss to be S-Rank in difficulty. If it turns out to be an S-Rank boss monster, we wont be able to defeat it even if we use everything in our arsenal.” Nina said.

“But theres no harm in checking, right If we cannot beat it, we will just leave it alone.” Leo said.


“Then lets go! I want to see what a boss in the Wilderness is like and how they compare to the ones in the Labyrinth!” Leo said as he started moving towards the powerful mana disturbance.-

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