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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 121: Fiend Warrior(2)

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Chapter 121: Fiend Warrior(2)

Leo watched as his mana dropped by nearly 500 every second, then recovered 275 half a second later because of his mana regeneration and the high-quality mana potion.

‘Please hurry up, Miss Camille! I cant hold on for much longer! Leo cried inwardly as he could feel his body getting weaker with every passing second.

A few moments later, right as Leo was about to run out of mana, a massive magic circle suddenly appeared in the sky above the monsters.

This magic circle was golden and incredibly complex with thousands of symbols within it. Furthermore, it emanated a holy aura that made it seem as though a divine entity was descending.

Camille took a deep breath before muttering in a cold voice, “Even if God forgives you, I will not— Divine Punishment!”


A massive golden sword suddenly emerged from the magic circle and smashed directly onto the Fiend Warrior, causing the entire Giants Valley to tremble.

A powerful explosion occurred the moment of the impact, and a blinding light illuminated the whole area the following second, almost as though a flashbang the size of a nuke had been denoted.

Camille quickly descended from the sky and landed near Leo and Nina after unleashing the devastating attack, feeling incredibly weak due to mana fatigue.

Despite her massive mana pool, shed just overcharged a Tier 7 magic spell to its limit, so it would be weird if she wasnt out of mana.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

Leo rushed over to Camille to see her condition.

“Are you okay, Miss Camille!”

“Lower your voice. I am fine…” She said.

“That was freaking amazing! How can you be a healer and unleash such powerful magic spells at the same time! Or are all healers this powerful in this world”

“You think that was powerful That was pathetically weak for a Tier 7 magic spell. If it were any other magic affinity, it wouldve been enough to destroy a whole mountain,” she sighed.

“Is that so… Even if thats—”

“LEO! TO YOUR RIGHT!” Lilith suddenly shouted at him.

Leo turned to look over his right shoulder to see the Fiend Warrior climbing out of the large crater caused by Camilles magic spell.

“Its not dead even after taking that magic spell point blank!” Leo exclaimed. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

However, even though the Fiend Warrior had managed to survive Camilles Divine Punishment, it had only barely managed to survive. It was in a horrible condition with its body covered in its own blood, and it was even missing one of its arms.

“Leo! Get out of here! I will deal with it!” Camille quickly said to him.

Leo turned to look at her and smiled, “What can you do in that condition You can barely stand up, much less fight the Fiend Warrior. Dont worry, its heavily injured. I should be able to handle it in that state. Leave this to me.”

“Nina! Take care of Miss Camille! Im going to finish off the boss!”

“Y-Yes!” Nina quickly rushed over to take his place.

Meanwhile, Leo retrieved his red sword and approached the Fiend Warrior that could barely stand still.

The Fiend Warrior released a beastly roar as it suddenly raised its left arm before swinging its cleaver down.

Leo quickly cast Feather Step before dodging the attack.

“Lilith! Is there anybody else nearby! I want to use magic!” Leo suddenly asked her. ,c,om

“Give me a moment!” Lilith flew into the air and began scanning the area while continuously dodging the Fiend Warriors slow but heavy attacks.

“Leo! I can see Valerys team in the distance! Theyre approaching this place! If you want to use magic, you need to hurry up and defeat the Fiend Warrior! Valery and her team will arrive in a minute!”

“I understand. Thanks.”

Without needing to worry about being seen using magic, Leo immediately began throwing Void Spears at the Fiend Warrior.

‘I dont have much mana left. Im going to use as many Void Spears as I can before I finish it off with my sword! Leo thought to himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Leo threw Void Spears after Void Spears at the Fiend Warrior, further weakening it.

About a minute later, Lilith shouted, “Leo! Valery and her team will be here any moment!”


Leo overcharged his last Void Spear as much as possible before throwing it in the Fiend Warriors face.


The attack was strong enough to stun the Fiend Warrior for a moment and bring it down to its knees.

When he saw this opportunity, Leo tightened his grip on the sword and jumped on top of the Fiend Warriors shoulder.

And right as Leo raised his sword into the air, Valery and her team arrived at the scene to witness the moment Leo swung his sword down.


Leo released a loud war cry right before swinging down his sword, decapitating the Fiend Warriors thick neck in one swift movement.


The Fiend Warriors large head fell to the ground a second later, causing the ground to shake slightly.

“A-Am I seeing things, or did Leo just kill that Fiend Warrior…” Kevin mumbled in a dazed voice.

“I dont want to believe it, but the evidence is right before my eyes…” Jennifer swallowed nervously.

“…” Valery and the others silently stared at Leos figure with wide eyes.

After killing the Fiend Warrior, Leo went to remove its mana core, which was twice as large as the Black Wyverns mana core.

He acted as though he didnt notice Valery and her team and went back to Camille and Ninas side a moment later.

“Here you go, Miss Camille. Since you did most of the work, this mana core belongs to you.” Leo handed the mana core to her with a bright smile on his face.


Camille was left speechless by his actions.

p ᴀɴ dan ᴏv el “What you did was very reckless… but Im glad that you did it.” Camille said with a slight smile on her face a moment later.

“That mana core, you can keep it. Consider it a reward for your bravery.”

“Really Then I wont be humble! Thanks, Miss Camille!” Now with an even brighter smile on his face, Leo tossed the mana core into his Spatial Ring.-

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