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Chapter 123: End of the Wilderness Training Course(2)

Over the next several days, Leo and Nina would take their time traveling back to Stellar City. They would move during the day when there were fewer monsters and rest during the night when the Wilderness was packed with monsters.

And since he ate less than what hed anticipated, Leo had plenty of spare high-quality MREs. In fact, even if they ate three meals a day until they returned to the city, he would still have some leftovers.

On their way back, they would encounter other students from the same academy, and the majority of them looked beat up with their clothes in shambles and their hair all dirty and tangled, almost as though theyd tumbled down a mountain or something.

Compared to the other students appearance, Leo and Nina looked completely fine, as if they had taken a stroll in the park while the others had gone through hell and back.

When they were only a few hours away from returning to Stellar City, Leo asked Nina, “Hey, Nina, are you really going to leave the academy after this Or have you changed your mind”

“Im going to leave. In fact, after spending the past four weeks in the Wilderness with you and experiencing firsthand what it feels like to be an Adventurer, I have become even more eager to become a full-time Adventurer.”

“Is that so…” Leo mumbled.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

Nina raised an eyebrow when she saw his dejected look, “Whats wrong, Leo Dont tell me that you want me to stay in the academy”

He nodded, “Although weve only known each other for a bit and our first impression with each other wasnt the best, youre still the first person that I can consider as a true friend in the whole academy since Ive returned, and weve experienced so much together in the last month, so its only natural that I am going to miss you.”

Ninas face became slightly rosy after hearing his words, and she spoke in a low voice, “Im really flattered that you consider someone like me as your friend, especially after what I had forced you to go through. Youre also the first person that I can truly trust and call a friend since I came to the academy many years ago.”

“Unfortunately, there is really nothing left for me to do at the academy. My only purpose there was to learn about magic and hopefully resurrect my mother, but that didnt work out. Besides you, I dont have any friends or another purpose for staying there. Im sure the other students will also be glad that someone like me will be gone.”

“With that being said, if you become my boyfriend, I dont mind staying in the academy for a little longer because then I will have a reason to stay.” Nina suddenly said with an embarrassed expression on her face.

“T-Thats…” Leo was speechless and taken aback by her words, as this is the first time that someone has said such a thing to him. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

ρꪖꪀ᧚ꪖ ꪀꪫ꫁ꪥꫀ​ꪶ​ “I-Im just joking with you!” Nina said with a bashful smile on her face.

Both Leo and Nina would remain silent for the rest of their way back to the academy.

Once they could see the city walls, Nina finally broke the awkward silence and said, “Look! Were finally back!”

When they arrived at the city walls, they could see Headmistress Eve and other teachers gathered at the gate and collecting the students watches and recorders.

“Return your watches and recorders here! Once you have handed them in, you may rest until the 15th, when we will announce the results in the academys auditorium!” The teachers there repeated to the students.

Leo and Nina handed their watches and recorders to one of the teachers, but someone else showed up to take their equipment. ,c,om

“I will handle this teams watches and recorder.”

“Headmistress! Here you go.”

Without any hesitation, the teacher handed their watches and recorders to Headmistress Eve, who had to make sure that neither Leo or Nina had recorded anything that they shouldnt have.

After all, they might have accidentally left the recorder on when Leo used magic.

“Leo, Camille wants to see you at the infirmary tomorrow at 11 AM. Nina Wraith, youll see me in my office tomorrow at the same time.” Eve said to them.

“I understand.” They responded simultaneously.

Once they returned to the city, Leo and Nina shared the taxi back to the academy, where they went their separate ways.

“Even though we were in a lot of dangerous situations, I had a lot of fun for this years training course, Leo. Im really glad that I got to experience all of that before I left the academy. We should do it again in the future.” Nina said to him before leaving.

“Yes… I also had a lot of fun.” Leo didnt know what else to say, so he could only say such bland words.

Leo returned to his own room shortly after, and after taking a long shower, he would spend the rest of the day lying on the bed.

“Even though weve only been away for a month, it feels like much longer has passed.” Lilith said as she floated around the room.

“Really It actually felt quite short for me, though.”

“Thats probably because youre always fighting and focused. Time flows faster when youre focused.”


“Whats wrong You seem to be bothered by something for a while now. Is it about Nina Dont tell me you actually fell for her and dont want her to leave the academy.” Lilith stared at him with a teasing smile on her face.

“Huh Dont be silly. Thats not it. Nina wants to be a full-fledged Adventurer, but when I look at her childish appearance, I cannot help but feel worried, especially when she…” Leo suddenly halted his sentence.

“Especially when she… what” Lilith urged him to continue.

Leo took a deep breath and sighed, “Nina… She reminds me of my sister, and when I think about her, I wonder if my family still exists in this world as well.”

“Why wouldnt they exist If they existed in your world, then they should also—”

“Because in my world, my family is dead.” Leo suddenly interrupted.

“Huh” Liliths eyes widened with surprise, unsure of what to say after hearing such a thing.-

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