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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 125: Until Graduation

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Chapter 125: Until Graduation

“By the way, what grade are the Elders rings” Leo asked her a moment later.

“Around 15,000,” she said, and she continued, “They would be two to three times higher if I had the whole set, though.”

“I see…” Leo mumbled.

“Anyways, I will speak with the Headmistress about your situation and see if she can assist you in any way regarding the Elders legacy. The results for the training course wont be announced for another 14 days, so you can just relax until then. You deserve a good rest after all that.” Camille said to him a moment later.

However, Leo shook his head, “No, I am going to practice my magic. I had plenty of rest on my way back to the city.”

Leo left the infirmary shortly after and made his way to the Training Center. Meanwhile, Camille went to look for Eve in her office.

“And thats all I have to say.” Nina had just finished recalling her experience in the Wilderness Training Course for Headmistress Eve.

“It seems to me that you have skipped over a substantial amount of details, Nina. Youre telling me to believe that youd managed to acquire this many points just from clearing a monsters nest and spending a few days inside some cave” Eve asked her with a serious frown on her face.

“That is correct.” Nina calmly nodded.

Besides what transpired inside the cave— how they discovered the Elders legacy, Nina told Eve about everything else.

“One more question. Why do you have zero points” Eve then asked her.

“I gave them all to Leo at the end of the training course.”ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

“Why would you do something like that You know that if your individual ranking is low enough, it could affect your academy scores.”

“Something like that wont matter to me because I will be leaving the academy.”

Eves eyes widened after hearing her words, “What Why do you want to leave the academy so suddenly Did something happen”

Besides Leo, Nina was the only dark magic user in the whole academy, and she was a witch, so it would be a huge loss to the academy if she left.

“I have my own reasons for leaving the academy, and it has nothing to do with the academy or the people in it.”

“You only have 3 years left in the academy before your graduation. Cant you reconsider and stay for a little longer It makes no sense why you would spend so much effort and time in the academy just to leave 3 years before your graduation. Youve been a student in this academy since you were 13 years old, right If theres anything we can do to help you…”

“I want to become a full-time Adventurer.” Nina suddenly said.

“Adventurer Most of the students in the academy are Adventurers as well. You dont need to leave the academy just to become an Adventurer.”

“I am well aware of that, but I wish to travel the world and improve my own strength as fast as possible, as Id realized just how weak I truly am during the training course.”

“If you wish to get stronger, we have plenty of qualified and experienced instructors to help you.”

“Its not the same, Headmistress. The difference between training in a safe environment and out in the Wilderness where you can die at any moment is completely different. Im sure you already know this, or else we wouldnt have the Wilderness Training Course.” pᴀɴda nᴏvel

Eve couldnt argue with Ninas logic, as what she said was true. Those that risk their lives in the Wilderness will naturally grow much faster than those that trained inside a city where one doesnt need to worry about being swarmed by monsters.

“Please dont make it harder for me to leave, Headmistress. I am already having second thoughts.” Nina sighed a moment later with a bittersweet smile on her face.

Eve raised an eyebrow at her words.

After pondering for a moment, Eve spoke, “How about this You can become a full-time Adventurer and stop attending school as though youre no longer a student, but I want you to remain as a student in papers, so in three years, youll still be able to graduate. This also means youll keep your current benefits as a student of this academy.”

“Huh Why would you do that for me The academy wont benefit from doing such a thing.” Nina asked with a tilted head.

“Are you sure about that If you become a renowned Adventurer, our academy will definitely benefit from it since youre our student.” Eve said with a smile on her face.

“Plus, even if you are planning on leaving the academy, it doesnt mean the academy should stop supporting you. Do you know how many people that have left or graduated from the academy still request assistance from us As long as you werent kicked out of the academy for doing something bad, we will always be by your side.”

“Anyways, when do you plan on leaving the academy” Eve then asked.

Nina responded in a low voice that was barely audible.

“I see… If that is your decision, then best of luck to you, Nina.” Eve mumbled.

Sometime later, Camille knocked on the door.

“Its me.”

“Come inside.”

Camille opened the door to see Nina sitting on the couch across from Eve.

“Should I come back later”

“Its fine, Miss Camille. I was just about to leave.” Nina said as she stood up.

She bowed to Eve and said, “Thank you for everything, Headmistress.”

“I am merely doing my job.” She smiled.

“Miss Camille, thank you for everything as well.” Nina gave her a polite bow before leaving the office.

“…” Camille could sense a lonely feeling coming from Ninas back, and she couldnt quite understand why.

After closing the door and locking it, Camille sat where Nina just sat on the couch and said, “I just spoke with Leo. Youre going to want to listen to this.”

ραꪒⅆα-ꪒꪫꪥꫀ​ꪶ​ “Wait.” Eve sealed the room with magic to make sure their conversation wouldnt be leaked.

“Alright, go ahead.”

Camille nodded, and she proceeded to recall everything that Leo had told her to Eve, whose face would become more dazed as she listened to the shocking details of Leos adventure with Nina.

“Elders legacy, huh… To think theyd discover something so groundbreaking…” Eve rubbed her eyes and sighed after hearing the whole story.

“Im confident that Leo wont run his mouth about the Elders legacy to anyone, but Im not so sure about Nina Wraith…” Camille said.

Eve smiled and said, “If youre worried about her telling anyone, you dont need to.”

“Why do you seem so confident about that” Camille raised an eyebrow.

“Because she didnt say anything about it when I pressured her to tell me everything about her experience. She mentioned the cave, but she never once mentioned anything about the Elders legacy. Also, as weird as this may sound, Nina is a good girl. I trust her.”

“If you say so… Anyways, what should we do about the Elders legacy and Leo” Camille then asked.

“Well… What did Leo say he wants to do” Eve asked.

“He said he wants to chase after it.”

“If thats his decision, then I guess we can only assist him to the best of our abilities. After all, its not like we can convince him to not covet the Elders treasures when we would do the same if we were in his shoes.” Eve smiled.

And she continued, “With that being said, hes still too weak to do anything right now, much less chase after the Elders legacy that will surely be filled with danger. Therefore, until he graduates in three years, I will be helping him prepare through training.”

“Of course, you can also help if you want. I dont want you to think that I am trying to steal your Leo from you.” Eve chuckled with a teasing look on her face.

“What nonsense are you saying Leo is just a student, and hes 7 years younger than me.” Camille frowned.

“Its only 7 years. There are plenty of couples out there that are 20 years apart.” Eve shrugged.

“Regardless, I dont see Leo like that.”

“Whatever you say, Camille. Anyways, what is Leo doing right now” Eve asked her a second later.

“He said hes going to practice his magic, so he should be in the Training Center.”

“How diligent. I guess I can give him a few days of rest before we start our training.”

“What are you going to do about the training course The teachers are questioning his points.” Camille suddenly asked.

“Let them question it. If they truly have a problem with it, they will come to me, and I will deal with it then.” Eve casually shrugged.

“Youre always so carefree…” Camille sighed.

Meanwhile, Leo was lying on his bed inside his room, his gaze fixated on the Magic System as he pondered what he should spend his nearly 20,000 Magic Points on.

‘Since I have 20,000 Magic Points, Im going to increase my mana regeneration, which will allow me to spam magic spells more often. Unless I need to, I wont increase my mana capacity since it will naturally increase as I use magic. As for my magic power… I guess it doesnt hurt to have more.

‘After buying these two options for 12,000 Magic Points, I will need 4 thousand more to increase the level of my Magic Shop, which will hopefully unlock more options. Maybe I should just gamble these points on passive skills…

Sometime later, Leo purchased Increase Mana Regeneration and Increase Magic Power from the Magic Shop.-

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