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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 129: Liliths Request

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Chapter 129: Liliths Request

After learning Dark Mist, Leo had the irresistible urge to test it out.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The following moment, his body would discharge these black-colored mist that would quickly fill the entire training room within seconds.

Leo was surprised by how quickly the room filled up and said, “This will definitely obstruct the enemies vision, but wont this affect my own vision as well as my teammates if I had any”

“You dont have to worry about that. You cant tell right now because there are no enemies, but you will be able to sense and locate any enemy within the Dark Mist even with your eyes closed, almost as if they are all dancing in your palms. The same goes for your teammates.”

“I see…”

After letting Leo play with his new magic spell for a few minutes, Lilith said, “Alright, lets move onto your next magic spell.”

“Im ready!” Leo eagerly said.

“Since you just learned a debuff magic spell, its time to learn one that buffs instead.” Lilith said as she showed him another magic circle, but this one had an additional ring, making it six rings in total.

“Six magic rings… Tier 6 magic spell” Leo swallowed nervously.

“Thats right. Youve been wanting to learn one for a while now, right”ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

He nodded, “Wait a minute.”

He then opened up the Quest Shop and purchased the quest that requires him to learn a Tier 6 magic spell for 1,000 Magic Points.

[Learn Tier 6 Magic Spell]

[Reward: 5,000 Magic Points]


He began trying to memorize the magic circle afterward.

An hour and half later.

[ 5,000 Magic Points] pᴀɴda nᴏvel

[Dark Aura]

[Affinity: Dark]

[Tier: 6]

[Mana: 20,000]

[Mastery Rank: F]

[Description: While affected by Dark Aura, increase Magic Power by 50%, Cast Speed by 10%, Magic Resistance by 15%, and Immunity to Dark Debuffs. Consumes 1,000 mana every second after activation.]

[Limit: 1]

“Dark Aura is a very powerful buff that will increase your combat prowess by a significant amount as long as its active, and the buff effect will increase as you level up its Mastery Rank.” Lilith explained to him.

“It needs 20,000 mana to cast and another 1,000 mana every second afterward, which is quite heavy on the mana consumption. By the way, can I give this buff to others” Leo asked.

“You can buff yourself or others. Just know that there is a limit to how many people you can buff at a time. Of course, that number increases as you increase its Mastery Rank.”

Leo turned to look at his total mana.

[Mana: 27,019/27,019]

‘Looks like I might need that increase mana capacity sooner than I anticipated… He thought to himself.

ραꪒⅆα-ꪒꪫꪥꫀ​ꪶ​ Sometime later, Lilith said, “Now that you have a buffing and debuffing magic spell, lets learn one for utility.”

She showed him another Tier 6 magic circle.

Sometime later—

[Shadow Clone]

[Affinity: Dark]

[Tier: 6]

[Mana: 25,000]

[Mastery Rank: F]

[Description: Summons a Shadow Clone of yourself that will repeat all of your dark magic spells, dealing 50% of your damage. Lasts 30 seconds.]

[Limit: 1]

“Shadow Clone, huh”

“Thats right! Shadow Clone will create a clone of yourself and repeat any magic spells that you cast. The higher the Mastery Rank, the more powerful your clone will be, and you could even summon more than one at a time. The only downside is that it will only work for dark magic.” Lilith said.

“Even if its just dark magic, its plenty powerful.” Leo said.

He summoned his Shadow Clone a moment later.

“Wow, this is really neat.” Leo walked around the Shadow Clone as it stood there menacingly.

He tested it out by casting several magic spells like Black Bullet and Void Spear, and the Shadow Clone would repeat all of his magic spells a second later.

“Im starting to think Dark Magic is overpowered compared to other elements.” Leo said afterward.

Lilith smiled and said, “Theres a reason why vampires rule the majority of the world, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyways, whats the next spell There should still be one more, right A damage dealing one.” Leo then asked.

Lilith nodded, “Yes, theres still one more. However, before I give it to you, Id like to make a request.”

“What kind of request As long as I can do it…”

“I would like to request for an increase in the mana supply you give me. I am currently taking about 100 mana from you every second, right If youre willing to increase it to 200, Id be over the moon.” Lilith said.

“Increase your mana supply I dont really mind since youve been really helpful, but what will that do I thought 100 mana is enough to keep your soul healthy” He asked.

She nodded, “It is enough. However, since I have the opportunity, I would like to increase the strength of my soul, which will increase the chances of me regaining my body when I have the opportunity. Furthermore, the stronger my soul, the more I can do to help you, which means more benefit. Of course, this is all up to you, and it is not like I am trying to bribe you or anything like that. Even if you refuse to increase the mana supply, I will still teach you the magic spell.”

“I dont mind. How much do you want to increase it to” Leo said after pondering for a moment.

Since he had plenty of mana regeneration, he could spare some for Lilith, who has been a massive help to him. And if helping Lilith strengthen her soul could benefit him as well, it only made sense to help her.

“Im not asking for much. Id like to receive 200 mana instead of 100, but if thats too much, 150 would do— Hell, even 125 would do.” Lilith said.-

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