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Chapter 130: Plague of Destruction

“200 mana, right I dont mind, but how do I give you more mana” Leo said a moment later.

“Are you sure you want to increase the mana supply to 200 If so, I will request for it through the Slave Mark.” Lilith said.

“Huh You can do something like that” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. Like this…”

“Accept.” Leo calmly said.


[Mana Regeneration: 1625]

Now instead of recovering 1525 mana every second, he only recovers 1425 every second, which is still more than he really needed.

“Thank you, Leo!” Lilith was all smiles as she could feel more mana flowing into her soul.

“Hey, Lilith.”ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

“Whats up”

“Lets increase the mana to 300 a second.”

“Huh” Liliths eyes widened with surprise after hearing his words, not daring to believe her ears.

“Did you just say that youll increase the mana supply to 300, or was I just hearing things” She asked him for confirmation.

“You heard right. Three hundred.”


He smiled and said, “As youd said, the stronger your soul, the more youll be able to assist me, right Also, its just an additional 100 mana. I have plenty of mana regeneration right now so it really wont affect me too much. Furthermore, this is my way of returning the favor to you, since these magic spells youre teaching me are probably worth a fortune, and losing a little mana regeneration is a cheap price to pay if it keeps you happy.”

Liliths mouth was slightly open after she listened to Leos words.

After snapping out of her daze a moment later, a small but sweet smile appeared on her face.

“Thank you, Leo.”

pᴀɴda nᴏvel



Lilith suddenly flew at him with her lips slightly pouted.


Before Leo could even react, Lilith gave him a big kiss on the cheeks.

“Huh” Leos eyes widened with shock after the kiss, but it was not because Lilith suddenly decided to kiss him.

He gently touched the location Lilith had just kissed and looked at her with wide eyes.

“I… I felt that kiss just now… Albeit subtle, I felt the sensation of your lips on my cheeks… Was it just my imagination, or…”

Lilith nodded with a bright smile on her face, “It wasnt your imagination. As my soul grows stronger, which is my entire body that youre looking at right now, I will slowly regain my ability to touch you. With that being said, that kiss just now required a lot of mana and energy, so I wont be able to do it too often.”

A smug suddenly appeared on her face, and she winked at him in a seductive manner, “When my soul is strong enough to touch you with ease, I will be able to give you all kinds of special service using my body, and well be able to fulfill any desire you may have… together!”

Leo looked at her with a weird expression.

“You want me to do that kind of stuff with a ghost People will think I am insane!”

“How will people find out if you dont tell them” Lilith chuckled.

Leo was speechless.

“E-Either way, I am not going to do that kind of stuff with you even if your soul is strong enough, so you can stop thinking about it. Why are we even talking about this Lets get back on topic!” Leo said with a slightly rosy face, clearly embarrassed by the topic.

“How cute.” Lilith chuckled at his reaction. “You may refuse me now, but once you realize my true charms, youll beg me to do it every day!”

“Anyways, since you were so generous with the mana supply, I will go above and beyond with this next magic spell!”

Lilith showed him the next magic spell.

Leo quickly cleared his mind and began trying to memorize it.

Two hours later, Leo took a deep breath.

[Plague of Destruction]

[Affinity: Dark]

[Tier: 6]

[Mana: 30,000]

[Mastery Rank: F]

[Description: Purge the battlefield with chaos. Enemies enveloped by the Plague of Destruction will be exposed to Greater Defense Down and Mana Erosion. Enemies will take damage every second they are within the Plague of Destruction]

[Greater Defense Down: Decreases defense by 50%]

[Mana Erosion: Decreases mana by 1% every second]

“Wow! This magic spell seems amazing!” Leo exclaimed after seeing its effects.

“The only thing is that I dont have enough mana to cast it. Actually, you know what Since I have plenty of Magic Points, Ill increase my mana capacity right now.”

Leos eyes widened after seeing the results.

‘100,000 mana!

With this new upgrade, his total mana increased to 127,019.

However, even though he had enough mana to cast Plague of Destruction, Leo didnt dare to actually release such a powerful magic spell inside the academy, so he could only save his excitement until a later date.

“What do you think of these new spells, Leo” Lilith suddenly asked them.

“Theyre great.” He said.

A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Liliths face, and she spoke, “Im glad to hear that you enjoy your new magic spells, but I am not done yet, Leo. I still have one more magic spell that I want to teach you. However, I must warn you, this magic spell is unlike the others and is incredibly powerful and one-of-a-kind in our current world. Just like Mana Drain, its not a magic spell that you can use publicly.”

Leo swallowed nervously before asking, “What kind of magic is it”

The smile on Liliths face grew wider as she spoke in a calm yet chilling tone, “A magic spell that doesnt belong to any Tier— Ancient Magic.”-

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