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Chapter 139: C-Rank Passive Skills

‘E-Rank passive skills are limited to just five, huh

Now that hes purchased all of the E-Rank passive skills, he quickly moved onto the D-Rank passive skills.

[Potion Expert: All potions have 100% increased effect]

‘So D-Rank is also limited to five passive skills.

He now wondered if C-Rank passive skills are also limited to five.

‘The D-Rank passive skills that I have acquired are already really good. I wonder what C-Rank and above would give me…

Fortunately for him, he still had plenty of Magic Points to spare.


[Magic Projectiles: All magic projectiles will automatically home in on the nearest enemy within 10 meters of the projectile]pᴀɴᴅᴀ-.ᴄᴏᴍ

Leos eyes widened when he saw this new passive skill.

‘Does this mean my Black Bullet and Void Spear will never miss if its within 10 meters of the enemy This is quite overpowered… Leo swallowed nervously as he imagined his magic attacks following its target.

After taking a deep breath, he purchased more C-Rank Passive Skills.

[Boss Slayer: Damage dealt to bosses increased by 35%]

[Monster Assessment: Allows you to assess the difficulty of all monsters at glance]

Leo was surprised to see that hed run out of C-Rank passive skills after just buying three of them.

‘Boss Slayer will help me when I fight bosses. As for Monster Assessment, I guess it can help me decide whether to fight a monster in the Wilderness if I dont recognize it.

Leo looked at the amount of Magic Points he had left.

‘I have 55 thousand Magic Points left. I can either increase my fire magic affinity to S-Rank, or I can gamble it on a B-Rank passive skill.' pᴀɴᴅᴀ ɴoᴠᴇʟ

In the end, he decided to purchase more passive skills since it would be suspicious if his fire magic affinity increases to S-Rank so quickly.

After taking a deep breath, he purchased a B-Rank passive skill for the first time.

[Weakening Aura: All enemies within 20 meters will be weakened by 15%, When weakened, they will deal less damage, have less defenses, and become slower.]

‘What a powerful passive skill! Leo cried inwardly when he saw this new passive skill.

Leo was finally satisfied with his passive skills. Of course, he could still afford another B-Rank passive skill, but he wanted to buy artifacts now, which will have a more direct effect for him.

With his artifacts, he had two options. One, to fully gear himself in E-Grade artifacts, or to purchase the cheapest artifacts in the Artifact Shop so that the shop levels up and starts selling D-Rank artifacts.

After pondering for some time, Leo decided to purchase the cheapest options in order to increase the Artifact Shops level, which will grant him more access to better artifacts.

‘I only need to purchase 7 E-Grade artifacts to level up the shop.

After spending some time looking through the Artifact Shop, Leo made his purchases.

[Steel Gauntlets: Boost to strength]

[Steel Chainmail: Boost to physical defense and magical defense] ρꪖꪕᦔꪖꪕꪫꪣꫀ​ꪶ​

[Steel Boots: Boost to stamina and defenses]

[Wolfs Cape: Increase magic damage mitigation by 3%]

[Steel Helmet: Increase physical damage mitigation by 3%]

[Silver Mana Regeneration Ring: Increase mana regeneration by 10]

[Silver Mana Regeneration Ring: Increase mana regeneration by 10]

Leo had spent 2,650 Magic Points on these 7 E-Grade Artifacts.


Leo opened up the Artifact Shop to see the changes.

After looking through it, he noticed an additional change besides the D-Grade Artifacts. The [Progress] was gone, and it was replaced with [Level up Artifact Shop: 9,000 Magic Points]

Indeed, he no longer had to purchase artifacts to level up the store. Instead, he can directly increase the level with Magic Points.

Leo decided to ignore the D-Grade artifacts and purchased the next level for the Artifact Shop.

[Level up Artifact Shop: 100,000 Magic Points]

Now that the Artifact Shop sold C-Grade artifacts, Leo went straight to the weapons and ignored everything else for now.

‘I have 23 thousand Magic Points right now, but these weapons cost 10 to 20 thousand Magic Points.

After pondering for many minutes, Leo made his decision.

‘Alright! I have decided! Since I will be using fire magic more frequently, I will buy this artifact!

[Phoenix Sword: Increases Sword Damage by 125% and Sharpness by 100%. When your weapon is imbued with Fire Element, effects are doubled.]

Although the Phoenix Sword had cost him 17,000 Magic Points, he believed that it was worth it.

‘All of my Magic Points are gone in the blink of an eye… he sighed inwardly after seeing that he only had 6,000 Magic Points left.

Sometime later, he asked Lilith, “Hey, how do I imbue my weapon with an element”

“Its just like imbuing your weapon with mana, but instead of imbuing it with pure mana like you usually would, you mix your magic affinity with it.”

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴoᴠᴇʟ “Is that so Let me try it…”

Leo retrieved his sword and proceeded to inject his mana into it. However, he was having trouble adding his magic affinity to it, as he wasnt sure how to do it.

“Close your eyes.” Lilith suddenly said to him.

When he closed his eyes, she continued, “Take a deep breath.”

“Now recall the feeling you get right before you cast a magic spell. Lets imagine casting Black Bullet for now.”

“Do you feel it” She asked him a moment later.

“I do.”

“Now transfer that feeling into the sword.”

“Great. Now open your eyes.”

When Leo opened his eyes, he looked at his sword, and to his surprise, there was a black aura around it.

“This is…”

“Congratulations. Your weapon is now imbued with the dark element.” Lilith said to him with a smile on her beautiful face.-

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