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Chapter 141: Sparring With Camille(2)

Once Leo and Camille replenished their energy and mana, they prepared for their second round of spar.

‘Even though I have learned so many new magic spells, I am not able to use them in this fight… Leo sighed inwardly, feeling a little disappointed.

“Are you ready yet” Camille suddenly asked him.

“Yes.” He quickly nodded.

“Then the fight will begin the moment you cast your first spell. I wont do anything until you do.” Camille said to him.

A serious expression appeared on Leos face the next moment. Then, he cast Void Spear before quickly overcharging it.

Camille suddenly felt her body weakening again. Her eyes widened when she noticed how fast the mana from his Void Spear was growing.

‘Not good! She immediately began casting a defensive spell.


Leo tossed the overcharged Void Spear at Camille the next second.


The entire building shook when the Void Spear exploded directly at where Camille was located.

When the smoke settled, Leo could see a spherical golden barrier surrounding Camilles body.

‘That was close… Camille sighed in relief inwardly. However, when she took a closer look at her barrier, she could see subtle cracks spread throughout the whole thing.

‘Unbelievable… To think his Tier 2 Void Spear can do so much damage to my Tier 5 Holy Shield…

While Camille was surprised, Leo prepared to multicast Black Bullet.

Compared to Void Spear, Black Bullet had more penetration power.

“Heads up, Miss Camille!” Leo decided to warn her before unleashing over 50 Black Bullets at her direction, and due to his Double Cast passive skill, each individual Black Bullet had a chance to be duplicated, so he ended up releasing 66 Black Bullets.

Camille hastily cast another Holy Shield.

However, even though shed managed to cast the spell on time, it was unable to deal with the dozens of Black Bullets that collided with the barrier.

Camille tried to dodge the projectiles after her barrier was riddled with holes, but to her shock, these Black Bullets followed her, almost as though they had turned into homing missiles.

Eventually, the Black Bullets reached her body.

Thanks to the magic in the room, the Black Bullets did not bore holes in her body, but they were still quite painful, as if she had been shot while wearing a bulletproof vest.

‘What was that just now His Black Bullets followed my movements Since when did he have such terrifying control over his magic And the amount of Black Bullets he had to control…”

Camille swallowed nervously as she looked at Leo, who had stopped casting magic the moment he managed to reach her with his magic.

Even she wouldnt be able to control 66 Black Bullets to chase after her opponent.

“Are you okay, Miss Camille! Did I go overboard!” Leo asked her as he approached her.

“Im fine. Anyways, when did you learn how to control your magic like that I dont remember teaching you that yet. You really caught me off guard there.” She asked him.

“Uhh… It came naturally, I guess…”

Although he didnt mind telling Camille about the Magic System, he still thinks it would be for the best if he didnt reveal all of its functions to her— for both of their sakes.

“Not bad. I have to admit, even I wouldnt be able to control so many projectiles at once. And its not just your control. Even your magic power is terrifying, especially considering that youve only been in this world for 3 months. If you ask me, I dont think you need to learn any stronger magic spells. In fact, Im afraid to teach you. If your Tier 1 and Tier 2 magic spells are already this powerful, I cannot imagine what you can do with Tier 3 and above magic spells…”

“I-Is that so…” Leo was a little taken aback by Camilles praises, as he was used to her undermining his achievements. This is the first time shes openly praising him to such an extent.

“Why are you looking at me like that Dont worry, I will still teach you stronger magic spells.” Camille said when she saw his face, misunderstanding the reason for it.

And she continued, “But since youll be focusing on your fire magic affinity, I will let the Headmistress teach you fire magic for now.”

“Okay.” He nodded.

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴoᴠᴇʟ “Anyways, lets continue. You may have won that round, but now that I know what youre capable of, you wont be able to take me by surprise any more.” Camille said a moment later with a serious look on her face.

Clearly, she did not expect to lose to Leo in such a manner, and as someone who hated losing, she will definitely want to get revenge.

“Sure…” Leo nodded with a stiff smile on his face.

The two of them would start their third round shortly after.

Over the next three hours, they fought each other 9 times, and in these 9 matches, Leo lost all of them, and brutally, at that.

“Hey, Leo, isnt it about time you tell me” Camille suddenly said to him.

“Huh Tell you what” Leo looked genuinely puzzled by her question.

She frowned and said, “Are you secretly using an artifact or something to weaken me Every time we start fighting, I can feel my body becoming weaker. However, whenever we stop fighting, my strength returns.”

Leo quickly realized the situation and said, “O-Oh… Thats due to the Magic System…”

“What! I thought the Magic System could only affect you! If it can affect other people… I dont even want to think about the possibilities! As powerful as it is, it could also be very dangerous!”

“I dont think we have to worry about that. It only affects myenemy.” He said.

Camille pondered for a moment before speaking, “Either way, is there any way for you to turn it off If you start training with the Headmistress, she will definitely realize it, or do you plan on telling her about the Magic System as well”

“No, I dont… At least not yet.” Leo quickly shook his head, and he continued, “Let me try to turn it off. I never tried.”

He opened the Magic System and began pondering.

“Magic System, turn off passive skill Weakening Aura.” He mumbled.


“Oh I think it worked.” Leo said to Camille afterward.

“Lets fight again to make sure,” she said.


The two of them went for another round of sparring, and sure enough, Camille didnt feel her body getting weaker throughout the whole fight.

“Okay, it works. Make sure you turn it off whenever you train with the Headmistress.”

“I know.” He nodded.

Camille looked at the time a moment later and said, “Its getting late. Lets eat something and go to sleep.”

“Where are we going to eat Are you going to cook” He asked her with an anticipating look.

“No. Were going to eat MREs.” She immediately said.

“Huh! I have to eat MREs even in the academy!” He truly didnt expect this.

“Oh! I still have some high-quality MREs that I purchased for the Wilderness Training Course!” He quickly remembered this fact.

Camille shook her head and said, “The Headmistress also prepared high-quality MREs for us, anyway.”

“Oh…” Leo was relieved to hear this. If its high-quality MREs, he wouldnt mind eating them even in the academy since he was fond of their quality and taste.-

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