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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 143: Training With Eve

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Chapter 143: Training With Eve

When Eve returned to her living quarters, it was just right after lunchtime.

“I was wondering if youll ever return.” Leo said when he saw her entering the training room.

“I was wondering the same thing. I havent had a wink of sleep for 9 days now. Hell, I didnt even get to step outside my office once during these days. Its been a while since Ive been worked to the bones in such a manner.” Eve said with a smile on her face.

“Why dont you go rest Our training can wait until youve recovered your energy.” Leo said to her.

“I appreciate your consideration, but youre underestimating me, Leo. I have gone weeks without sleep before, so this much is nothing to me, and we only have a little under a month left before the tournament.”

“Is that so…”

“Anyways, now that I am here, were going to start training, and were going to focus on your fire magic first.”

Eve turned to look at Camille and said to her, “I will take over from here. Thank you, Camille. If I need you, I will call you.”

She nodded, “Then I will leave Leo in your care.”

She turned to look at Leo and showed him a mysterious smile, “Good luck, and try your best to survive.”

“Eh” Leos eyes widened with surprise after hearing her words.

But before he could say anything, Camille left the training room, leaving Leo alone with Eve, who had a sadistic smile on her face.

“Before we begin our training, I want to see how strong you are with magic, and its been a month since we last sparred, so I have high expectations.” Eve said to him a moment later.

“Any rules” He asked.

“Nope. We will begin the moment you cast your first spell.” She said.

“Then I wont hold back!”

Leo immediately cast Void Spear and threw it at her in less than a second.

Eves eyes widened with surprise when she saw how quickly Leo had cast the spell and how much mana it contained. Furthermore, hed managed to silently cast it, something that requires months of practice.

Right when the Void Spear was about to hit her, Eve suddenly flicked her arm.


A muffled explosion resounded as she used Mana Blast to deflect the Void Spear.

Her movement was so fluid and swift that it surprised Leo.

“Not bad, Leo! Not bad at all!” A wide grin appeared on Eves face as a flame whip materialized in her grasp.

“A whip! What happened to your sword!” Leo exclaimed when he saw her choice of weapon, which gave him a sense of dread.

“Whats wrong with a whip I actually prefer the whip over the sword. Its much more flexible and has a longer range, not to mention the sensation of hitting someone is more impactful than a sword.” Eve said as she cracked her whip, creating a small sea of fire right beside her.

‘This sadist… Leo swallowed nervously.

“Here I come, Leo!” Eve warned him before she started making her move.

Leo didnt hesitate to draw some distance between them with Void Step.

However, Eve would somehow always manage to chase after him and get closer, almost as though she could predict where he was going to Void Step.

Seeing this, Leo began casting magic spells while using Void Step.

He started with just a few Black Bullets to trick Eve into thinking that was all he was capable of.

A few Black Bullets later, Leo multicasts over 50 Black Bullets.

“What!” Eve was definitely taken by surprise by the amount of Black Bullet hed managed to multicast. However, what surprised her the most was how these Black Bullets changed direction when she dodged them.


All of the Black Bullets managed to strike Eve.

However, once the dust settled, Leo realized that Even was unharmed, and she was even engulfed in a fiery aura, looking as though her body was on fire.

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴoᴠᴇʟ “Not bad… You almost got me there just now.” The smile on Eves face grew wider as she started understanding Leos true potential.

Leo felt a shiver travel down his back when he saw her smile, and he immediately started chucking Void Spears at her.

Several Void Spears later, Leo had managed to take Eve by surprise once again when his Double Cast passive skill activated, sending two Void Spears at Eve instead of one.


Eve blocked the first Void Spear with Mana Blast and tried to dodge the second one. However, just like the Black Bullets, the Void Spear followed her.


The room shook slightly when the Void Spear reached Eve and exploded.

“Leo… How did you do that just now” Eve asked him a moment later when she emerged from the smoke.

“Do what” Leo asked with a genuinely puzzled face.

“You threw one Void Spear, but two came out. How did you achieve that Although Void Spear is a projectile like Black Bullet, Void Spear requires you to throw it so you cannot multicast it like you do with Black Bullet, yet youve somehow managed to do it.”

‘Oh **… Leo immediately realized his mistake.

“Sorry, but I dont know. It just happened.” He tried acting ignorant.

Eve narrowed her eyes at him, but she didnt continue to question him.

“Lets continue!” Eve said the next moment.

The two of them would spend the next two hours sparring with each other. Of course, Eve was just testing Leos limit and capabilities, so she didnt even try to defeat him, or else he wouldve lost multiple times already.

Once Eve had a good grasp of Leos prowess, she quickly ended the fight by overpowering Leo with her magic spells.

“Youve exceeded my expectations, Leo. I wouldve never guessed that you were just an ordinary person a few months ago if you didnt tell me. Both your magic power and casting speed is quite ridiculous. In fact, I dare say that you have the fastest casting speed amongst the students in this entire academy. As for your magic power, youre probably top 3.” Eve said to Leo, who was lying on the floor with a terrified look on his face, as hed just experienced a terrifying magic spell that left him utterly defeated.-

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