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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 148: A New Teacher

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Chapter 148: A New Teacher

“Alright, Ill stop bothering you now that I am satisfied with your training results. I was hoping that youd be strong enough to fight me properly in a year or two, but youve managed to do so in just two months. I cannot wait to see what else you can achieve in the next few months, Leon.” Khrome said to him.

“Also, thanks for letting me see the pipsqueak despite the situation, Saintess.” Khrome thanked her next before leaving the academy.

Once Khrome left, Leo asked, “Hey, Miss Camille… Do you think theres a chance that Khrome would…”

Camille turned to look at him with a calm expression and spoke, “Is there a chance that hed try to assassinate you Of course, theres a chance. Nothing is impossible. However, I highly doubt it. First of all, hes not smart enough to do something like that. Im not calling him stupid, but hes the straightforward type, and he genuinely hates snooping around, especially if you consider his background.”

“His background” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“His family was murdered in the middle of the night during a robbery. The robbers silently entered his home, killed his parents, looted the house, and disappeared into the night.”

“How did he survive” Leo couldnt help but ask.

If they killed his parents, it wouldnt make sense to leave any witnesses.pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ0ᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ

“He escaped death by not being at home. He was training in a nearby park, and he was only 9 years old then.” Camille said.

“Nine years old and hes already training in the middle of the night” Leo was speechless.

“Which is harder Training with Khrome or with the Headmistress” Camille suddenly asked.

“Definitely the Headmistress. Shes more ruthless than Khrome.”

Sometime later, Leo returned to Eve and resumed his training.

Meanwhile, several miles away from the Four Witches Academy, a beautiful young girl with a doll-like face calmly stared at her butler.

“According to my investigation, Leons background is unknown. He appeared out of the blue about a month before coming here with the Saintess acting as his sponsor. I have tried everything, but that is all I can find even with our resources. Furthermore, it appears that Leon hasnt been seen for over a month now after visiting us, almost as though hed disappeared from this world. This is probably due to an assassination attempt on him during his first mission.” The butler of the Scarlet Family read the reports to his Young Lady, Lia Scarlet. pᴀɴᴅᴀ ɴ0ᴠᴇʟ

“Assassination Who is responsible for this” Lia asked with a cold expression on her face.

“This person didnt leave any clue behind so we have no idea. The Saintess also made a big deal out of it at the Adventurers Bureau when she found out, causing quite the commotion there.”

Sometime later, Lia said to Edwin, “Leave all of the reports here before you leave.”

“Yes, Young Lady. Excuse me.” Edwin neatly placed all of the information hed researched on Leon on the table before leaving her room, which was no longer surrounded by metal.

Once she was alone, Lia picked up a picture of Leons face and silently stared at it.

‘Almost as though hed disappeared from this world, huh This could only mean one of three things. Hes either in hiding because of the assassination, hes dead, or… Leon is a disguise and not his real identity…

Of course, there was the possibility that Leon disguised himself as someone else to avoid the assassins.

‘Theres only one way to confirm this… Saintess, also known as Camille Light…

Lia called Edwin back to her room shortly after.

“Contact the Light Family. I wish to speak with Camille Light.” Lia said.

Edwin was dumbfounded when he heard Lias commands.

“My apologies, Young Lady, but that might be a bit difficult. Although the Scarlet Family and the Light Family arent enemies, were not on good terms with each other either. Furthermore, I heard Camille Light had left the Light Family, so it would be pointless to contact the Light Family. If anything, I think we should contact the academy that shes working for right now— Four Witches Academy.”

“Four Witches Academy… Thats one of the academies attending the upcoming tournament, right”

“That is correct.”

“Forget it then. I will probably see her there. If not, we will go to the Four Witches Academy.”

“I understand…” Edwin left her room shortly after.

‘Even without that brats presence, hes still corrupting the Young Ladys head. As I thought, his existence needs to be removed from this world as soon as possible! Edwin gritted his teeth in frustration.

Unfortunately for him, since Leon disappeared out of thin air, he cant do anything until Leon shows up again.

‘The moment he shows up, I will get rid of him! Edwin laughed inwardly.

Time continued to pass, and in the blink of an eye, two more weeks passed.

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ0ᴠᴇʟ “Leo! I have great news for you!” Eve greeted him with a bright smile early in the morning.

“Great news Are we going to take a break from training today” Leo immediately asked, as theyve been training for the last 3 weeks without a single day of break.

“Even better! My submission for the upcoming tournament has been approved. In other words, youre going to be participating in the tournament!”

“Oh… But how is that news I thought we already knew that I would be joining.” Leo said.

“Because I submitted you to join the Knight Tournament and the Magic Tournament, which has never happened before!”

“You what!” Leo exclaimed in a shocked voice.

“Thats right. The tournament consists of two parts— one for ordinary students that cannot use magic and one specifically for magic students, and youre going to be a participant in both. Of course, this also means I expect you to win both tournaments!”

Leo rubbed his eyes and sighed, “Im confident in winning the Magic Tournament, but the Knight Tournament… I barely practiced with my sword during the last 3 weeks…”

The smile on Eves face suddenly grew wider, and she spoke, “Thats why youll be practicing with the sword for the last week of training, and I have the perfect teacher for you.”

“If youre not going to train me, who is Miss Camille”

“Youll find out later today,” she said.-

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