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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 155: A Tingly Sensation

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Chapter 155: A Tingly Sensation

“Lady Scarlet Are you okay” The teacher in the room asked in a respectful voice when he noticed Lias unnatural movements while the other students in the room didnt even dare to look at her for some reason, almost as though they all feared her.

But without saying a single word, Lia walked out of the room.

“Lady Scarlet! Where are you going The tournament will be starting soon!” The teacher was baffled when he saw this.

“Leave the Young Lady to me.” Edwin, who served Lia even at school, said to the teacher before following Lia out of the room.

Once the Scarlet Familys presence was gone, all of the students and teachers in that waiting room released a sigh of relief, feeling as though something heavy was lifted from their chest.

It was clear that they all feared Lia Scarlet, but what terrified them the most was neither her powerful background or overwhelming talents— it was her uncontrollable bloodthirst and nonchalant demeanor that truly terrified them.

They all feared that if they looked at her wrong, she would kill them in a heartbeat, and there was nothing the teachers or school could do about it with the amount of people protecting her. That was how powerful and overwhelming Lia Scarlets presence was.

After leaving the room, Lia wandered the stadium, looking like a lost child, but in reality, she was following her instincts.

When the other people in the stadium noticed Lia, they were mesmerized by her doll-like face, but when they recognized her identity, they immediately lowered their head and bowed to her.

“Young Lady, where are you going” Edwin eventually asked her.

“Leon… I can sense Leons presence,” she spoke in a calm voice.

“What” Edwin frowned when he heard Leons name.

Lia didnt say anything else and continued to follow the tingly sensation in her body that would become stronger the closer she got to Leon— at least thats what she believed.

“That was Lia Scarlet, the monster from the Scarlet Family, right” The people that saw her mumbled to each other after she was long gone.

“Yes, that was her. Just being around her gives me the chills.”

“I heard that shes killed over a hundred students at her school because they looked at her wrong.”

“I wouldnt be surprised even if that rumor is true. Shes one crazy bitch, after all.”

Sometime later, Lia stopped moving when she encountered a certain individual in the hallway.

Edwin frowned slightly when he saw this tall beauty with black hair and violet eyes.

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ0ᴠᴇʟCamille Light… What is she doing here He wondered inwardly.

Camille also stopped moving when she noticed Lias stares, but she continued moving shortly after.

“Wait.” Lia suddenly spoke.

Camille stopped again and turned to look at her.


Although most people feared Lia and the Scarlet Family, Camille wasnt one of these people.

“Youre Camille Light, right” Lia asked for confirmation.

“Yes, I am. Why do you ask”

“Leon. Where is Leon I want to see him.” Lia asked with a nonchalant expression.

“Leon Sorry, but I dont know his whereabouts.”

“Youre lying.” Lia immediately said.

“Why would I lie to you We havent spoken in months, and just because I am his sponsor doesnt mean I am required to know about his situation all the time.”

Lias eyes narrowed slightly, her gaze oozing with killing intent.

“Please calm down, Young Lady.” Edwin suddenly interrupted, breaking the cold atmosphere.

“Miss Light, if you have any information about Leons whereabouts, please contact us. Weve been trying to reach him for a while now but to no avail.”

“And why does the Scarlet Family care so much about a mere teenager” Camille asked.

“This has nothing to do with the Scarlet Family. We just want to reward him for completing his mission.” Edwin made up some random excuse.

“Arent you supposed to let the Adventurers Guild handle the reward distribution”

“Yes, but we want to personally thank him for his effort.” Edwin said.

“Is that so Good luck. If I see or hear from Leon, I will let him know that youre looking for him.” Camille started walking again and disappeared from their sight.

“Dont mind her, Young Lady. Shes famous for her bad attitude.” Edwin said to Lia afterward.

Lia glanced at him and spoke in a calm voice, “How unusual, Edwin. Normally, you would kill anyone that dares to disrespect me. Is she that powerful”

“She is not very capable by herself, but she has connections with many influential people, which makes it difficult to deal with her. She was also known as the Golden Child of the Adventurers Guild because of her role as a healer.” Edwin explained.

“I see.” Lia didnt say anything else and continued wandering the stadium.

Eventually, she reached the room where the Four Witches Academy was staying, and her tingly sensation was the strongest there.

‘Leon… Hes here… Lia thought to herself, and without any hesitation, she reached for the door knob.

“Young Lady, please reconsider.” Edwin suddenly called out to her, halting her movements.

“Were not allowed to disturb other schools during the tournament, or we could be disqualified from the tournament. This is a very strict rule that even we cannot infringe.” He warned her.


After a moment of silence, Lia retrieved her hand, and she asked, “Which school is staying in this room”

Edwin looked at the emblem on the door plaque and spoke, “I believe the Four Witches Academy.”

“Four Witches Academy…” After engraving this name into her head, Lia turned around and started walking back to her schools room.

Edwin sighed in relief inwardly when he saw that Lia still had some self control, as he was getting worried that she might be willing to do anything to see Leon again.

Once Lia and Edwin left the scene, Lilith flew through the door and said to Leo, “You wont believe who was just outside.”

“Who” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Lia Scarlet. And it seemed like she wanted to enter this room for some reason. Do you think she knows youre here”

“How is that even possible Theres no way.” Leo immediately disregarded this possibility.

“I wouldnt be so sure about that if I were you.” Lilith chuckled, as she was confident that Lia somehow knewLeon was in the room.-

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