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Chapter 162: Four Witches Academys Second Match

After defeating the Flying Leviathan Academy, the Four Witches Academy returned to the waiting room with 4 points in total.

“Leo Magnus…” Inside the Scarlet Academys waiting room, Lia Scarlet found Leos existence particularly intriguing for some reason.

‘Leon has a dark and a wind magic affinity, but this Leo has been an ordinary person until recently, as hed consumed the Fruit of Magic Awakening and gained the power of fire magic affinity. Although their names and demeanor are similar… Lia was perplexed by this situation.

She instinctively knew that Leo was Leon since he was the only one who caught her interest amongst the other students, but everything about them suggested otherwise, and she had no evidence that they were the same person.

‘Unless Leo had managed to keep his identity a secret and fooled everyone for many years, or the Four Witches Academy is hiding him for some reason, theres no way he could be Leon…

Although shes never confronted or spoken with Leo before, she has seen him multiple times before, and the current Leo felt like a different person to her.

‘Leo, just who are you… Lia wondered inwardly.

Lia eventually stopped thinking about it. After all, she will know the truth— whether Leo and Leon are the same person— once she meets him on the stage.

Sometime later, the Four Witches Academy was called to the stage again. Since they started the tournament much earlier today, they decided to do more matches.

[Four Witches Academy] versus [Red Moon Academy]

“Oh! Look what we have here! The Four Witches Academy will be doing two matches today! Furthermore, their opponent is the Red Moon Academy, who ranked top 4 in the last tournament! This is going to be an exciting one!” Thalia spoke with excitement.

“Currently, the Red Moon Academy has 4 points, and the same goes for the Four Witches Academy! Who will come out on top after this match! Make your bets now through the app!”

Since this was a tournament, there were naturally going to be gambling involved. The rules were simple. The people put their money on the team that they think will win, and if they picked correctly, they will receive a payout.

In terms of talented students, both the Four Witches Academy and the Red Moon Academy were on equal terms with some who might argue that the Four Witches Academy is ahead by a slight amount.

During the last tournament, the Four Witches Academy ranked third whilst the Red Moon Academy ranked fourth, so it was only natural to place ones bet on the Four Witches Academy— if Leo hadnt taken up a slot for the Magic Tournaments team.

However, since the Four Witches Academy has Leo participating in the Magic Tournament, those who did not think Leo qualified would naturally think that the academy had wasted one slot, and in their eyes, it was a four versus five, so the Four Witches Academy were at a disadvantage for this tournament.

Within moments after the match was announced, 70 percent of people voted for the Red Moon Academy while only 30 percent voted for the Four Witches Academy.

“Theres no way the Four Witches Academy will win this one when theyre down one member!”

“I dont know. I have a feeling that Leo is still hiding some of his power.”

“Even if thats the case, the Red Moon Academy isnt anything like the Flying Leviathan Academy— theyre on a whole different level!”

A few minutes later, once the Four Witches Academy and the Red Moon Academy entered the stage, the audience could no longer purchase any more votes and could only wait for the match to begin.

pᴀɴᴅᴀ-ɴ0ᴠᴇʟ Once both sides were prepared, they sent out their first fighters.

“Julian Shaw.” The male knight from the Four Witches Academy greeted.

“Drake Wagner,” said his opponent.

The two of them clashed a few moments later.

A good chunk of the audience were in awe after witnessing their high-level performance. Compared to the previous matches, this one was on another level. Of course, since this is the first match between two famous schools and two fighters with equal strength, this level of standard was to be expected.

The whole fight lasted for about 7 minutes, becoming the longest match since the beginning of the tournament.

“Winner, Julian Shaw from the Four Witches Academy!” Thalia announced after he narrowly defeated his opponent.

After the fight, Julian decided to stay for the second match even though he could barely move after his first match. In his mind, he wanted to weaken the next opponent as much as he could before going down, allowing his replacement a higher chance of victory.

However, Julian didnt even last a minute in the second match.

“Cora, youll go next.” Eve said to her.

“I understand.”

“Cora Shannon.”

“Troy Crane.”

After a brief introduction, the two of them started fighting each other.

“Since the Four Witches Academy only has 2 knights for this years tournament, if she cannot defeat two opponents, they will lose one point, huh” The spectators spoke to each other while they watched the match, unaware that Leo was also a participant.

“The Four Witches Academy will definitely lose at least one point from their match with the Red Moon Academy.”


“I also think so.”

Five minutes later, the second round of the Knights Tournament was concluded.

“Winner, Troy Crane!” Thalia announced.

In the end, Cora couldnt even defeat one opponent, much less two.

After winning the match, Troy turned around and began walking off the stage without uttering a single word.

However, Cora stopped him, “Where are you going The match isnt done yet.”

“What” Troy turned to look at her with a puzzled face.

It was at this moment another figure walked onto the stage.

When Troy and the audience saw who this person was, their eyes widened with shock.

“Isnt that Leo! What is he doing on the stage!” Many people exclaimed.

“What are you doing The Magic Tournament hasnt begun yet.” Troy said after snapping out of his daze.

“Im well aware.” Leo calmly said, and he continued, “Im your next opponent.”-

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