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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 170: Ruthless

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Chapter 170: Ruthless

"If it isn't our little Mana Drain addict. I wonder how she'll perform." Lilith said when she saw Lia's appearance.

"How powerful do you think she is" Leo asked her.

"It's hard to say, but I'm pretty confident that she's one of— if not the strongest student in this tournament."

Leo sighed out loud, "Why did she also participate in this tournament She doesn't seem like the kind of person who would care about these kinds of things."

"She's probably doing it to increase her own reputation."

"If you ask me, I say she's already famous enough. Look at how many people are cheering for her."

The tournament began shortly after.

The Knight Tournament was very exciting and fierce with both sides fighting to the bitter end. Each fight took about 10 minutes, and during this time, the fighters would try to suppress one another with barely any pauses in-between.

In the end, the Sakura Academy actually narrowly defeated the Scarlet Academy, taking their first defeat.

"Oooooooh! The Sakura Academy has managed to defeat the Scarlet Academy, becoming the first school to take a point from them! Marvelous work!"


The magic students from the Scarlet Academy looked at the knights that lost with disdain on their faces.

"A bunch of trash. How could you lose to those weaklings"

"Our Scarlet Academy lost face because of your defeat. You better prepare yourselves once we get back to the academy."

The Scarlet Academy did not take defeats lightly, and many of their students were perfectionist, which made their environment incredibly competitive and toxic. However, because of this pressure that always bore down on them, its students were levels above the other academies.

Despite this, they still lost against the Sakura Academy, which wasn't that surprising, because they were ranked first when it comes to swordsmanship.

As for the Scarlet Academy, they were the complete opposite, being first in magic and third in swordsmanship.

The Four Witches Academy was slightly behind them, being second in magic and fourth in swordsmanship.

"Lia, what do you want to do" The Headmaster of the Scarlet Family, who was also Lia's uncle, asked her.

"I will finish this quickly." She said in a nonchalant manner before she started approaching the stage, which surprised many people there, including her fellow students, as she had never gone first before.

'I will quickly end this match so that I can fight Leo sooner.' Lia thought to herself as she stepped onto the stage.

The magic students from the Sakura Academy immediately became nervous when they saw Lia's small figure standing on the stage, and none of them dared to approach the stage. Even though she casually stood there, she seemed incredibly menacing to her opponents, as they still recall her prowess in the previous tournaments.

Eventually, one of them entered the stage and stood before her.

"Jason Craft. It's an honor to exchange magic with you, Lady Scarlet." The student bowed to her in a respectful manner, hoping that she would go easy on him for it.

"Lia Scarlet," she spoke in a low but clear voice, sounding like an innocent child.

The buzzer resounded a moment later.

Jason immediately raised his wand and pointed it at Lia, but before he could even fully construct the magic circle in his head, the mana around Lia's small body distorted, and an invisible pressure bore down on Jason's body like a mountain, instantly crushing his body and forcing him to his knees.

"You have three seconds to surrender before I crush your body." Lia spoke in a cold voice.

Jason's back was soaked in cold sweat after hearing her words.

There was one thing about Lia Scarlet that everybody knew— that she wasn't someone who bluffs. If she says she will do something, she will do it without fail, no matter the consequences or risks. In fact, this is what scares people the most about Lia Scarlet.

"I-I surrender!" Jason surrendered a second later, becoming the first person to surrender in a match.

Even though the magic protecting them could protect them from sharp objects and magic, it wasn't that effective against impact damage, so Lia could, without doubt, crush him into meat paste with her gravity magic.

Lia stopped her magic the moment her opponent gave up.

When Jason returned to his fellow students, nobody there made fun of him or blamed him for losing, and they even patted him on the back to comfort him.

The second student entered the stage a moment later— only to lose the exact same way.

"You have three seconds to surrender." Lia repeated.

"I surrender!"

The audience erupted into another uproar.

"Fight her, your damn cowards!"

"If you're going to surrender, do it before the match begins to save us all time!"

In the end, Lia defeated all five opponents in less than five minutes by forcing them to surrender.

"The Scarlet Eyes is as ruthless as ever— no, she's become even more ruthless. At least she fought them properly before." The representative of the Thorns Family said with a bittersweet smile on her face.

"Defeating her opponents before they can even cast a single spell. She's truly on another level," said the Tempest Family's representative.

"She's grown so much stronger since the last tournament. The other students can't even catch up to her now." The representative of the Light Family sighed.

All of these representatives were all feeling envious of the Scarlet Family for having such a monster in their family.

"Hahaha!" The representative for the Scarlet Family merely laughed out loud, and on his face was a gleeful smile.

Meanwhile, inside the Four Witches Academy's waiting room, its participants started feeling nervous after seeing the result of the match.

"That Lia… This year is going to be really rough." John sighed.

"At this rate, she will be invincible by the next tournament." Valery shook her head with a bitter smile on her face.

Kevin turned to look at Leo and said, "If you can defeat her, I will call you Young Master."

"..." Leo was speechless, but he understood their feeling— the feeling of being helpless before a seemingly unbeatable entity.


Author's Note: As requested, I will give a bonus chapter for every super gift. The chapter will be much longer than usual, too. I will also count the super gift from yesterday, so I will release an extra chapter later today.-

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