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Chapter 177: End of the Tournament

Once he retired to his own room, Leo asked Lilith, "What do you think Are you okay with me sharing the magic spells you taught me to the Headmistress"

She nodded, "I don't mind if you share your magic spells with others, but there are some that you shouldn't share, such as the ancient magic that you're still trying to learn."

"Okay. Thanks, Lilith."

The following morning, Leo told Eve the good news, "I'm willing to share the Divine Flame Fortification with you."

"Really! Thank you, Leo! Let's deal with this after the tournament." Eve said in an excited manner.

"You have been a huge help to me, after all." He smiled.

Sometime later, they returned to the stadium for another day of the tournament.

However, because of Leo and Lia's match yesterday, the matches after them could not provoke the audience's excitement, and the stadium remained relatively calm compared to the previous few days.

Once the Four Witches Academy was called onto the stage, the audience became more active.

"Hey, even though the tournament is still ongoing and I haven't lost yet, let's stop the game here. I am already satisfied with the amount of matches I got to participate in, and I am starting to feel bad for the rest of you, who are standing out here like some kind of decoration." Leo suddenly said to the magic students.

Kevin narrowed his eyes at Leo and nodded, "You're right. I have been itching to fight for a while now, and since the purpose of that challenge was so that I could see what you're capable of, there's no reason to continue it, as I am well aware of your capabilities now."

"What about the rest of you If you don't want to fight, just say so. I won't force you to enter the stage." Leo looked at Helia and the other two.

They didn't say anything and silently nodded.

Once the match began, Cora and Julian defeated their opponents without needing Leo to step up.

Once the Magic Tournament began, Kevin entered the stage first, which surprised the audience, as they had expected Leo to enter first like the previous matches.

Kevin went on to defeat three of their opponents before switching out with Valery, who defeated the last two opponents.

The Scarlet Academy was called onto the stage three matches later, but Lia Scarlet wasn't present in their group. In fact, she had left the stadium all together and disappeared somewhere.

The following day, the tournament finally came to an end.

Thalia called the top three academies and their students onto the stage at the end of the day.

"Congratulations to our top academies this year! Ranked third, we have the Sakura Academy!"

"Ranked second, we have the Scarlet Academy!"

"And ranked first for the first time ever, we have the Four Witches Academy!"

"Let's all give them a huge applause for their effort!"

A few moments later, Thalia gave the microphone to the Headmasters and Headmistress of these schools so they could give a short speech.

"First and foremost, I would like to thank the students for their effort and the teachers for assisting these students. Without their effort, none of this would've happened." The Headmaster of the Sakura Academy said.

"Some may see this as a setback for the Scarlet Academy, but that is not the case. Although we may have lost this year's tournament, we will work harder to win the next one for sure." The Headmaster of the Scarlet Academy went next, followed by Headmistress Eve.

"This is just the beginning for the Four Witches Academy! We will continue to strive for the peak!" Headmistress Eve said.

Sometime later, these academies were handed a trophy for their respective ranks. Of course, this isn't the only reward for these academies, as their investors would increase from the tournament, which is one of the biggest incentives for these academies.

"Headmistress, what's going to happen to me now that the tournament is over" Leo asked her as they made their way back to the Four Witches Academy.

"You're going to continue training, of course." She immediately said.

"Is that so…"

Once they returned to the academy, Eve said to the students, "There will be a gathering at the auditorium tomorrow. Make sure you're there."

She then took Leo back to her living quarters.

"Now then, let's talk about the Divine Flame Fortification, shall we"

Leo smiled, "How do I share it Do you want me to draw it or something I have never done anything like that before, though."

"Don't worry, I will be the one doing the drawing. I just need you to show me the magic circle." Eve said.


Once they sat down, Leo proceeded to show her the Divine Flame Fortification magic circle.

Eve quickly began drawing the magic circle.

Several minutes later, once she was absolutely sure that there were no mistakes, Eve nodded with a satisfied look on her face, "Thank you. Now let's talk about the payment… What do you want"

Leo pondered for a moment before speaking, "I don't want money. I want mana cores— a lot of mana cores."

"Mana cores, huh Does the grades matter"

He nodded, "The higher the better."

"I understand. Is there anything else that you want What about magic artifacts"

"If it won't affect the amount of mana cores you give me, I will take a magic artifact as well."

Eve chuckled, "Okay, I got it. Give me a week."

"No problem."

"Oh, before I let you go, I have one more thing that I need to speak to you about." Eve then said.

"What is it"

"When class resumes next week, I am going to transfer you to the Elite Magic Class."

"Eh Why"

"Now that you can use magic, it wouldn't make sense to keep you in the knight class, and I want you to familiarize yourself with the other elite students since things seemed awkward between you guys during the tournament."

"That's because they don't like me. There's nothing I can do about that." He shrugged.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Eve showed a mysterious smile on her face.-

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