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Chapter 183 Meeting the Scarlet Family(3)

"First and foremost, I won't use any magic for this spar. This will reduce the risk of me accidentally killing you. I will also use no weapons, meaning that I can only use my fists." Xander spoke in a calm voice.

"Second, since I don't have much time left here, this spar will end in five minutes or when you hurt me."

"If you can hurt me before three minutes, I will give you a reward."

"I like where this is going." Leo smiled.

"Edwin, timer." Xander said without looking at him.

Edwin proceeded to take out a stopwatch and said, "I am ready."

Xander then looked at Eve and said, "I will let you start the battle, Headmistress Eve."

Eve nodded, "I will cast a fireball. The spar will begin the moment the fireball explodes."

She summoned a fireball and tossed it between them.

This fireball hovered in the air between Leo and Xander for three seconds before it exploded.


Xander's figure instantly disappeared from his location.

Leo couldn't even see where Xander had gone, and before he could react, he felt an intense pain coming from his stomach. Then he was sent flying by the impact of Xander's fist.


Leo's back slammed into the wall a moment later.

'How the hell can he move that fast without magic!' Leo cried inwardly, as it looked like Xander had teleported beside him just now.

Xander looked at his fist with a puzzled look on his face, and he spoke in a confused voice, "How did you defeat my daughter when you're so weak Did she purposefully go easy on you"

When Leo heard such words, his blood began boiling in anger.

He quickly summoned a flame wall around Xanders before blasting him with dozens of Fire Blasts.

However, Leo stopped midway when he realized that Xander had somehow escaped the Flame Wall and appeared behind him.


Leo was sent flying again after being punched in the back by Xander.

Camille and Eve watched their fight with extreme focus to make sure that Xander wouldn't kill or heavily injure Leo.

"Hey… Camille, I have a question for you…" Eve suddenly spoke in an awkward tone.

"Did you, by any chance, not teach him about mana enchantment…"


After a moment of silence, she spoke, "By the looks of it, neither did you…"

"My god. How could we have forgotten to teach him something so simple" Eve facepalmed when she realized this.

"Mana enchantment is common sense in our world, so we subconsciously thought he would know about it." Camille said.

"We've been too focused on training him with advanced techniques that we forgot the most basic ones. Looks like we still have a lot of work to do." Eve said with a bittersweet smile.

A minute later—

"Four minutes left." Edwin announced.

"Leo, he's boosting his physical capabilities with his mana. You should do the same." Lilith said to him when she saw how badly he was getting beaten.

"I wasn't taught such a thing yet!"

"It's very simple. Do you know how you feed your magic circle mana during casting Instead of feeding your magic circle, feed it to your body instead. They didn't teach you this probably because it's common sense and something everyone can naturally do."

"Maybe in this world, but it's definitely not common sense back in my world!"

Leo immediately followed Lilith's advice and began pumping mana into his body, and he suddenly felt a profound strength emerging from somewhere within his body.

"I-I can see it! I can see his movements!" Leo was pleasantly surprised when he could finally see Xander's movements.

However, even though he can now see his opponent, he was still having trouble following Xander's speed.

'More! I need more mana!'

Leo began pouring mana into his body like crazy, causing his aura to skyrocket.

"Leo! Calm down! If you overflow your body with too much mana, you could seriously injure yourself!" Lilith warned him.

'This fool! If he continues pouring so much mana into his body, he will self-destruct!' Edwin laughed inwardly when he saw this, and he silently hoped for Leo to kill himself.

However, to everyone's surprise, not only did he not overflow with mana, but he appeared to be completely fine despite having an abundant amount of mana in his body.

"The real fight starts now!" Leo roared as he rushed at Xander.

Due to the mana influencing his body, he was able to move at a speed that was multiple times quicker than before, and it looked like he'd cast Flame Dash. However, because this is his first time using mana enchantment, his control was all over the place.

"Your power is useless if you cannot control it!" Xander said as he started attacking Leo again.

While it was true that Leo couldn't control his new power at first, he quickly got the hang of it, and in less than one minute, Leo was able to block Xander's attacks.

"Three minutes left." Edwin announced.

'I have less than a minute to defeat him for a reward!'

Under this pressure, Leo started moving faster and faster, and his magic spells were also being cast faster.

'How is this guy casting spells so quickly! Just how powerful are his mental capabilities!' Xander was quite shocked by Leo's mental prowess, which is arguably the most important aspect for a magic user.

"Fifteen seconds until three minutes." Edwin announced.

When he heard this, Leo's eyes flickered with a profound light.

Then, a massive dragon head appeared behind him.

Xander's eyes widened with shock.

'Tier 7 magic!'

However, Leo didn't aim the Dragon's Breath at Xander. Instead, he aimed it at the floor, and when the dragon released its flames, it spewed all over the floor, covering the entire training room with flames. This way, Xander wouldn't have anywhere to run.

The Dragon's Breath would continue until Leo eventually ran out of mana.

Once the dragon disappeared, Leo kneeled on the floor, experiencing mana fatigue for a few seconds until he regenerated enough mana.-

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