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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 185 New Uniform

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Chapter 185 New Uniform

"What about the medallion, Master This is the first time you've given someone that young our Scarlet Medallion." Edwin then asked.

"There are two reasons why I gave him that medallion. The first one is because I lost to him. The second is to ensure that he doesn't become our enemy and joins our family in the future. As long as he has the medallion and the rumor that Lia Scarlet is his lover exists, the other families will have to think twice before they approach him." Xander said.

"Do you really plan on letting the Young Lady start a relationship with that child, Master" Edwin swallowed nervously.

"That will depend on the boy. If he becomes strong enough, I don't see a reason to refuse their relationship. In the end, it's all about making my Scarlet Family the strongest in the world, and if he can help me achieve that goal, I will give him whatever he wants, even if he wants my most precious treasure— my daughter Lia." Xander spoke with a profound smile.

'Fuck… If the Master is this interested in that bastard, there's nothing I can do about him.' Edwin sighed inwardly.

'Fortunately, I still have another bastard that I can kill. Leon… Once I find you, I will have you endure my wrath for Leo Magnus as well!'

Back at the academy, Eve said to Leo, "By the way, there are several more families that want to meet you, but they're not as important as the Four Celestial Families, so you don't really need to meet them, and I'm pretty sure that most of them will be saying the same thing— to ask you to marry their daughters."

"Forget it. I have had enough with meeting families now." Leo immediately rejected.

"Then we will immediately go back to training." Eve said.


Thus, over the next several days, Leo continued his training with Eve, until it was time for classes again.

During these past few days, Leo's name was spread throughout the entire city like wildfire.

They spoke about how he'd dominated the entire tournament with mostly just a Tier 2 magic spell; they spoke about how he participated in both tournaments; they spoke about how he'd defeated Lia Scarlet; they spoke about how he could use Tier 6 spells after just a month of training.

When the Leo haters learned of this news, there were two responses.

On one hand, they would stop hating him as much with some even beginning to admire him.

On the other hand, however, there were people who became even more jealous and angry at Leo because they believed that all of his miracles were caused by the Fruit of Magic Awakening.

A week later.

"In the end, you didn't accept any of the Four Celestial Families' offer, huh" Eve said.

"Nope. I want to keep my freedom, and as you'd said, I don't need their protection while I am in the academy. I can think about it after I graduate."

"If that's your decision. Anyways, here is your new uniform and new class." Eve handed Leo four sets of uniforms for magic students and then his new student ID.

"After class, I will have your monster cores ready."


Leo changed into his new uniform and looked at his new class.

"Wait… This class is…" Leo looked at Eve with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

"Good luck." Eve smiled at him without explaining anything.

And before he could say anything else, she left the place and disappeared from his sight like a ghost.

"Let me see…" Lilith peeked at his new class.

"Oh You're being transferred to the top elite class The one with Valery and the others This is going to be interesting…" Lilith chuckled.

Indeed, Leo had been assigned to be in the top magic class in the academy, and it just happened to be the same class as Valery and the other elite students.

"If you think about it, this is to be expected. After all, it wouldn't make sense to put you in a weak class."

"I can only imagine how awkward the atmosphere will be there." He sighed.

"You're worrying too much, Leo. Do you even know how the elite class operates It's nothing like the ordinary classes that you had been attending." Lilith shook her head.

"How are they different" He asked.

"Let's see… The classes are shorter, and there are fewer classes in general. Furthermore, the classes are much more practical than your ordinary classes, so you'll be sparring a lot with the teachers."

"Oh yeah, the classes are also optional, meaning you don't even have to attend it. Most of the students only show up once a week and spend the rest of their time training by themselves or with teachers."

"Hey, I like the sound of that. This will give me more time to train. In a world where your strength is more important than studying books, it makes no sense for me to study anymore." Leo shrugged.

Sometime later, Leo arrived in his new class.

"Lilith, you said that most of them don't attend these classes, right Then why is this room full of students now" Leo asked her after he saw the scene inside the classroom.

"It's probably because of the upcoming event," she said.

"Upcoming event"

"You'll find out about it later."

Meanwhile, his new teacher introduced him to the class.

"I'm sure you already know him, but this is Leo Magnus. After his magnificent performance at the tournament, the academy has decided to reassign his class so that he could receive proper training and education."

The classroom had 21 students, and sure enough, Valery's team and Helia were there, alongside several faces that Leo recognized from his old world.

"And I will be your new homeroom teacher starting today. My name is Ethel Rex, and I am an expert with earth magic."

His new teacher was a tall old man with a refined appearance that made him seem more like a butler than teacher.

"Go ahead and introduce yourself to your new classmates, Leo." He then said.-

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