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Chapter 242 Day of the Labyrinth Examination(2)

"Celeste, what is the meaning of this Why are you here" A small group of people stood before Celeste while they were surrounded by even more students.

"Naturally, I'm here to participate in the Labyrinth Examination." Celeste responded to this person with a gentle smile on her face.

However, this person frowned and spoke in a dissatisfied tone, "What are you talking about You would always refuse to join events that involve fighting and monsters! I have invited you to join our team countless times, but you would refuse all of them!"

"There's always a first time for everything. I refuse your offer simply because I am not interested in joining it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to find my team."

Celeste turned around and proceeded to walk away.

The students surrounding her didn't dare to block her path and opened a way for her.

"P-Please wait! Let's talk—"

"Hey! We've been looking for you!" A new voice suddenly resounded.


The students were dumbfounded when they saw Leo and the two girls accompanying him.

"I-I'm really sorry for making you look for me!" Celeste lowered her head and apologized in a timid manner.

"No worries. We still have some time before the Labyrinth Examination begins, anyway." Leo casually waved his hand.

He glanced at the handsome young man that was still being encircled by students, and this student looked livid, almost as though he'd just been rejected by his crush.

'That's Ken Wagner…' Leo recognized this handsome student.

He was just like John, one of the most popular male students in his old world. But unlike John, who was known for being calm and composed, Ken was known for being hot-headed.

And just like his old world, this Ken appears to be infatuated with Celeste.

"Let's go somewhere more quiet for now." Leo said to Celeste before walking away.

"That was Leo…"

"And he was with Lia Scarlet and Helia Barnett just now…"

"Holy **… Don't tell me they're going inside the Ancient Labyrinth together… along with Celeste Light!"

"My god, if that's true, what a powerhouse of a team!"

"Leo Magnus, Helia Barnett, Lia Scarlet, and Celeste Light! This is the most powerful team that can exist in this city!"

"It even exceeds my imaginations."

News of Leo's team quickly spread amongst the students, and without doubt, all of them were shocked when they heard it.

"With such a powerful team, they might finally be able to break the record that has been unbeatable for many decades."

"The record set by the Headmistress when she was still a student, right"

"Yes. If I recall correctly, she'd reached the 37th floor."

"Which is really impressive, considering that 99 percent of students don't get past the 25th floor."

Meanwhile, Leo and his team were chilling underneath the shadow of a tree while they waited for the briefing.

"Umm, since this is the first time the entire team has gathered, why don't we all introduce ourselves We're going to be spending the next 60 days with each other, after all." Leo suddenly said.

And he continued, "I will start. I'm Leo Magnus. Currently 19 years old. I specialize in fire magic and swordsmanship."

"Helia Barnett. 19 years old. I also specialize in fire magic."

"C-Celeste Light. 18 years old. I specialize in light magic, healing, and I can also buff. Nice to meet all of you."

"Lia Scarlet."

The atmosphere became dead silent after the introduction ended.

"Look at you, Leo. You're surrounded by the top beauties in the academy, and you'll be spending the next two months with them. Imagine the possibilities! How lucky!" Lilith chuckled, breaking the silence.

Leo glanced at her, ignored her words, and asked, "Have you ever entered the Ancient Labyrinth before"

"Nope. That's too risky even for someone like me."

"Can you elaborate" Leo raised an eyebrow.

"As I'd mentioned before, just because I am invisible doesn't make me invincible. If the conditions are right, I can be hurt, and the Ancient Labyrinth is a place filled with phenomenons. There's no way I am going to risk my life by going inside… alone."

"Is that so…"

About ten minutes later, Eve showed up to the scene and gathered all of the students there.

"I will now give you all a short brief about the Labyrinth Examination."

"First and foremost, you may challenge the Ancient Labyrinth with at most 4 people in your team. You will have 60 days to go as far as you can. Each of you will be given a watch and a recorder just like the Wilderness Training Course."

"We will send a team into the Ancient Labyrinth every 30 minutes. You may leave the Ancient Labyrinth whenever you wish with the Return Crystal, but keep in mind that once you leave the Ancient Labyrinth, you will not be able to go back inside, and your results will be calculated at that moment."

After a slight pause, Eve continued, "Now onto the rules."

"One, physical conflict between students, no matter which academy they attend, is strictly prohibited. If caught, you will be disqualified from the examination and could even be expelled depending on the severity."

"Two, any sort of disruption, sabotaging, and obstruction towards another team is strictly prohibited while inside the Ancient Labyrinth.".

"Three, different teams are not allowed to assist each other, but there is an exception, and that is if the other team's lives are in danger."


After spending many minutes going over the rules, Eve started sending the students into the Chapel, where the entrance to the Ancient Labyrinth existed.

"Remember, do not throw away your life. This examination may be important to you, but it's not more important than your own life. I wish you all the best of luck."

Before sending the students into the Ancient Labyrinth, all of the students were handed three items. A watch that records their cleared floors, a camera to record their experience, and a necklace with a square shaped crystal that could instantly teleport the students out of the Ancient Labyrinth if they were stuck or wished to exit for any reason.-

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