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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 20: Intense Training

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Chapter 20: Intense Training

Less than two hours into training, Leo already collapsed three times.

“W-Wait… Let me take a breath. Im exhausted…” Leo gasped for air as he laid on the cold, metal floor.

“Sure. Go ahead and take as long as you need. However, just know that for every minute you take, I will increase the intensity of the training by another level!” Khrome said in a cold voice.

Compared to the friendly and humble character before training started, the current Khrome is like a beast who tortures humans for fun.

When he heard such threatening words, Leo reluctantly forced himself back onto his feet and started swinging his sword again.

However, a moments later—

“Wrong! Your elbow should be higher! Your swords position is wrong!” Khrome corrected Leo every time he made a mistake, even smacking him with a wooden sword for every single mistake.

‘Shit! It feels like I am being whipped with steel chains even though hes clearly using a wooden sword! What kind of training is this! Even worse, hes not letting me drink any stamina potions when I am clearly exhausted! Why did I even agree to do this again!

“Ah!” Leo screamed after being struck again.

“Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and focus on your sword and your movements!” Khrome shouted afterward.

Once Leo had truly exhausted the last drop of energy in his body an hour later, Khrome handed him a stamina potion and said, “Drink and stand back up.”

After chugging down the stamina potion in one motion, Leo stood back up and continued to train without waiting for his stamina to fully recover.

This made Leo feel as though he was constantly exhausted— like he was always on the verge of collapsing.

‘This pipsqueak… He has some amazing mental fortitude to endure all of this for so long. Khrome thought to himself, as hed expected for Leo to give up an hour into their training.

‘Its already been five hours since we started, yet he hasnt complained once. When my teacher used this training method on me for the first time, I gave up within half an hour and complained constantly.

Once it was around 5PM, Khrome stopped Leos training and said, “Hey, its break time. Go get yourself something to eat, but dont eat too much, or youll just throw everything up when you start training again.”

“Im too tired to move, and Id rather just lie here and rest.”

“Suit yourself. Ill be back in an hour.” Khrome said to him before leaving.

Meanwhile, Leo closed his eyes and fell asleep on the spot.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

When Khrome returned to the training room, he woke Leo from his nap, which felt like itd lasted only for a couple of seconds.

The training resumed after that.

Once Leo mastered all ten combos by midnight, Khrome said to him, “Looks like you have some talent with the sword. I didnt think youd learn all 10 combos so quickly. Since this is the case, Ill add five more combos for the heck of it!”

Leo wanted to complain, but he could feel himself improving, so he decided to keep his mouth shut.

At three in the morning, when Leo mastered five more combos, Khrome handed him another stamina potion.

“Before we start the next phase of training, I want you to recover fully.” Khrome said.

Leo almost cried after hearing these wonderful words.

While Leo recovered, Khrome spoke to him, “So you want to know why Camille is known as the Saintess, right”


“Thats because she is one of the strongest healers in this country. Her magic affinity for the light element is also insanely high. Before she became a nurse at the Four Witches Academy, she was an S-Rank Adventurer who has amassed a good amount of reputation and achievements.”

“I dont know why she decided to become a nurse at that school, but she used to be a renowned Adventurer before her retirement.”

“Seriously” Leo listened to all of this information with a wide mouth.

“Isnt Miss Camille still in her twenties How can she have achieved so much at such a young age”

“Shes what most would call a prodigy. Some would even call her a monster. She also started her career as an Adventurer at 11 years old.”

“Wow… I see her in a new light now.”

Sometime later, Khrome picked up his sword again and said, “All right. Break time is over. Lets start the second phase of your training.”

He pointed the sword at Leo and continued, “Although you may have mastered the 15 combos, you havent truly perfected them yet. Theres a difference between memorizing it and utilizing it. And in order for you to truly master it, you must gain experience through real combat. Therefore, youre going to be fighting me for the rest of your time here.”

“And if youre thinking its going to be easier than phase one, I have some bad news for you.”

Khrome suddenly emitted a powerful aura from his body, one that caused Leo to freeze in fear.

‘W-What is this feeling My instincts are telling me to run! Leo trembled nonstop.

“Why are you standing there! Training has already started! Come at me if you dont want to die!”

Khrome suddenly roared as he rushed at Leo.

Leo subconsciously swung the sword at Khrome, but it was easily blocked.

“What the ** was that lousy swing just now, huh! Did you already forget about everything youve learned today! Strike and defend with the Formless Sword Dance!”


Leo gritted his teeth and tried his best to resist Khromes pressure while also trying to use the Formless Sword Dance, but it was much easier said than done.

Leo would not make any progress for half an hour, but he eventually got used to Khromes pressure.

“Good! Come at me like you want to kill me! I can see it in your eyes— killing intent! Hahaha!” Khrome appeared to be enjoying his training with Leo.

Even though Leo was nowhere near strong enough to make him fight seriously, he admired Leos persistence and dedication, something even many high-ranking Adventurers lack.

While Leo trained with Khrome, Miss Camille wandered the city for her own business.

“Welcome to Potion Haven, Saintess. Are you here for more potions” The shopkeeper asked Miss Camille, almost as though she was a frequent customer.

“Yes, but give me 10 times the usual.”

“T-Ten times Do you plan on leaving the city”

“Sort of.”

“I understand. Please give me a few minutes to prepare.”

While Miss Camille waited for the shopkeeper to return, she looked around the shop to see if there was anything else she needed.

Once the shopkeeper returned, Miss Camille paid for the potions that ended up costing her a million dollars.

“Thank you for your business as usual, Saintess. I hope this means that youre going to leave retirement and return to being an Adventurer.” The shopkeeper said.

“What I am currently involved in is much more dangerous than being an Adventurer,” she suddenly said.

“Huh” The shopkeeper stared at her with wide eyes.

“See you later.” However, Miss Camille left without explaining any further.

Sometime later, Miss Camille entered another building, and this one looked much more luxurious than the potion store.

“Welcome back to the Mirage Auction House, Saintess.” A man in a black suit greeted Miss Camille shortly after she entered the building.

“Anything decent today” She asked him in a calm voice.

“Here is a list of todays artifacts. We have an A-Rank artifact being auctioned in about an hour.” The man handed her a pamphlet.

After a quick glance at the artifacts, Miss Camille turned around and walked out without saying another word.

“See you next time, Saintess.” The man didnt mind her actions at all and even bowed to her.

The following day, Miss Camille went to check up on Leo two hours before the end of his training.

‘Hes probably no better than a corpse right now… She thought to herself as she made her way to their training room.

After entering the room, Miss Camilles eyes widened with surprise when she saw the scenery inside.

‘Hes actually keeping up with Khromes training! She cried inwardly when she saw that Leo was sparring with Khrome.

Not wanting to disturb them, Miss Camille stood at the door and waited for them to finish.

After two hours of nonstop fighting, Khrome said, “All right, were done with training. You can stop now.”

However, almost as though he didnt hear Khrome, Leo continued to swing his sword.

“Wake up!” Khrome bonked Leo on the head with the wooden sword, knocking him down.

After getting knocked down, Leo did not get back up.

“Oh **…” Khrome quickly went to check on Leo.

“Good, hes still alive…” He sighed in relief.

“What happened here” Miss Camille approached them and asked.

Khrome looked at her and smiled, “You bought me one hell of a monster. And I am not talking about his strength or talents. He actually endured the whole training. If he can continue to endure my training, hell easily reach my level within a few months.”

“So you think hes talented with the sword”

“Although hes no prodigy like you, hes got good potential.”

Miss Camille couldnt help but smile after hearing Khromes words, and she said, “He might not seem like it now, but hes definitely a prodigy, perhaps even a monster.”

“Huh” Khrome raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner.

“Youll find out soon. I plan on making him an Adventurer in two weeks.”

“An Adventurer, huh”

After pondering for a moment, Khrome spoke, “Hey, Saintess. I know our agreement only lasts until today, but I would like to continue training him for the next two weeks if you dont mind. I wont ask for any payments.”

“Your reasoning” She asked.

“This pipsqueak has piqued my interest.” He smiled.

“I wont say anything. Leon can decide for himself once he wakes up.”

“All right.” Khrome nodded.-

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