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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 209 Matthew Hinks

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Chapter 209 Matthew Hinks

Over the next several hours, Leo would encounter and eliminate three more schools of sea monsters.

His teammate wanted to assist him, but they were simply too slow in casting, and when they tried casting anything weaker than Tier 3 magic, their spells would not harm the monsters at all, unlike Leo, who could kill the B-Rank monsters with his Tier 1 Black Bullet.

The third floor of the Labyrinth was much shorter than the previous floors, and it only took them about 12 hours to reach the end.

However, right as they could see the staircase to the next floor, Sarah noticed a massive fin sticking out of the water.

"Watch out! That's an A-Rank monster— Sea Leviathan!" Sarah alerted everyone there.

The Sea Leviathan jumped into the air after Sarah spoke, revealing its long and large body.

The Sea Leviathan resembled a snake with sharp and hard scales. Its body was mostly blue with subtle green around the tip of its scales, and its eyes were bloodshot red. It also has three large fins, two one each side and one on the top. As for its size, it was between 80 to 100 meters long.

Water splashed everywhere when the Sea Leviathan returned to the water.

"All of you go ahead! I will stay here to stop it!" Leo said to the others shortly after noticing it.

"Alright! Good luck!" Oscar was already used to leaving everything to Leo by now and immediately started dashing towards the staircase before Leo even finished his sentence.

The twin brothers and Sarah followed Oscar.

"Leave this one to me, Leo." Lia said to him once the others were gone.

"Huh Are you sure"

She nodded, "Your magic might not hit it at that speed, but my magic rifle definitely will."

Naturally, she didn't know about Leo's tracking projectiles.

Lia proceeded to take a knee, placing her rear knee on the ground with the other leg supporting the elbow of her forward arm that was holding the magic rifle.

Once she was in position, she began charging the magic rifle with her mana.

Leo could see the mana around her distort slightly, gradually becoming more distorted with every passing second.

The Sea Leviathan reached their location about 5 seconds later, and it jumped into the air before falling towards Leo and Lia with its mouth wide open.

Seeing this, Lia released her mana and pulled the trigger, releasing a massive beam of light, just like a laser.

This laser went straight into the Sea Leviathan's open mouth and came out at the top of its head.

However, despite its grave injuries, it wasn't completely dead just yet.


Another magic bullet left Lia's magic rifle, then another, and another.

In less than a second, three more magic bullets assaulted the Sea Leviathan. The bullets were much weaker than the first bullet, but it was still enough to riddle holes in the Sea Leviathan's mouth.

The Sea Leviathan collapsed right before the path, slowly submerging into the depths of the water, and that's when the Devourer of Gods consumed its corpse.


"Not bad… I kind of feel like using a magic rifle now since it looks kind of cool." Leo mumbled afterward.

"Do you want to try it" Lia offered her magic rifle to him.

"Maybe later. Let's see what's on the next floor."

Leo and Lia met up with the others at the end of the floor.

"Amazing job, Lena. You're also quite extraordinary even though you cannot use magic." Sarah said to her.

"Thank you." Lia calmly said.

Sometime later, they descended the staircase and entered the fourth floor of the Labyrinth.

"We're back to a maze" Leo sighed out loud after seeing the familiar scenery.

"Well, there's only so much variety a single Labyrinth can have. Let's do what we did previously."

Thus, Leo and his team began wandering the fourth floor maze.

Meanwhile, the S-Rank Adventurer that Edwin had sent as reinforcement was halfway through the second floor.

"A monster stampede, huh" Matthew remained calm as he waited for the monster stampede to show up.

A few moments later, he could see nearly 300 monsters rushing towards his direction.

Once they were close enough, Matthew released his magic spell, creating a massive wall of flames that blocked the monsters' path and burning those that dared to challenge his flames, halting the monster stampede in less than a minute.

After killing all of the monsters, Matthew continued moving without bothering to collect the mana cores.

'That Edwin… Sending me to capture a mere C-Rank Adventurer. How desperate is he' Matthrew wondered inwardly.

The Scarlet Family has only summoned him for important matters before, yet he was chosen to kidnap a C-Rank Adventurer whom he considers a child. It baffled him. However, he was being paid handsomely for this mission that he considers extremely easy, so he didn't complain.

Sometime later, he arrived at the end of the second floor, and he immediately descended to the third floor.

His expression remained unchanged when he saw the sea and the single path, and he began threading it without any hesitation.

A few minutes later, a snake-like monster jumped out of the water and aimed its fangs at Matthew's neck.

Without even looking, Matthew surrounded himself with a flame barrier, and when the monster touched this barrier, it quickly burned and turned into ash.

Matthew proceeded to walk the path without stopping for a second and even kept his flame barrier active the whole time.

Once he reached the end about 10 hours later, a Sea Leviathan tried to attack him.

Seeing this, Matthew casually waved his arm at the monster, spewing out a wave of flames that consumed the Sea Leviathan, killing it in an instant.

As an S-Rank Adventurer, this B-Rank Labyrinth was akin to a child's playground to him.

Meanwhile, Leo and his team managed to reach the 5th floor of the Labyrinth after spending 5 short hours in the maze.

"We got lucky with that one." Sarah said as they entered the fifth floor.-

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