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Chapter 212 Fighting an S-Rank Adventurer(2)

Seeing Leo's smug face, Matthew said, "I want to see just how long your magic artifact will be able to protect you!"

And he started bombarding Leo with more fire magic.


"Fire Wall!"

"Fire Tempest!"

Matthew threw all sorts of magic spells at Leo, but Leo would emerge unscathed every single time.

Unbeknownst to Matthew, Leo was using a Tier 7 magic spell that granted him 100 percent resistance to fire magic, rendering all fire magic ineffective against him for 30 seconds.

And due to his ridiculous mana regeneration, Leo was able to recast the spell every 30 seconds.

Matthew eventually stopped casting spells to take a breather.

Even as an S-Rank Adventurer, he didn't have near unlimited mana like Leo, so he couldn't continue spamming high tier magic spells nonstop.

"What's wrong Are you tired already How pathetic. And you call yourself an S-Rank Adventurer" Leo continued to mock Matthew from a distance.

"You **ing bastard…" Matthew gritted his teeth in anger.

"Let me show you how it's done!"

Before Matthew could do anything, Leo began tossing magic spells at him.

He started by multicasting over 100 Black Bullets, bombarding Matthew with them.

'Why does his Black Bullet contain so much power! It's just a Tier 1 spell!' Matthew cried inwardly.

He didn't notice this with Leo's first Black Bullet, but he eventually realized just how powerful Leo's Black Bullets were.

Of course, it wasn't strong enough to break through his barrier.

After casting Black Bullet, Leo immediately cast his second magic spell, Void Spear, and he would continue chucking them at Matthew until he was satisfied.

Twenty Void Spears later, Leo summoned 50 Skeleton Mages and had them bombard Matthew with their magic spells.

While the Skeleton Mages were hard at work, Leo activated Dark Aura and Shadow Clone before filling the room with Dark Mist and Plague of Destruction.

Leo didn't even care if Matthew was still dead or alive. He just wanted to let out his emotions by releasing all of his magic spells.

Meanwhile, Matthew was absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of magic spells Leo was spamming.

'How much mana does this guy have! He's been casting powerful spells without any breaks for minutes now! Not only that but his casting speed is so ridiculous that I cannot find an opening to retaliate!'

Ten minutes later, Leo stopped casting his spells and waited for the dust and smoke to settle.

'He should be dead by now, right' Leo wondered inwardly.

Suddenly, Lilith shouted, "Watch out, Leo!"

However, Leo couldn't react in time, and a hand appeared from within the cloud of dust to grab ahold of his face.

Matthew then walked out of the dust with an enraged look on his face, his appearance looking quite disheveled with his clothes torn and bloodied.

Even an S-Rank Adventurer like him couldn't possibly defend against so many powerful magic spells for an extended period of time.

In fact, if Leo didn't stop and continued to bombard Matthew with magic for several more minutes, he would've been able to defeat Mathew.

"Now that I have you in my grasp, I am going to **ing kill you!" Matthew roared in a beastly voice.

However, before he could do anything, he felt an immense pressure suddenly bore down on his body, forcing him to his knees.

'Gravity magic! Who!'

Even though he was severely injured, he was still surprised that someone had managed to force him to his knees.

He slowly lifted his head until he could see Lia's calm face.

"That's enough, Matthew." Lia spoke in a cold voice.

"That tone… that demeanor… Impossible!" Matthew's eyes widened with shock when he realized Lia's true identity.

"Why are you here, Lia Scar—"

Right as he opened his mouth to speak, Matthew halted, as his vision had suddenly gone black.

"Thank you, but I would've gotten him even without your help." Leo said to Lia after getting back up.

He then turned to look at Matthew, who was being consumed by the Devourer of Gods.

"What is this! What is happening!" In a desperate attempt to escape, Matthew engulfed his own body in flames to try and burn whatever was on him.

However, almost as though it was immune to fire, the Devourer of Gods completely ignored his flames and continued to consume him.

A few moments later, Matthew stopped struggling, and his body went limp.

A few more moments later, Matthew's body disappeared into the Devourer of God's body, becoming one of its many victims.

[Defeat an A-Rank Adventurer]

[ 10,000 Magic Points]

"I hope you don't mind me killing one of your family's top assassins." Leo turned to look at Lia afterward.

Lia calmly shook her head, "He was weak, so he died. It's as simple as that."

"And while it's true that he's one of our top assassins, he's far from being the best."

"That fight was relatively easy. I thought it was going to be much harder to defeat an S-Rank Adventurer since I have never won against Headmistress Eve." Leo said a moment later.

"Matthew is relatively new compared to the Headmistress of the Four Witches Academy. He was promoted only a year ago while your Headmistress has been an S-Rank Adventurer for over 50 years."

"W-Wait… Over fifty years" Leo's eyes widened with shock after hearing this unnatural number.

"You didn't know Headmistress Eve is 66 years old, and she's turning 67 in a few months." Lilith said to him.

"How is that even possible! She looks like she's still in her mid-twenties!" He exclaimed.

"That's just how this world works. It's mostly because of the mana in this world, though." Lilith shrugged.

Sometime later, Leo asked Lia, "What happened to the others"

"They ran away and never looked back." She calmly said.

"I can't blame them… And I am the reason this all happened in the first place… I should've gone down here by myself. Perhaps Oliver and Jasper would still be alive now." Leo sighed out loud.

"You're not at fault here. If you want to blame anyone, blame Edwin, who sent them here to capture you." Lia said, trying to consult him.-

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