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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 215 Confronting Aaron

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Chapter 215 Confronting Aaron

"Finally, we've arrived back at the city." Oscar said as they could see the city walls from a distance.

Sometime later, they entered the city and made their way straight back to the Adventurers' Guild.

"We've cleared the B-Rank Labyrinth at this location…" Sarah went straight to the front desk and spoke to the staff member behind it.

After receiving the coordinates for the Labyrinth they cleared, the staff said, "Thank you, I will notify the guild and have it investigated. Your reward will be handed out once we have confirmed the clearing. In the meantime, please write a report of what you have experienced, the monsters, and the environment inside the Labyrinth."

"Also, please hand me your IDs so I can put your name in the system."

Sarah, Oscar, and Leo handed their IDs to the staff, but Lia did not do so, which puzzled Sarah and Oscar, as well as the staff, who thought she was part of the Adventurers' Guild and their team.

"What are you waiting for If you don't show your ID, you won't receive any credit." Sarah said to Lia.

"I don't need it." Lia calmly said.

"Seriously…" Oscar mumbled in a low voice, his face filled with disbelief.

Who in their right mind would raid a B-Rank Labyrinth and not want to receive any credit or reward for it

'Is she actually Leon's slave That would make her actions more logical…' Sarah thought to herself before speaking out loud, "Suit yourself."

The staff handed the IDs back to them shortly after.

"Thank you."

Right as Leo and the others left the front desk, a shocked voice resounded, "L-Leon! What are you doing here!"

Leo and the others turned to look at the person who just spoke, and standing by the staircase was a man with a shocked look on his face, looking like he'd just seen a ghost.

"Aaron!" Leo immediately frowned upon seeing him.

A cold smile suddenly appeared on Leo's face, and he approached Aaron.

"What's wrong with me being here You make it sound like I don't belong here. Is there any reason as to why I am not supposed to be here" Leo asked.

"You…" Aaron was speechless.

How was he supposed to answer Leo's questions That he wasn't supposed to be there because he should've been captured by the assassins sent by the Scarlet Family

"By the way, you told me that if I cleared the Labyrinth that I would be promoted to B-Rank. I have done just that. Now give me my promotion." Leo prioritized his Adventurer's rank over punishing Aaron for sending him into a death trap.


"Don't tell me you're going to go back on your own words, Mister Aaron. You're the vice-leader of this Adventurers' Guild, right It wouldn't look good on you or this Adventurers' Guild if you break your promise, not to mention the other stuff."

"L-Let's talk somewhere more private, shall we" Aaron asked with a stiff smile on his face.

Leo turned to look at Sarah and Oscar and said, "You guys can go ahead without me."

"Alright." Neither Sarah or Oscar knew that Aaron had assisted in the assassination, so they didn't think too much about it and left.

Leo and Lia followed Aaron to another room shortly after.

Once the door was closed, Aaron spoke, "Please take a seat. I'll prepare some tea for you."

However, Leo scoffed, "Tea How will I know it's not poisoned"

"I beg your pardon Why would I poison you" Aaron decided to play the innocent role.

"Acting ignorant now, are we You sent me to that Labyrinth so the Scarlet Family could capture me. Do I need to say anything else" Leo said in a cold voice.

"W-What! That's outrageous! I would never—"

"Shut up!" Leo suddenly roared. "Two innocent people died because of your bull**— seven if we include the bastards you sent to get me!"

Aaron's eyes widened with shock upon hearing Leo's words, his gaze filled with disbelief.

"W-Wait… You killed them… The four A-Rank Adventurers and Matthew Hicks You actually killed them"

Leo smiled and said, "Damn right I killed them. What were you expecting That I would let them go after what they tried to do to me"

"Are you insane! Those people were from the Scarlet Family! How could you kill them!" Aaron exclaimed.

"So what if they're from the Scarlet Family I don't care where they are from. If they try to harm me, I won't go easy on them."

"I don't know why the Scarlet Family wanted to capture you, but they did not want to kill you! At least that's what I was told! I only agreed to help them because I knew that you wouldn't die!"

"What the hell do you know about my situation" Leo frowned.

"Anyways, let's ignore the pointless details for now. I only care about one thing right now— am I going to be promoted to B-Rank or not If you promote me to B-Rank, I will act like you weren't involved in the kidnapping attempt. If you don't, however, I will let the Adventurers' Guild and the whole world know of your involvement. You should know who my sponsor is, right The last time someone tried to harm me, she went straight to the Adventurers' Bureau for answers."

Aaron swallowed nervously after hearing Leo's words that were basically threats.

Naturally, he has heard about what happened between Camille and the Adventurers' Bureau, as it was all over the news.

After a moment of silence, Leo spoke again, "Well What's your answer, Mister Aaron I have somewhere else that I need to be, so I don't have much time left here."

Aaron lowered his head and sighed, "Alright, you win. I will make sure that you're promoted to B-Rank for your effort."

Leo smiled, "Good, then I will forgive you for your involvement."

However, Lia suddenly stepped forward and said, "Now you will answer my questions."

She glared at him with killing intent in her eyes, "Where is Edwin"-

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