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Chapter 223 Skeleton Graveyard Raid(6)

Shortly after the news crew arrived at Leo's area and they set up their station, the journalists approached the battlefield to capture the Adventurers' performance with their large and expensive cameras.

Naturally, since their jobs required them to get up and close with monsters, these journalists were not ordinary people. Most of these journalists were Adventurers themselves with some of them being high-rank retirees.

After they arrived at the battlefield, these journalists used their instincts and accumulated experience to look for potential subjects to be their focus.

These subjects naturally needed to stand out from the crowd to keep the viewers entertained.

There were three points most journalists looked for in their subject. Someone with power, uniqueness, and overall charm.

"Look over there, viewers! That young lady with the magic rifle! You don't see that often!"

A handsome middle-aged man spoke to the camera that was being held by another person while pointing at Lia's figure in the distance.

Although Lia looked like an ordinary girl at the moment, she still gave off the air of someone with authority and power, not to mention her magic rifle that was quite rare and eye-catching amongst the dozens of Adventurers there.

The other journalists also focused their attention on Lia when they saw her.

"Whoa! She just blew away that Exploding Corpse with three mana bullets!"

"My god! She's shooting that magic rifle as if it doesn't require mana! How much mana does she have! And she seems very young as well!"

Lia's appearance may not be up to standard for the camera, but there was something about her that made it difficult for these journalists to look away. Furthermore, these journalists have never seen anyone utilize a magic rifle with such mastery.

After all, anyone that could use magic would not resort to using magic rifles since it was a waste of mana.

"What the hell is going on over there" Leo mumbled to himself when he noticed the group of journalists and their cameras.

"They're journalists broadcasting the raid to the world." Lilith said.

"Seriously" Leo didn't know what to think of this.

"A lot of Adventurers rely on them to gain recognition, you know. If you're lucky enough to receive the spotlight and capture the audiences' attention, these journalists will personally seek you out, giving you more coverage and reputation. If you want to become an S-Rank Adventurer as soon as possible, you should try to attract their attention."

"Attract their attention, huh" Leo mumbled with a mysterious smile on his face.

When Lilith saw this, she quickly said, "Let's not be so hasty. Although you can be promoted faster with more recognition, you're also putting yourself in the crosshair for those people who are easily envious, so don't go overboard with your magic spells."

"Furthermore, you're still being hunted by some unknown power. It would be wiser to stay lowkey for now. You'll have plenty of opportunities to attract their attention now that you're a B-Rank Adventurer, too."

"You're right. I have no reason to rush my Adventurer rank right now, anyways."

Leo proceeded to ignore the news crew and continued to hunt monsters.

Many minutes later, the news crew went from being surprised to completely baffled by Lia's existence.

"That young lady has been firing her magic rifle nonstop for 45 minutes now! How did she acquire such a tremendous mana pool at such a young age!"

"Just who is this mysterious Adventurer! What is her Adventurer rank!"

The journalists and the viewers were curious about Lia's identity, as they have never seen or heard of her before.

While most of the journalists were focused on Lia, a newly arrived journalist had her attention elsewhere.

This journalist was a young woman and appeared to be around Camille's age. She had long blonde hair that resembled golden silk, azure-colored eyes, a model-like figure, and a naturally bewitching face that would attract attention no matter where she was. She was someone who would stand out even if she stood still in a crowd of tens of thousands of people.

When the other journalists noticed her presence, they swallowed nervously and tried their best to keep their composure.

As for the Adventurers, their blood began pumping with adrenaline after they saw this beauty, and they all began fighting monsters like crazy, almost as though they were in a frenzy.

'That's…' Khrome also took notice of this blonde beauty.

'What's someone like her doing over here' He wondered inwardly.

"Holy **, it's the Queen of Livestream!"



"Whoa! It's really the Queen of Livestream— Luna Flores!"

Luna Flores, also known as the Queen of Livestream, is an extremely popular journalist who skyrocketed in popularity shortly after her debut because of her beauty and flawless figure, and most of her broadcasts boasts an impressive viewership of over 500,000 people with her peak having over a million concurrent viewers.

In addition to being an eye candy, Luna Flores is also a high-ranking Adventurer who was on the verge of being promoted to S-Rank.

Due to her popularity, those that become her subject are bound to skyrocket in popularity and acquire mass recognition, regardless if it's only for a few minutes or a few moments, and because of this effect, countless people dream of attracting her attention.

Pretty much every Adventurer there took notice of Luna's appearance shortly after her arrival— except for two individuals.

Naturally, these two individuals were Lia and Leo.

Although Lia recognized Luna, she simply couldn't care less about it. As for Leo, he was trying his best to avoid attention, and he was too focused on fighting monsters.

Meanwhile, Luna scanned the dozens of Adventurers in the battlefield with a sharp gaze, looking like a jeweler looking for the perfect gem.

Her gaze landed on Lia for a moment, but after lingering for a few seconds, she continued scanning the crowd until someone else caught her attention.

This person blended with the background and seemed insignificant at first, but upon closer inspection, Luna noticed something special about this individual that nobody else there possessed.

A slight smile appeared on her face, and she spoke to the camera, "After an hour of scouring, we've finally found someone decent! Let's all get a closer look at this individual, shall we"-

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