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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 224 Queen Luna

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Chapter 224 Queen Luna

After setting her sights on a certain individual, Luna entered the battlefield and approached this individual.

One huge advantage the stronger journalists had over weaker journalists was their ability to enter battlefields without needing to worry about being attacked by the monsters there because they can protect themselves.

This is why stronger journalists are more desirable by the audience, as they would get to see the action up close.

As Luna got closer to her interest, she would notice his immense mana even more.

"Most of you can't tell through the screen, but this person— this young man using dark magic is actually casting at least Tier 5 magic, and he's doing so with seemingly no effort, even Silent Casting them!" Luna said to her viewers.

Indeed, the person Luna had taken interest in was Leo, who was casting Needle of Despair left and right.

Since Needle of Despair was a relatively subtle magic spell due to its small but fast projectiles, most people wouldn't even notice it unless they paid close attention to him. And with Lia being the focus of attention there, Leo was basically invisible to the rest of the journalists.

However, Luna Flores, who had a sharp sense for people, noticed something different about Leo that stood out amongst the crowd there.

Unlike the others that were fighting monsters with their face full of sweat and serious expressions, Leo was actually smiling while he fought monsters, and there wasn't even a drop of sweat on his face.

Unbeknownst to Leo, he was subconsciously smiling from the Magic Points he was acquiring from this raid, and every time he gained Magic Points from killing a monster, his smile would become slightly brighter.

He had also adapted to the environment and was feeling quite comfortable with the atmosphere there, so he naturally felt relaxed.

However, his comfort would end the next moment when he noticed a presence suddenly appear behind him, which spooked him a little, causing him to react instinctively.

He turned around and was prepared to unleash his magic spell before he could even see this presence.


A surprised voice resounded as Leo felt someone grab onto his wrist.

When he finally saw who was behind him, Leo raised an eyebrow and asked, "Who are you"

"Sorry if I surprised you. I didn't expect you to suddenly come towards my direction." Luna said with a friendly smile in her face.

'What a beauty.' Leo subconsciously thought to himself the moment he saw Luna's peerless face.

While he was accustomed to beautiful girls like Camille and Eve, there was something different— something bewitching about Luna's beauty and aura.

Lilith narrowed her eyes at Luna, her thoughts unknown.

Meanwhile, the people watching Luna's broadcast were in an uproar.

[Who's this bastard! How can he call himself an Adventurer when he doesn't even recognize the Queen of Livestream!]

[Fuck! The Queen touched him! How envious!]

Hundreds of comments filled her chat every second, most of them cursing Leo for his ignorance.

"Hey, what's your name I'd like to make you the focus for my broadcast," Luna suddenly asked Leo.

"Is this really the time for an interview Sorry, but I'm busy with the raid right now." Leo shook his head, as he didn't want to stand out any more than he already was.

[This madman actually refused to be interviewed by Queen Luna!]


[Who is this idiot! I am going to beat him up!]

Luna remained calm and professional as she spoke, "Then if you don't mind, I will watch you from a distance. Don't worry, I won't disturb you."

"Just knowing that someone is pointing a big camera at me is enough to distract me. There are plenty of other Adventurers here. Go bother them. Later."

And without waiting for Luna to continue, Leo disappeared into the distance using Void Step.

This left Luna completely baffled, as this was her first time being rejected in such a straightforward manner.

What made it worse was that she was already broadcasting to hundreds of thousands of viewers, intensifying the slap on her face.

[Don't mind him, Queen Luna! He doesn't deserve your attention!]

[Fuck him!]

[I will beat him up for you if I ever see him, Queen!]

Her chat blew up with thousands of angry comments directed at Leo.

However, despite her setbacks and Leo's refusal to cooperate with her, she did not give up and chased after Leo.

[Forget about him, Queen!]

[He's a waste of time and air!]

[What's so special about him!]

When Luna saw her viewers' confusion, she smiled and said, "How many S-Rank Adventurers out there have the capability to Silent Cast Tier 5 magic spells like it's nothing He could also cast multiple Tier 5 magic spells without needing to consume any mana potions, suggesting that he has a massive mana pool. I know every S-Rank Adventurer out there, but he's not one of them."

"If he's not an S-Rank Adventurer, then he's clearly one in the making. Don't blame him for his reaction just now. I bet he's just a shy individual who cannot handle attention."

Sometime later, Luna finally found Leo again, and just like before, he was casually killing A-Rank monsters left and right without breaking a sweat.

'Dark magic and a ridiculous mana pool… This guy… could he actually be…' Luna wondered to herself as she made sure to not get too close to Leo and watched him from afar while talking to her viewers.

The other journalists eventually noticed what Luna was doing, but they didn't dare to broadcast the same subject as her. Due to their somewhat competitive nature, it was an unspoken rule for those with lower reputation to not broadcast the same subject as someone with a much higher reputation, as that could be considered as picking a fight.

With that being said, they were content with having Lia as their focus, as she was plenty entertaining to watch.

Time passed quickly with everyone focused on fighting, and before they realized, four hours had passed since they started the raid, but they were still nowhere near clearing Skeleton Graveyard.-

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