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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 227 lnterview

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Chapter 227 lnterview

"Can you introduce yourself" Luna asked Khrome as he slashed his sword at an Exploding Corpse multiple times before escaping to safety.

Although some may say that she was distracting him from the fight, most Adventurers actually prefer getting interviewed while they were in a fight, as that made them seem more capable since they were able to fight and speak at the same time.

"My name is Khrome, an A-Rank Adventurer. Some might recognize me as Sword King Khrome."

"How long have you been an Adventurer"

"Almost 23 years now. I have been an Adventurer since I was only thirteen years old."

"Why did you decide to become an Adventurer And I heard that you prefer the sword even though you're talented in earth magic. Why" Luna asked her second question.

"My mother suddenly became sick one day, but since our family was poor, we couldn't afford her treatment, so I became an Adventurer to earn money for her treatment. As for why I prefer the sword, it's quite simple. I have always admired and wanted to be a Knight, but nobody would accept a Knight at my age into their team, forcing me to learn magic. Once I became financially stable, I started training with the sword and have been using it since then."

"Oh… That's very interesting. Then are you better with your sword or with magic"

"Honestly, I'm better with my sword when it comes to pure experience and skills, but at the same time, I am stronger with magic, as magic allows me to have more accessibility."

Luna continued to ask Khrome several more questions about his career before moving onto Lydia, who was focused on healing and buffing Khrome now.

"I've been an Adventurer for only 10 years, and I started my journey at the age of 16. I decided to become an Adventurer because it just felt like the right thing to do, especially since I was born with Light Magic Affinity." Lydia introduced herself with a beautiful smile on her face.

[Wow! What a beauty!]

[Not as beautiful as our Queen, though!]

"Do you have any ambitions or goals as an Adventurer"

"This may sound boring, but I am striving to become an S-Rank Adventurer, hopefully before I hit 40 years old." Lydia said.

"It's not boring at all. In fact, I also have the same goal." Luna smiled.

"You're guaranteed to become an S-Rank. It's only a matter of time."

Luna went to speak with Lia next since she was the closest.

"Can you introduce yourself"


"How old are you"

"19 years old."

It was obvious to Luna that Lia wasn't very talkative, but she continued to question her.

"What is your Adventurer's rank And why did you become an Adventurer"

"I am not an Adventurer."

"Eh Really But you're so powerful… If I were to give you a rank, you'll definitely qualify as an A-Rank. What kind of training did you undergo to have so much mana And why did you decide to participate in this raid even though you're not an Adventurer You won't receive any official rewards for your effort since you're not an Adventurer, you know."

"Normal training. I'm here just to help out my partner, that's all." Lia calmly said.

"Partner Who is your partner Is it Leon" Luna asked with great interest.

"Yes." She nodded.

"So you're his girlfriend"

"No." Lia responded without hesitation.

"Is that so…"

"Then where are you from"

"Stellar City."

"That's pretty far away from here. Is Leon also from Stellar City"

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"I don't know." She shrugged.

And she continued, "If you want to know, go ask Leon himself. You seem more interested in him, anyway."

Luna asked a few more questions before going to where Leo and Trent were.

Since Leo was a little further ahead, Luna decided to interview Trent first, who was taking his time collecting mana cores.

"How old are you And how long have you been an Adventurer"

"I have been an Adventurer for over 100 years now, and I am currently 139 years old." Trent said with a calm smile on his face.

If Leo had heard such words, he would definitely be surprised. However, Luna didn't show any signs of being surprised and acted as though it was a normal occurrence.

"Why did you become an Adventurer, Mister Trent"

A sorrowful look suddenly appeared on Trent's face.

"My son… My only son was killed by monsters, and in order to calm my rage and avenge my son, I hunt monsters nonstop." Trent said in a sighing voice.

"You have my condolences…" Luna said with a pitiful look on her face.

As tragic as Trent's story sounded, it was a very common story for many people in this day and age.

Sometime later, Luna approached Leo, who took a break from slaying monsters to answer her questions.

[It's this guy again!]

[Is this the bastard that almost attacked the Queen!]

[Something like that happened When!]

[A few hours ago.]

"What is your name How old are you"

"Leon. 18 years old."

"How long have you been an Adventurer And what's your rank"

"I've been an Adventurer for half a year, and I'm currently a B-Rank Adventurer."

"R-Really You became a B-Rank Adventurer in just 6 short months"

[What! That's impossible!]

[He's lying! There's no **ing way he went from F-Rank to B-Rank in half a year!]

[What a bad liar, this guy!]

[It's so bad that it's hilarious!]

The chat went wild with mockery towards Leo and understandably so.

"If you don't believe me, you can just ask the Adventurers' Guild later." Leo shrugged.

"There's no need. I believe you." Luna smiled.

"Then why did you become an Adventurer" She then asked.

"No particular reason. In fact, it wasn't even my idea."

"What do you mean by that" Luna raised an eyebrow.

"My sponsor wanted me to become an Adventurer, so I became one. That's all."

"Your sponsor"

"Camille Light. She's my sponsor." Leo said with a profound smile on his face.

Since this was public information, he didn't bother trying to hide it, and it might make Luna reconsider whatever she had planned if she knew he had an S-Rank Adventurer behind him.-

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