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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 229 Elite Monster(2)

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Chapter 229 Elite Monster(2)

The Skeleton Warlord was about 150 meters tall. It looked exactly like the skeleton warriors that Leo could summon, but their figure was much wider, and they were wearing golden armor. Furthermore, it wielded a massive two-handed sword, its blade was pure white, almost as though it was made of bone.

The Skeleton Warlord was currently being bombarded by hundreds of Adventurers at once, but it barely had any reactions, almost as if it couldn't even feel the damage.

"It's attacking! Dodge!"

Someone there suddenly shouted.

The Skeleton Warlord proceeded to raise its bone sword into the air before slashing it to the ground.


The ground shook intensely for a good moment, and a large fissure appeared in the ground, making it seem as though the world was split into two.

Although nobody died during that attack, many people were injured from the splinters that scattered everywhere after the impact.

'Holy **… What destructive power…' Leo swallowed nervously after seeing the Skeleton Warlord's attack.

Fortunately, his team was located behind the Skeleton Warlord, so the attack didn't affect them at all.

"Keep it up! I will keep you guys buffed!" Lydia spoke out loud.

"Tornado!" Trent summoned a large tornado around the Skeleton Warlord, feeling quite refreshed that he could finally use his magic spells.

"Colossal Stone Spear!" Khrome also started using magic for the first time, creating a 20 meter-long and 2 foot thick spear before tossing it at the Skeleton Warlord.

The spear slammed directly into the Skeleton Warlord's golden armor, releasing a loud and muffled 'dong' sound.

The Stone Spear shattered after the impact, leaving behind a noticeable dent in the Skeleton Warlord's armor.

Meanwhile, Lia was casually shooting bullets every second at the Skeleton Warlord's head.

Leo summoned his shadow clone and proceeded to rain Needles of Despair onto the Skeleton Warlord until there were 25 needles sticking to the monster's body, increasing the damage it received by 25 percent.

'Alright, now I just need to keep spamming Death Scythe until I hit that 1 percent lottery and instantly kill it…' Leo used Void Step to get closer to the Skeleton Warlord so that his Death Scythe could reach.

"Hey! Where are you going!" Khrome exclaimed in a shocked voice when he saw this.

"You idiot! I told you to stay as far away as possible!" Lydia cried out loud.

Luna suddenly smiled and chased after Leo.

"Eh! Miss Luna!"

"Calm down. Leon will be fine." Lia said to them.

"What are you planning" Luna asked Leo as she chased after him from behind.

"Huh Nothing special."

"I will be the judge of that." Luna winked at him.

Leo felt a shiver in his spine after seeing it.

Once he was close enough, Leo started using Death Scythe left and right on the Skeleton Warlord.

The Death Scythe would leave behind no injuries on the monster, but the Skeleton Warlord would feel something off every time the Death Scythe went through its body— something ominous.

It started ignoring everyone in the Skeleton Graveyard and started focusing on Leo, who would dance around it using Void Step.

One Death Scythe… Two… Three…

After using Death Scythe 6 times and without any success, Leo chugged down a mana potion even though he didn't need to, as he was still being watched by thousands of people through Luna's camera.

At his current level, after many months of training, Leo's body could handle one mana potion every five minutes. When he started training, he was only able to consume one mana potion every hour.

Sometime later…

'Damn! How unlucky! I have used Death Scythe over 50 times now and the monster is still alive! Death Scythe has a 5 percent chance to instantly kill normal monsters but only 1 percent for boss monsters. Either I have extremely bad luck or this Elite Monster is considered a boss monster. How long do we have before it de-spawns' Leo cursed inwardly at his bad luck.

"Why the hell does this monster have so much health anyways" Leo complained out loud.

"That's normal for an Elite Monster." Lilith said.

Eventually, after 111 tries, he managed to kill the Skeleton Warlord using Death Scythe's unique passive ability.

Leo's eyes widened with surprise after seeing how many Magic Points he acquired from killing the Skeleton Warlord.

'Fifty thousand Magic Points… This was definitely worth it!' He laughed inwardly.

Furthermore, the Magic System automatically collected the Skeleton Warlord's mana core, storing it inside its storage.

Leo took a peek inside his storage while the other Adventurers cheered for their victory, unaware that they'd just worked their butts off and risked their life for nothing.

'Huh This is it' Leo was baffled after seeing the mana core inside the Magic System's storage.

Since the Skeleton Warlord was absolutely massive in size, it was reasonable for him to expect a large mana core from it. However, contrary to his expectations, the mana core inside his storage was not any larger than even a B-Rank monster's mana core.

The only difference between this mana core and the other mana cores was the color of its mana with the liquid inside being a golden color instead of azure.

Shortly after the Skeleton Warrior collapsed on the ground, the Adventurers there swarmed its head like ants, and they all started to dig into its skeleton head for its mana core.

Unbeknownst to them, the mana core was already gone.

"Aren't you going to look for the mana core, too" Luna asked Leo.

"Huh Why should I We have to give it to the Adventurers' Guild anyway, so it doesn't matter who finds it. And I'm exhausted." He shrugged.

Luna was speechless.

'This guy… how lazy…'

Sometime later, when the Adventurers took apart the Skeleton Warlord's whole head and couldn't find the mana core, they began to panic.

"Have we found the mana core yet!"

"It's nowhere to be found!"

"What! That's impossible! The mana core must be here somewhere!"

"Let's keep looking just in case we missed it!"

Thus, the Adventurers started going through the pile of bones scattered all over the place for a second time.-

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