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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 235 Transfer Student

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Chapter 235 Transfer Student

"Hey, Leo, I want you to attend class tomorrow." Eve said to him when he returned home.

"Sure. How long do I have to stay" He asked.

"Just until homeroom is over."

"Huh That's it Is there something special going on during homeroom"

"You'll find out tomorrow." Eve said with a mysterious smile on his face.

"Good night then."

Eve left him alone before he could even ask any questions.

"I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow. It's probably a briefing about the Labyrinth Examination." He mumbled out loud.

Leo went to sleep shortly after.

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The following morning, Leo went to the auditorium for breakfast before going to his class, and just as he'd expected, every student in his class was present.

'They were probably told to attend homeroom today as well.' Leo thought to himself as he walked to his seat.

After sitting down, Leo proceeded to wait for their homeroom teacher to show up.

About ten minutes later, their homeroom teacher Ethel walked into their classroom with a nervous look on his face, looking as though he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

This left the students confused, but nobody said a thing.

"First and foremost, I appreciate all of you showing up today on such short notice. We normally don't do this, but this is a special occasion." Ethel said to them after taking a deep breath.

"I know we've just had a transfer student, but we have another one today, and this person came from a different school." Ethel's gaze fell on Leo as he said this.

'A transfer student' Leo and many students in the classroom raised their eyebrows upon hearing this.

And before they could even ask any questions, Ethel continued, "Let's welcome your new classmate. Enter!"

The door opened, and three figures walked into the room.

The first figure was a tall beauty with fiery red hair— it was Eve, their Headmistress. The second person to enter the room was a petite young lady with a doll-like face and silky black hair that flowed to her knees.

When Leo and the students saw this petite girl, their eyes widened with shock, some with intense fear.

'Lia! She's the transfer student!' Leo cried inwardly.

Indeed, Lia Scarlet had decided to transfer to the Four Witches Academy, leaving her school that was managed by her own family.

Unbeknownst to Leo, Lia started her preparations immediately after the tournament.

The third person to enter the room was a young woman wearing a maid outfit. She had short golden hair and emerald eyes, and her face was similar to that of Lia's in the sense that it was void of all emotions, almost like a doll.

"Is that her new servant She seems crazier than the last one." Lilith mumbled out loud.

Sometime later, Lia stood in front of the class while her maid stood behind her.

Eve then spoke, "I don't think any introduction is needed for her, but in case you don't already know her, this is Lia Scarlet. She's the youngest daughter of the Scarlet Family. The one behind her is…"

Eve turned to look at the maid with a signaling gaze.

"I am Lady Scarlet's personal servant, Seven. My only purpose here is to satisfy the Lady's every need and protect her from all harm, so do not bother trying to form a relationship with me and act like I do not even exist."

'Seven What an odd name.' Leo thought to himself.

After Seven's cold introduction, Eve said to Lia, "Do you have anything to say to your new classmates"

Lia, who had been staring at Leo since the moment she found him, spoke without looking away, "Now we can be together even more often."


The already quiet classroom somehow became even more silent. The students recalled Leo and Lia's kiss on the stage during the tournament. There was already a rumor going around that called them a couple, and Lia's decision to transfer to their academy only solidified that rumor.

Leo felt like facepalming, but he resisted his urges.

Meanwhile, Seven glared at him with a cold gaze.

"You haven't done anything yet and you're already hated by her new servant. You must have a talent for pissing off servants." Lilith chuckled.

Once the introduction ended, Eve said to them, "The Labyrinth Examination will begin in four days. If you haven't already registered your team, you have three more days to do so. That's all."

"If you need help, you can bother Leo. If he cannot help you, he'll come to me."

"Okay." She calmly nodded.

Once Eve left the room, Ethel said to the students, "You may leave now if you wish."

However, nobody moved from their seats, and their gaze were all on Lia, who was walking to sit beside Leo.

"You… Isn't it a bad look for your own family to transfer out of your own academy" Leo asked her once she sat down beside him.

"It's fine. I received Father's approval," she calmly said.

"But why would you even do such a thing in the first place"

"Why not" She rebuked, leaving him speechless.

He sighed a moment later and said, "Whatever. Just don't cause any trouble while you're here. I heard about how you treat the students in your school. You absolutely must not harm the students here just because they look at you wrong, okay"

The other students swallowed nervously after they heard Leo's words, as that was what they all feared the most— Lia's tyrannical behavior that left many students injured and even some dead.

"Who are you to make such demands for Lady Scarlet Only the Masters of the Scarlet Family may give her orders." Seven suddenly spoke out loud in a cold voice.

When Leo turned to look at her, there was an indifferent expression on her face.

Without saying anything to her, Leo turned to look at Lia again and said, "Are all of the servants in the Scarlet Family this unpleasant"

The atmosphere in the room instantly turned ice-cold when Seven heard Leo's words.-

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