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Chapter 25: Adventurers Examination

The following morning, Leo woke up earlier than usual to get some breakfast before making his way to his classroom.

“Good morning, Leo!”

His classmates greeted him with bright smiles.

“Morning.” Leo returned their greetings with a smile of his own.

“Is it just me or does Leo feel a lot different nowadays He no longer looks as weak as when he first returned.” His classmates mumbled to each other.

“His recovery is probably going well, so he gained some of his strength.”

“Leo, how is your body feeling” One of the students decided to ask him.

“Its in a much better condition than it was three weeks ago, thats for sure.” He smiled.

“Thats great to hear, especially since your fight with Kayn is next week.”

“Do you think you can defeat Kayn in your current state” Another student asked.

Leo pondered for a moment before speaking, “I wont know until I fight him, but I should be fine.”

However, to his surprise, the students all started laughing suddenly.

“D-Did I say something funny” He asked them.

“You always say that, but when the fight begins, you destroy your opponent before they can even cast a second magic spell. Even without your memories, youre still humble as ever!”

“I-Is that so…” Leo didnt know how to respond to such words so he just kept quiet.

Professor Jasmine entered the room shortly after and started their class.

Seven boring hours later.

“This is all for today. Have a fun weekend.” Jasmine dismissed the class afterward.

Leo quickly organized his notes before leaving the classroom.

However, on his way outside the school building, Leo was stopped in the hallway by someone with a familiar face.

“Hey, Leo! I hope you havent forgotten about our duel next week!”

It was Kayn, and he was there to remind him of their duel and to provoke him.

“Dont worry, I remember.” Leo calmly said.

Kayn suddenly started walking towards him.

Leo stood his ground and didnt back away even when Kayn was right in front of his face.

“I cant wait to break your bones and embarrass you in front of the entire academy.”

Leo smiled and said, “And I cant wait to disappoint you.”

“Keep up your act and enjoy your last week of peace, Leo. See you in a week, mother**er.”

Kayn turned around and walked away afterward.

Leo took a deep breath before moving his legs again.

‘Is it because of all that training I did with Khrome and Miss Camille I can no longer feel any fear from Kayn. His presence is simply too weak. Leo wondered to himself as he returned home to change out of his school uniform.

Sometime later, he met up with Miss Camille in the parking lot where she usually parked her car.

Once they left the school premise and were halfway to the Adventurers Guild, Leo wore the necklace that changed his appearance, turning into Leon.

“Can you tell me a little about the examination so that I can be more prepared” Leo suddenly asked.

“The examination is extremely easy, so I am not even going to bother explaining it. If you cannot pass such an easy examination after all that training you did, I will immediately sever all relationships with you.”

Leo stared at her with wide eyes.

“I-I will pass the examination even if I have to put my life on the line!” He said in a nervous voice.

Sometime later, they entered the Adventurers Guild.

“Leon, right I have already prepared for your Adventurers Examination. Please, follow me.”

The desk worker brought Leo and Miss Camille to another room on the fourth floor.

Upon entering the room, Leo could see an old man sitting at the table. However, this old man had an immensely bulky body. His muscles were so thick that it made his clothes look like they were a size too small.

If it were not for his long white beard and wrinkled face, Leo wouldve mistaken him as a middle-aged bodybuilder.

“Its been a while, Camille.” The old man greeted her with a gentle smile.

“Good morning, Guildmaster Borus.” Miss Camille bowed her head slightly.

“So this is the boy that got you to step foot inside the Adventurers Guild again. I can tell at glance that hes not an ordinary fellow.” The old man that happened to be the Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild this particular place approached Leo with a sharp gaze.

Leo swallowed nervously, feeling as though he was naked before this old mans gaze.

“Hello, I am Leon.”

“Leon, huh Why do you want to become an Adventurer” Guildmaster Borus suddenly asked.

“Because I want to get stronger.”

“Thats it What a simple answer. In fact, this is the exact same reason you gave me 15 years ago when I asked you.” He glanced at Miss Camille.

“I didnt give him a script if thats what youre wondering,” she calmly said.

“Hahaha! I couldnt care less about that!”

“Anyways, allow me to properly introduce myself. I am the Guildmaster of this Adventurers Guild. Most people call me Guildmaster Borus, so you can do so as well.”

“Furthermore, I will be overseeing your Adventurers Examination today.”

“Although this is normally done by someone else, I just had to take over after hearing that youre being sponsored by Camille over here.”

“Y-You wont make the exam harder than normal because youre the Guildmaster, right My life is on the line here!” Leo asked him in a nervous voice.

“Of course not! I would never do such a thing as a Guildmaster!” He said with a profound smile on his face.

Leo sighed in relief after hearing his words.

“Anyways, I have wasted enough of your time. Lets begin the exam.”

Guildmaster Borus led Leo to the center of the room, where a large square machine was located.

“This machine will test your Magic Talent. It goes from Rank F to Rank S. Place your hand on that crystal ball there.”

Leo followed the instruction and placed his hand on the crystal ball.

“Give me a moment.” Guildmaster Borus went to press a couple of buttons.

A few moments later, Leo could feel his mana being sucked by the machine.

“Your Magic Talent is… S Rank!” Guildmaster Borus spoke in a surprised voice.

Miss Camille, on the other hand, didnt seem surprised at all. In fact, her facial features barely moved.

‘S Rank… The Magic System says that I have EX Magic Talent. This confirms that EX Rank is above S Rank, but just how much higher Leo wondered to himself.

“Congratulations, you have S Rank Magic Talent— though you probably already know that. To put into perspective how lucky you are, there are over 20 billion people in this world, but less than ten thousand people have S Rank Magic Talent.”

“Lets move onto your Magic Affinity now. Place your hand on the crystal ball again.” Guildmaster Borus instructed.

A few moments later—

“You have two Magic Affinities. Dark and Wind.”

“Huh Wind” Miss Camille raised her eyebrows.

She was surprised this time, as she didnt expect Leo to have a second Magic Affinity.

“Your Dark Magic Affinity is Rank S while your Wind Magic Affinity is Rank F.”

‘Rank F Thats probably why it didnt show up when I tested him. His Dark Magic Affinity most likely had overshadowed it. Miss Camille thought to herself.

“All right, just one more test before we move onto the next part of the examination.” Guildmaster Borus said.

“Were going to test your mana capacity right now, and that requires the machine to absorb almost all of your mana, so youll experience Mana Fatigue from this. Dont worry, well give you a mana potion afterward.”

“Whenever youre ready.”

“Im ready.” Leo nodded.

The next moment, Leo could feel the machine absorbing all of his mana at a rapid rate.

Seconds later, Leo fell to his knees from experiencing Mana Fatigue.

“Here you go.” Guildmaster Borus handed him a mana potion immediately afterward.

While Leo waited for his mana to recover, Guildmaster Borus looked at the results.

When he saw the result, Guildmaster Borus frowned, “Your mana capacity is only slightly above 900! How is this possible! Even an average magician who has only studied magic for one to two years would have this much mana! This is outrageously low for someone of your talent! What have you been doing for your entire life!”

He actually started yelling at Leo, as hed believed that Leo had wasted his magic talents. Most people start learning magic even before 10 years old, so when Leo, who is already 18 years old, only has 900 mana capacity, it could only mean one thing— that he barely studied magic!

Anybody would be frustrated at Leo if they saw his mana capacity and his Magic Talent beside each other, much less the Guildmaster of the Adventurers Guild.

“Damn it! I didnt think I could still be this agitated at my old age! You truly have a talent to piss me off, just like your sponsor!”

“Calm down, Guildmaster Borus.” Miss Camille said to him.

“Due to complications, Leon only started learning magic about three weeks ago. To increase his mana capacity in such a short time, it could be considered a miracle.”

“What! Three weeks! This makes me even more furious!”

Guildmaster Borus face flushed with redness due to extreme frustration.

After all, if Leo had started learning magic at the appropriate age, he couldve been one of the strongest if not the strongest magician in the country by now!

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