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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 39: Unlimited Potential

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Chapter 39: Unlimited Potential

“Why is she acting like this I know I angered her a little today, but this is just too much…” Leo quickly closed the door and looked at Sophie.

“What do you know about Lady Camille She usually keeps her emotions bottled up, but because of that, when she gets too emotional, all of her suppressed emotions will burst out like a volcano. Also, shes not very good with alcohol, which makes things worse.” Sophie explained.

And she continued, “Thanks to you, I will have a lot of cleaning up to do later.”

“Sorry… How long will she remain like that Ill help you clean up later since I am at fault as well.”

“Shes usually done within an hour. She may get drunk easily, but she also recovers quickly.”

“I see… Is there anything I can do until she calms down”

“No, there isnt. I still have some work to do, so I will leave you alone. Youll know she has calmed down when it becomes silent for a whole minute.”

“Youre just going to leave me here What if she comes out” He asked.

“She wont leave her room until shes done, so you dont need to worry. If youre that worried, you can just wait downstairs in one of the guest rooms.”

“You sound very used to this… By the way, do you mind if I take a look around the building Ive never been to such a luxurious building before.”

“If you promise to not touch anything, then I wont mind. If you dare to steal even a piece of paper from this place, I will have you executed, so beware. Also, do not go into any rooms that have their doors closed,” she said in a cold voice.

“Executed…” Leo swallowed nervously.

Once Sophie disappeared from the scene, Leo started wandering the house.

‘Compared to my Miss Camilles little apartment, this place is like a freaking castle… Arent parallel worlds supposed to have very minor differences between each other This place is on a whole other level. He thought to himself.

And even though he was alone, Leo had a feeling that someone was constantly watching him.

‘Its probably Sophie. I knew she wouldnt let a stranger like me wander around so freely. He smiled inwardly, not feeling worried at all.

After wandering around the building, Leo made his way back to the room with Miss Camille.

It has only been half an hour since he left, but he wanted to check up on her.

Leo pressed his ears against the door to make sure it was absolutely silent. When he couldnt hear anything for a whole minute, Leo resolved himself and opened the door slightly to peek inside.

“Sorry, I made a mess. Ill help you clean up.” Miss Camilles voice resounded, mistaking Leo as Sophie.

Leo didnt say anything and peeked his head through the door to look inside the room.

He could see Miss Camille lying on the couch with her eyes closed.

“Say something, Sophie.” Miss Camille opened her eyes and turned to look at the door when nobody responded to her.

Her eyes widened with shock and disbelief when she saw Leos face.

However, she didnt immediately recognize him.

After taking a moment to recognize Leo, she jumped up and shouted with a flushed face, “L-Leo! What are you doing here!”

“Hey… I wanted to speak with you, so I came here…” He said in an awkward voice.

“You couldnt wait until tomorrow to tell me! How do you even know where I live!”

“I saw your address when you helped me register at the Adventurers Guild.”

Miss Camille turned silent for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “Leo… How long have you been here”

“Uhh… I just got here…” Leo decided to lie.

“Youre lying.” Miss Camille didnt believe him.

“R-Really! I just got here! I am not lying!”

“And Im going to kill you!” Miss Camilles eyes flickered with killing intent, and she even summoned her spears.

“Lady Camille, please reconsider using magic in the building. Itll only be more work for me if you kill him since I am going to be the one cleaning up his corpse.” Sophie suddenly appeared behind Leo and said.

“S-Sophie! Why did you let him inside! What if he was a spy! Or an assassin!”

Sophie glanced at Leo and scoffed, “He looks too weak to be either of those. And if he tried anything funny, I wouldve killed him on the spot.”

Leo swallowed nervously after hearing her words.

‘What kind of maid is she! She seems even more dangerous than Miss Camille! He cried inwardly.

Miss Camille took a deep breath and released it in a long sigh before deactivating her magic.

She narrowed her gaze at Leo and spoke a moment later, “If you dare tell anyone about what you saw today, I am going to kill you.”

“My lips are sealed! I promise!” He swore.

“As if I can believe your words anymore.”

Leo sighed before speaking, “I am here because I wanted to talk to you about that. I didnt agree to help Nina because I wanted to, but because I was forced to. Can we talk alone”

Sophie interrupted, “Lady Camille, I would like to clean this mess up before dinner, but I wont be able to do that with you here.”

“Then I will help you clean—”

“This isnt the first time youve had an outburst. Youll only get in my way like the last time. I can deal with this myself.”

“Sorry… Ill make it up to you.” Miss Camille said to Sophie before going to another room with Leo.

“Is she really your maid Besides her uniform, she doesnt feel like a maid.” Leo asked out of curiosity.

“Thats just her hobby. Shes actually my cousin. Anyways, did you come here to talk about Sophie, or did you want to speak with me” Miss Camille stared daggers at him.

“Before I start, I would like to apologize to you. I know you only said those things to me for my own good, but I ended up making you angry— sorry.” Leo lowered his head and apologized in a sincere voice.

Miss Camille was not expecting such a sincere apology and was taken aback by it.

“W-Whatever. Just tell me why you agreed to help Nina. Resurrection magic is incredibly dangerous and considered forbidden magic because its associated with vampires, so you better have a very good reason.”

Leo nodded with a serious expression.

He took a deep breath and spoke, “This is going to sound crazy, but I want you to believe me when I say that…”

He proceeded to tell her about the Magic System and the quests that it gives him.

Miss Camille was speechless by the end of it. She wanted to yell at him for making such an outrageous excuse just to help Nina, but when she thought about Leos existence, she couldnt say with confidence that he was lying either.

“I get the gist of what youre saying, but I have a lot of questions. First of all, where did you get this Magic System”

“I dont know. I saw it for the first time after you did the magic affinity examination on me, but it couldve existed before that. Do you remember when I asked you about the floating texts, but you claimed that I was only hallucinating”

“Yes, I remember…” The frown on her face grew deeper from thinking.

After a moment of silence, she asked him, “What other functions does this Magic System have besides giving you quests”

“I can use the points that I get from completing quests in the Magic Shop, where I can increase my magic power and mana capacity alongside other stuff…”

‘No wonder why his magic power increased so suddenly that one time. It was all because of this Magic System! Is this phenomenon also the reason why hes so talented Or maybe his talent is the reason the Magic System chose him Just where did he acquire it In his previous world Thats very possible. Miss Camille pondered to herself.

“So this Magic System is also the reason why you accepted Ninas request, right” She then asked.

“Thats right. I received a special quest from the system when Nina asked for my help. If I refused, I would be penalized by the system for failing the quest. However, I dont know what kind of penalty I will receive, and I dont want to find out, so I had no choice but to help her.”

Miss Camille rubbed her eyes and sighed.

“Alright, I have one last question for you… Can you prove the existence of the Magic System If you can, then I will believe you and forgive you for betraying me.”

Leo pondered for a moment before nodding, “I can, but it might take some time. I am currently saving up magic points to buy more mana for myself. You can gauge my mana capacity before and after I use the Magic System.”

“If thats not enough, I can prove it to you when I unlock another magic affinity through the system!”

“W-Wait… You can acquire more magic affinities through the system!” Miss Camille was shocked to hear this.

“Yes, thats how I got my Wind Magic Affinity.” He nodded.

“Does it have a limit…” She asked after swallowing nervously.

“I dont know.”

Miss Camille turned silent again to ponder.

‘If this Magic System is real, then his potential is truly unlimited! He could even become the most powerful individual in this world! With his Magic System, humans will finally have a chance to get rid of the vampires and monsters that plague this world! She couldnt help but feel excited about a potential future where humans no longer have to hide in fear like rats within the city walls.-

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