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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 41: Legendary Artifacts

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Chapter 41: Legendary Artifacts

“Heavens, this food is amazing! Did you really cook this all by yourself I have never eaten anything this delicious before!” Leo praised Sophie as he stuffed food into his mouth.

Sophie looked at him with a disgusted face, almost as though she was looking at a barbarian.

“Maybe I should come here more often for dinner…” Leo mumbled to himself.

“Dont you even think about it.” Sophie glared daggers at him.

He quickly looked away and focused on the food.

After dinner, Miss Camille said to him, “I will drive you back to the academy.”

“Or I can just sleep here tonight.” He winked at her.

Seeing Miss Camille frown, he quickly continued, “Im just kidding, of course.”

The two of them drove back to the academy shortly after.

On their way there, Leo asked her, “Since I told you about my relationship with the Miss Camille of my world, its only fair for you to do the same. Tell me about your relationship with the Leo of this world.”

Miss Camille silently pondered for a moment before speaking, “Just like you, I first met Leo when he came to my infirmary with injuries all over his body. Leo would always get into fights with the magic students, and he was also an Adventurer, so he would almost always show up to the infirmary everyday without fail.”

“But as he got stronger, his injuries lessened. However, he still visited the infirmary everyday just to tell me about his day. I dont know why he keeps on returning, and I found him annoying at first, especially when he resembles someone I once knew.”

“Someone you knew Who” Leo asked.

After a moment of hesitation, she spoke in a low voice, “My older brother.”

“Huh You have an older brother The Miss Camille I knew also never mentioned having a brother.”

“I used to have one. He died, and he was around your current age when he died. I was only 7 years old then.”

“Im sorry…”

“Its fine. Its been 2 decades since his death.”

“Is your older brother the reason you became an Adventurer at such a young age” He asked.

“Its half of the reasons,” she calmly said.

Leo didnt continue to question her situation any further, as he felt that he was digging too much into her background.

‘So I resemble her older brother, huh Is this why she agreed to help me He wondered inwardly.

Before dropping him off at the academy, Miss Camille said, “Meet me tomorrow at the Training Center as usual.”

“What about Nina”

“I will deal with her.”

“All right…”

When Miss Camille returned home, Sophie approached her with a conflicted look.

“I think I understand why you care so much about this Leo now, Lady Camille.” Sophie said to her.

“Lets hear it.” Miss Camilles face remained tranquil.

“That Leo… Hes a splitting image of your older brother and my cousin, Leon Light. Even his name is almost the exact same.”

“Youre wrong.” Miss Camille responded in a cold voice.

“Im tired. Im going to sleep now.” She walked right past Sophie and then to her own room.

Sophie did not stop her and watched as she disappeared.

‘Leo… I have heard of him before, but that was my first time seeing him in person. If I didnt know any better, I wouldve definitely mistaken him for Leon… What a creepy resemblance.

Sophie was inwardly relieved that she didnt accidentally meet Leo in the city because she wouldve definitely thought that her cousin had returned from the dead.

After returning to her room, Miss Camille walked to her desk and glanced at the framed picture resting on the desk.

There were two people in this picture— a child that looked like Miss Camille 20 years ago, and kneeling right beside her was a handsome young man with short black hair and a gentle expression.

If Leo saw this picture, he wouldve thought that he was the one in the picture.

After staring at the picture for a moment, she placed the photo down and prepared to sleep.

Meanwhile, after returning to his room, Leo laid on the bed with a pondering look on his face.

“How did it go with Miss Camille Were you able to tell her about the Magic System” Lilith asked him.

“Yes, I did, and she seems to believe me.”

“See I told you that it would be fine.” Lilith smiled.

She then asked, “So whats going to happen now”

“Were going to resurrect Ninas mother and get this quest over with. However, I will need to spend some time increasing my mana capacity before then since my mana capacity is too low to do anything right now.”

“With Miss Camille training me, it shouldnt be too long though.”

“Well, good luck. Im looking forward to it.”

“You Why”

“Because it seems entertaining. Why else” She chuckled.

The following day, after class, Leo went to the Training Center, where Nina Wraith was already waiting.

“What are you doing here” Leo asked her in an annoyed voice.

“What else Im here to help you train your magic.”

“About that… I no longer need you to help me train my magic.” He said.

“What Why not”

“Because I will be training him.” Miss Camille said as she entered the room.

“You” Nina was speechless when she saw Miss Camille.

‘What happened to their fight yesterday Why did she suddenly return She wondered inwardly.

“Nina Wraith, we need to talk about your nonsense regarding the resurrection magic.” Miss Camille approached her.

“If youre going to try to convince me to give up on my goals like yesterday, you can forget about it. I wont change my mind even if you kill me.” Nina stubbornly said.

“No, its actually the opposite. I am going to help you resurrect your mother.”

“Youre going to what” Nina Wraith couldnt believe her own ears and stared at Miss Camille with a look of disbelief.

“I dont believe you! Why would you suddenly want to help me when you were so against it just yesterday! Theres no way you can change your mind that quickly!”

“Due to circumstances which I cannot tell you about, I have decided to assist you. However, I am not helping you because I want to— this I want you to keep in mind. Furthermore, it would be more dangerous to leave the two of you alone. If I am here, I will be able to make sure that nothing will get out of hand.”

“I dont need your help. I only need Leos help.” Nina snorted.

Leo suddenly stepped in and said, “I asked Miss Camille for her help. I wont do this alone, so if you wont accept her help, then you can forget about my help as well.”

Nina gritted her teeth before speaking in a frustrated voice, “Fine! She can help!”

“Were going to start training now. You can leave since youre no longer needed here.” Miss Camille said to her a moment later.

“Leo is basically my partner now, so I am going to stay and watch him train!” She said as she stood firm.

“Is that so As long as you dont interfere with our training, I dont care what you do.” Miss Camille casually said.

Nina didnt say anything else and walked to one of the walls before taking a seat.

“Here.” Miss Camille handed Leo the S-Rank artifacts that hed used yesterday before starting his training.

“Oh! Thank you!” Leo quickly wore them with enthusiasm, instantly feeling stronger after putting them on.

‘Those artifacts have such a strong aura! They must be at least A-Rank if not S-Rank! Shes actually willing to let him borrow something that valuable for training! Nina was shocked inwardly after seeing the artifacts.

Due to her Spiritual Eyes, she also had the ability to see the aura of artifacts and gauge their power and rarity without the need of specialized equipment.

Soon, Leo started throwing Void Spears at the Mana Absorbing Dummy.

A moment later, the dummy started pulsating with a red light.

‘What! His Tier 2 magic spell is 3,000 magic power! That is outrageously powerful! If its him, he can definitely resurrect Mother! Nina cried inwardly after seeing Leos true magic prowess.

However, she would become even more shocked when she realized how often Leo was using Void Spear.

‘Hows he using so many magic spells! I thought he only had 1,000 mana! Hes chucking those Void Spears every ten seconds!

‘Wait… Could that be due to the artifacts she gave him Any artifact that allows magicians to use magic this constantly is priceless!

Nina started researching artifacts on her phone. Eventually, she found what she was looking for.

‘This is it! I found them! Elders Ring of Regeneration and Elders Ring of Empowerment! These are legendary artifacts that once belonged to a powerful mage nicknamedElder, and he was one of the strongest mages in this world! These artifacts even have a set effect!

Ninas mind almost burned out from shock after realizing just how valuable the artifacts Leo was using for training actually was.

‘Miss Camille is actually willing to lend these legendary artifacts to a student for his training! That is absurd! Shes insane!

It was at this moment that Nina Wraith realized just how powerful and wealthy Miss Camille was.

At the end of the day, Leo handed the artifacts back to Miss Camille, and his mana capacity increased by another 150.

“Then I will see you here again tomorrow.” Miss Camille said before leaving the place.-

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