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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 58: First Mission

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Chapter 58: First Mission

“What do you think, Lilith Should I do transportation missions or territory control Since I only have two weeks, I need to choose my missions wisely, or I wont be able to achieve C-Rank.” Leo asked her advice as they scrolled through the list of available missions.

Sometime later, after they looked through all of the available missions, Lilith said, “I think you should do transportation missions. Although you may receive more recognition through territory control, these missions will take longer than transportation missions to complete.”

“Most transportation missions right now will only take a week to complete while territory control will take at least 2 weeks.”

“Youre also still very new as an Adventurer, so you should go with the safer option for now, at least until you acquire more experience. From what I heard, territory control will be very hectic and all sorts of crazy shenanigans could happen.”

“Alright, I will do transportation missions for now.” Leo agreed with her advice and decided to accept a transportation mission.

He looked through the available transportation mission again.

“What about this one It starts tomorrow morning, and the delivery cargo I need to protect is heading to Fairwood City, which is the closest to our Stellar city. According to the quest, it will only take six days. Three to get there and another three to get back.”

“That sounds good.” Lilith agreed with him.

Leo proceeded to accept the mission through the computer.

After that, he left the Adventurers Guild and rented a room in a hotel near the meeting area for the mission.

While he waited for the day to pass, Leo would look at the Quest Shop to see if he needed to purchase any of them.

‘Since I dont have any quests right now, I should purchase some of the quests for the time being. Theyre pretty cheap with a good return.

After pondering for some time, Leo decided to purchase two quests for 15 Magic Points.

[Quest: Use 100,000 mana]

[Progress: 0/100,000]

[Time Limit: N/A]

[Reward: 20 Magic Points]

[Quest: Kill 100 monsters]

[Progress: 0/100]

[Time Limit: N/A]

[Reward: 100 Magic Points]

Leo wanted to purchase the quest that required him to learn a Tier 5 magic spell since he already learned one, but he lacked the Magic Points to purchase it for now.

‘Once I acquire enough Magic Points, I will immediately purchase that quest and instantly acquire 500 Magic Points!

After purchasing the quests, Leo realized something.

‘The two quests didnt disappear even after I purchased them… Are they repeatable

In order to test out his theory, he decided to purchase another quest.


‘I see… It appears to be repeatable, but I cannot stack them up. This is good. This will allow me to grind Magic Points! I should farm some Magic Points if I still have some time after becoming a C-Rank Adventurer. He thought to himself.

The following day, Leo woke up early in the morning even before sunrise. After doing his morning routine, he went downstairs to check out of the hotel before he made his way to the meeting spot.

“Why do we have to gather so early in the morning Fortunately, I had plenty of sleep yesterday.” Leo complained as they walked to the city wall.

“Monsters are less active during the morning, so they are going to take advantage of this and start their traveling during this time.” Lilith explained to him.

“I see… That makes sense.”

Sometime later, they arrived at the gate at the city walls.

Leo recognized the guards, as they were the same ones from a week ago.

“Here.” Leo showed them his Adventurers ID.

“Youre already a D-Rank Adventurer” The guards were surprised to see how fast hes risen within such a short time.

“As expected of the Saintess disciples. Youre a talented one.” The guards said.

Now that he was a D-Rank Adventurer, these guards had no problem letting him outside by himself.

After leaving the city, Leo made his way to the meeting area that was at the border of the green safety zone and the orange zone.

Once he reached the border, he was able to see a 8 meter-long van surrounded by a small group of individuals in the distance. This van was fortified with metal and weaponry, making it seem as though it came straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie.

There were five people there. A middle-aged man with a round figure who was also dressed nicely, three men in their mid to late twenties, and a young woman.

‘That chubby man is probably Tami, the person who posted the mission. Leo thought to himself.

“Hello there. Are you Leon” The chubby man asked him once he was close enough.

“Yes, I am.”

“Can I see your ID”


The chubby man proceeded to insert his ID into this phone-like device.

“Alright, I have confirmed your identity and checked you in. Since you are the last person we were waiting for, we will begin the mission right now. First and foremost, I am Tami Barlow, the owner of this cargo, and I only request for one thing from all of you here— to protect me and my cargo with your lives until we reach Fairwood City and back, which is about 6 days.”

“We will be taking the longer but safer route. If we encounter any monsters, they will at most be D-Rank.”

“As for your provisions, I have bottled water and MRE, enough for 2 weeks. Since there are only five of you, I will let you guys discuss the shifts amongst yourselves.”

“Any questions”

When nobody spoke, Tami nodded and said, “Good. Then get in the van. Were moving out now.”

Once Leo and the other four Adventurers were sitting in the back of the van, Tami went to the front with his two drivers.

The van started moving shortly after, pulling along a large cargo that was attached to the back of the van.-

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