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Chapter 63: Arriving at Fairwood City

Leo and the others watched as their vehicle slowly approached the city walls of Fairwood City.

Once they reached the gates, the guards there checked all of their identities before allowing them to enter.

Upon entering the city, Tami found a place to park the vehicle before going outside with everyone.

“Its been a while, Mister Tami. Were ready to move the cargo whenever you are.” A group of individuals approached the vehicle the moment they came outside.

“Yes, please. Go ahead and move them to the usual location.” Tami nodded his head.

While the workers moved the cargo, Tami approached Leo and the others, “I will be staying in this city, but the rest of you will return to Stellar City tomorrow morning. I have already prepared your rooms. Follow me.”

Leo and the others followed Tami to a nearby 3-star hotel.

Once they were at the hotel, Tami handed them their room keys and said, “I will meet you guys down here in the lobby in two hours, then well go grab some dinner.”

After getting his key, Leo went straight to his room to take a long hot shower before lying on the soft bed.

“I dont think I want to do transportation missions ever again. Its too boring, and I dont even get to enjoy the place I visit. It would be nice if I could have some fun for a couple of days before we go back to Stellar City, but were going back literally tomorrow morning!” He sighed as he laid on the bed and stared at the white ceiling.

“Its your choice,” she casually said.

Two hours later, Leo and the others gathered at the hotel lobby and waited for Tami.

Once everyone was there, Tami brought them all to a fancy restaurant that was only a couple of blocks away from the hotel.

“Go ahead and order whatever you want. Its my treat.” Tami said to them with a smile once they all sat down around the table.

While they waited for their food, Tami turned to look at Leo and said to him, “I think I speak for everyone here when I say that youre the reason we managed to arrive at our destination without any casualties and smoothly. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, Leon.”

“Its nothing much. I just want to get to C-Rank as soon as possible,” he said with a somewhat bashful look on his face, as he was not good with compliments.

“C-Rank, huh I will recommend you for a promotion once the mission is completely finished.” Tami said.

“Really You can do something like that” Leo was pleasantly surprised to hear such words from Tami.

“Lets just say that I have a little influence within the Adventurers Guild.” Tami winked in a playful manner.

“Anyways, why dont you all tell me a little about yourselves while we wait for the food”


The Adventurers started introducing themselves to Tami, each of them giving a brief explanation of their background and why they became Adventurers, something Leo already heard multiple times during their journey.

Once the food arrived at their table, everyone stopped their conversation to indulge in the food before them.

An hour later, Tami paid the tab and everyone left the restaurant.

“Thank you for the food, Mister Tami.” Leo said to him.

“No, I should be thanking you. Please continue keeping my cargo safe on the way back, Leon.”

“Of course.” He nodded.

Sometime later, Leo and the others returned to the hotel.

“Hey, Leon, wanna spend the night with me We should relax and have some fun before we go back to the boring Wilderness, right” Trista suddenly asked him as they reached their rooms, even winking her eyes in a seductive manner at him.

“Eh” Leo was taken aback by her surprise attack.

“Its okay even if you have a girlfriend. Nobody will know about it,” she continued to urge him.

“We know…” David and the others said with raised eyebrows.

“Shut up! Why are you guys still lingering out here, anyway If youre thinking about hooking up, sorry, but I only have Leon in my eyes tonight!” She said to them.

“Have fun, you two.” Jeff said with a bittersweet smile on his face before entering his room.

David and Dean also did the same.

“Sorry, but Im really tired, and we need to wake up early tomorrow…” Leo said to Trista when she looked at him with anticipating eyes.

“Eh! Dont be like that! I swear youll have a good time!”

“Maybe next time…” Leo said to her with an apologetic smile on his face before escaping into his room.

“Che. Hes not an easy one.” Trista sucked her teeth after realizing that shed failed.

“But he didnt completely reject me! I still have a chance!” Trista smiled as she returned to her own room.

Once he returned to his room, Leo immediately laid on the bed.

“Why did you reject her company Shes got a pretty hot body, not to mention her busty breasts. Humans love to mate with each other, dont they” Lilith asked him.

“I dont know where you got that information, but Im not the type of man who sleeps with a woman that Id just met.”

“Then would you do it with someone like Miss Camille” Lilith suddenly asked.


Leo was surprised by her question and couldnt respond.

Seeing his face getting slightly rosy, Lilith covered the smug smile on her face with her hands and chuckled, “I see… So you wouldnt mind sleeping with Miss Camille, huh I dont blame you! Shes a top beauty with a smoking hot body! I doubt there are any men out there who would refuse the company of a high-quality woman like her!”

“Keep your delusions to yourself. Im going to sleep.” Leo said as he closed the lights and then his eyes.

‘Since hes going to sleep, lets go look around! Lilith disappeared from the room shortly after.

However, now that shes bound to Leo, she couldnt just go whenever she wanted like before, and she had to remain within a certain distance of Leo, or she would not be able to absorb his mana and keep her soul nourished.

Meanwhile, shortly after Trista returned to her own room, she went to the bathroom to remove her makeup.

After that, she took another quick shower before entering the bed.

However, right as she closed her eyes, her phone began ringing.

“A notification” Trista grabbed her phone and opened it.

“T-This is…”

Her eyes widened with shock when she saw the contents of the notification.

After staring at her phone with a look of disbelief for many moments, she jumped out of the bed and left her room without even bothering to wear her slippers, going into the hallways barefooted.

Sometime later, Trista, Jeff, David, and Dean sat in the same room with solemn expressions on their faces.

“So the rest of you also got the notification” Jeff asked them.

“Yes, I just got it.” David nodded.

“I cant believe this is happening…” Dean sighed.

“What should we do” Trista asked them with a perplexed expression on her face.

“You mean what areyou going to do I already know what I am going to do.” Jeff said with a resolute face.

“Seriously Youre going to do it” Dean looked at him with a dumbfounded face.

“Of course.” Jeff nodded.

Trista swallowed nervously, and she spoke, “I-I dont know… This seems a little…”

“Listen. I can either do this by myself or we can do this together. I mean—”

Jeff and the others continued their conversation for a whole hour before they all came to a conclusion.

“Hmm… What should I do about this information” Lilith mumbled to herself after listening to their whole conversation.

‘I should tell Leo about this, but he wouldnt believe me… In fact, this could be the perfect opportunity for him to understand the reality of our world. Although its going to be a little risky, Im doing this for your own good, Leo. Lilith sighed inwardly.

The following morning, Leo woke up before sunrise and went to wash his face.

Sometime later, he gathered in the lobby with everyone else.

“Whats wrong Did you guys not sleep last night” Leo raised his eyebrows when he saw Trista and the others exhausted appearance.

“I guess I ate too much for dinner yesterday. Its fine. I will get some sleep when we start going back to Stellar City.” Trista said after yawning.

A few minutes later, Tami showed up and led them to the vehicle.

“Once you guys return to Stellar City, my associate, Robin, should be there waiting for you. Hes a short guy with red hair, you wont miss him. He will handle everything so you dont need to worry about the cargo. If hes not there, call the Adventurers Guild and let them know of the situation.” Tami said to them when they arrived at the vehicle.

“One more thing. I shouldnt need to warn you about this, but if my cargo is missing anything, I will hold all of you accountable for the missing items, and you could even lose your Adventurer License.”

“Dont worry, Mister Tami. We wont touch the cargo.” Jeff said with a smile on his face.

“Wait… What if the monsters somehow damage the cargo” Leo suddenly asked.

“You dont need to worry if it was caused by monsters, but my drivers will be there to witness everything.” Tami said.

“I understand.” Leo nodded.

Sometime later, everyone except Tami entered the vehicle, leaving Fairwood City.-

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