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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 72: Mana Drain

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Chapter 72: Mana Drain

“Ar-Are you okay” Leo couldnt help but ask her after seeing her expression, even stuttering in the beginning.

Lia gritted her teeth and nodded her head in a stiff manner.

“Okay, but if it hurts, you must let me know, alright I dont want to be executed for accidentally hurting you…” he said in a low voice.

Over the next several minutes, Leo would quietly absorb Lias mana. The more he used Mana Drain the better he got at controlling the amount of mana he absorbed from Lia.

However, Lia was anything but quiet, as she would occasionally let out a cute moan that would tickle Leos heart whenever he heard it, and it became more frequent the longer they did it, almost as though Lia was slowly letting go of her restraints.

Leo eventually couldnt handle her moaning any more and stopped absorbing her mana.

“Alright, we can stop here. I think I have enough experience with Mana Drain.”

However, when he released her small hands and tried to retrieve it, Lia suddenly grabbed his hand and said to him in a slightly panting voice, “No… Dont stop… I want you to keep absorbing my mana.”

Leo swallowed nervously, but he couldnt just refuse her request, fearing that it might make her angry.

“It could be dangerous if I absorb too much of your mana. Lets rest a little before we continue.”

“Its okay. I still have a lot of mana left. Keep going.” Lia insisted with a stern expression on her face.

“Alright… Ill do it for a little longer…”

Leo gave up and held her small hands before using Mana Drain again.


Lia suddenly released a satisfied sigh, even rolling her eyes back a little, looking like she was high on drugs.

Leo looked at Lilith with a worried gaze.”Hey, am I doing this correctly I feel like there is something wrong here…” He asked her.

“Theres nothing wrong with you. This little girl, on the other hand, is a different story. Having your mana drained shouldnt be a pleasant feeling. It makes your body feel incredibly weak, almost like youre going limp. Shes a weird one if she enjoys such a feeling.”

A few more minutes later, Lias body suddenly collapsed forward, leaning on Leo.

“Hey! Are you okay!” Leo immediately stopped using Mana Drain and supported her by holding her shoulders.

“Yes… I just feel a little lightheaded,” she said in a calm voice.

“Thats Mana Fatigue! Why didnt you tell me to stop when youre already out of mana! That was incredibly dangerous! I told you to stop me!”

However, she remained nonchalant and spoke in a calm voice, “You only told me to stop when it hurts. I didnt feel any pain, thats why I didnt tell you to stop.”

Leos jaw dropped slightly after hearing her words, “Why are you being so technical Are you tricking me into hurting you so that your family can execute me I will stop using Mana Drain if thats the case.”

“Im sorry…” Lia suddenly apologized.

“I wont do it again, so please dont stop using Mana Drain…”

If Edwin could see how obedient Lia was acting, he would definitely be shocked to death.

“Alright. However, youre out of mana and I am out of energy. Its impossible to use Mana Drain now. We will do it again when its almost sunset.”


The two of them proceeded to lie on the bed to rest.

“Where did you learn Mana Drain” Lia suddenly asked him as they laid beside each other.

“A friend taught me.”

“Is your friend a vampire”

“No…” he quickly said.

“Its okay if you tell me. I wont tell anyone.”

Leo glanced at Lilith, who nodded her head with a smile on her face.

“Fine, shes a vampire.”

“Is that why youre not afraid of me Because you already know a real vampire”

“No, my friend has nothing to do with why I am not scared of you. I grew up in a place where vampires dont exist, so I had no reason to fear them in the first place.”

“A place where vampires dont exist Does such a place really exist in this world” Lia asked in a curious voice.

“Well… Maybe they existed and I just wasnt aware of their existence.” Leo made a quick excuse.

“Is that so…”

Sometime later, once Lia recovered enough mana and Leo replenished his energy, Lia requested him to use Mana Drain on her again.

“Promise me that you will tell me to stop when youre getting low on mana and I will use Mana Drain on you.”

“I promise,” she calmly said.


However, right as Leo reached for her cold hands again, they heard a knock on the door.

“Young Lady, is the young Adventurer still alive”

“Hes as alive as one can get,” she responded.

“Good. Then my decision to cook for two people wasnt made in vain. I am entering the room now.”

Although he didnt know why, Leo had a gut feeling that he shouldnt be seen sleeping on the same bed as Lia, so he quickly jumped out of the bed and Void Stepped to gain some distance from her before Edwin could fully open the door.

Edwin entered the room with a long cart that was filled with covered plates of food shortly after.

He then retrieved a portable table from his Spatial Ring before placing it in the middle of the room.

After covering the table with a clean white tablecloth, Edwin began setting up the table with the plates and silver utensils for two people.

“Please enjoy yourselves.”

Edwin bowed to Lia before pushing the cart outside and closing the door.

“This seems like a lot of food for two people…” Leo mumbled after seeing the table of food.

There were 7 plates of food on the table, and each plate had enough food to feed two people.

Lia didnt say anything and took a seat on one side of the table.

Leo sat down on the opposite side a moment later, and the two of them began indulging in the food.

‘Wow, this is amazing. It tastes even better than the food at that luxurious restaurant in Fairwood City! Leo thought to himself as he shoved food inside his mouth without stopping.

Meanwhile, Lia would eat her food in a graceful manner befitting of a noble young lady such as herself. However, despite her elegance, she would end up eating much more food than Leo, who was already full after a single plate.

Edwin returned to the room about an hour later to clean up the place.

“This servant will return when its time for dinner,” he bowed to Lia before leaving the room.

“Im going to use the restroom.” Leo said to Lia.

She pointed at the second door inside the room and said, “The restroom is in there, but I wouldnt go in there right after eating. You should wait a bit.”

Leo raised his eyebrows.

“Why not” he asked.

“If you dont mind the stench of blood, go ahead.”


Leo turned to look at the door that was only several steps away and swallowed nervously.

He wanted to wait a little, but he was already at his limit.

After walking to the door and taking a deep breath, he held his breath before opening the door and going inside.

The interior of the bathroom was just as big as the bedroom outside. There was a large square spa in the middle of the room, but the water was red, and there were blood splatters all over the walls and floor, looking like a scene from inside a horror video game.

‘If not for her hobby, she would actually be a very charming girl… What a pity… Leo sighed inwardly as he rushed to finish his business before running out of breath.

The moment he came out of the bathroom, Lia spoke in a gentle voice while sitting on the bed, “Leon. Mana Drain me.”

She even held her arm out for him.

“Alright.” Leo didnt say anything else and started using Mana Drain on her.

A few minutes later.


Lia suddenly released a loud moan almost immediately after Leos Mana Drain increased Mastery Rank.

Leo was used to her moaning by now, so he didnt stop using Mana Drain.

However, he quickly realized that Lia was moaning more frequently, and she was even biting onto her lips trying to hold back her own voice.

“I think we can stop—”

“No! Keep going! I want you to drain all of my mana!”

Leo swallowed nervously at how erotic Lia sounded just now, but then he recalled her hobby of killing and torturing people and quickly calmed down.

Sometime later, Lia spoke in a reluctant voice, “You can stop now.”

Leo didnt hesitate and stopped using Mana Drain instantly.

“How do you feel” he asked her afterward.

Lia took a moment to catch her breath before speaking in a satisfied voice, “I have never felt anything like this before. I dont even know what this feeling is. This is a first for me.”

“What about your bloodlust”

“Now that you mention it, I havent felt any bloodlust for a while now. Maybe this will really work…” Lia mumbled in a pondering voice.

“We will find out soon.” Leo said as he looked at the time on his phone.

They proceeded to rest for a few more hours until Edwin returned with dinner.

“There is another hour and hour until the Young Lady loses control. Good luck, Mister Leon. Lets hope this wont be your last meal.” Edwin said to him in a calm voice before leaving the room and shutting the door.-

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