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Magic System in a Parallel World Chapter 73: Mana Drain(2)

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Chapter 73: Mana Drain(2)

After dinner, Edwin returned to clean up the mess.

“The Young Lady will lose control of herself in half an hour. Allow me to warn you again, Mister Leon. You are not to hurt even a single hair on her body no matter what she does to you. If you injure her, your life will be the least of your worries, even if its by accident.”

“Thanks a lot for your encouragement.” Leo said to him in a sarcastic voice.

Edwin bowed to Lia before leaving the room and shutting the metal doors behind him.

“There is only half an hour left. What are you going to do until then” Lia asked him.

“I would like to save my energy, so I am not going to do anything,” he said.

“Leo, you should prepare.” Lilith suddenly said to him after the room turned silent.

“Prepare How I only need to use Mana Drain on her, right”

“Dont underestimate the Scarlet Eyes, Leo. If you think calming her down will be as easy as your previous attempts, you should really prepare yourself. When her Scarlet Eyes activate, her mana regeneration will increase tremendously. In other words, youll need to absorb more mana than she can recover. However, since you cannot absorb too much mana at once, youll need to adjust your absorption rate to just slightly above her mana regeneration, or you will experience mana overflow, which is the opposite of mana fatigue. Your body could explode from mana overflow.”

Leo swallowed nervously after hearing her words.

However, Lilith was not done yet, and she continued, “Youll also need to spend more than just a few minutes draining her mana. Prepare some energy potions. Youll need them.”

“Energy positions I only have two on me.”

“Go ask your new friend. Her family should have plenty.”

Leo looked at Lia, who was silently staring at him.

“Just in case I dont have enough energy, I will need some energy potion. I have 2 low-grade energy potions on me and I dont think that is enough. Do you think you can lend me some”

“Do you need anything else besides energy potions” she asked him.

“No, I dont.”


Lia proceeded to retrieve four bottles of energy potions from her Spatial Ring and placed them on the bed in front of her.

Leo raised an eyebrow after seeing the energy potion.

“They look a lot different from the ones I one.”

“These are high-quality energy potions. One of them will last you for hours,” she calmly said.

Leo swallowed nervously after hearing her words.

‘High-grade The medium-grade healing potion was already 5 times more expensive than the low-grade healing potion. How much more expensive are high-grade energy potions than medium-grade he wondered inwardly.

Not to mention how casually she just handed them to him, treating them as though they were just water.

“As expected of a rich young lady. She can toss out six-figure potions as though theyre trash.” Lilith said with a smile on her face.

“Six-figure!” Leo was shocked by the price tag.

“Thank you for these energy potions…” he said to Lia after snapping out of his daze.

Half an hour later, Lia suddenly frowned, and she said, “Leon, my body is feeling hot… Its going to begin soon.”

Leo nodded and took a deep breath.

“Give me your hand,” he said while trying to sound calm.

Lia could feel his hands trembling slightly when he held her hands, but she didnt say anything.



[Quest: Calm the Scarlet Eyes]

[Description: Help Lia Scarlet control her Scarlet Eyes]

[Reward: 150,000 Magic Experience, 750 Magic Points]

‘A special quest, huh Now I definitely have to help her! Leo thought to himself as he drank one of the high-grade energy potions.

He then held onto Lias hands and activated Mana Drain.

Lia closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as a pleasant sensation spread throughout her body.

“Leo, increase the intensity. Her mana is recovering quicker than you can absorb it right now. Ill tell you when to stop.” Lilith instructed him.

Leo didnt hesitate and began steadily increasing the amount of mana he drained from Lia.

A few moments later, Lilith said, “Stop right there! Keep it right here!”


Leo proceeded to focus entirely on his Mana Drain, completely ignoring the weird faces Lia was making beside him.

This continued for an hour until Lilith spoke again, “Leo, increase the strength of your Mana Drain again. Her mana regeneration just increased significantly, but this is a good thing. This means she should calm down soon.”

Leo followed her instruction and further increased the strength of his Mana Drain until Lilith told him to stop again.


Lia was moaning without restraints at this point, but Leo was too focused on his task to care about it.

When his Mastery Rank for Mana Drain suddenly increased, Leo found it much easier to absorb Lias mana while needing less effort.

After another half an hour had passed, Lilith said, “Alright, her mana regeneration is slowing down. Keep pushing. Youre almost done.”

Leo felt relieved after hearing Liliths words, as he was on the verge of collapsing from exhaustion. If it were not for the high-quality energy potion, he wouldve been knocked out ages ago.

Five minutes later, Lilith spoke again, “Okay, you can stop now.”

Leo immediately stopped using Mana Drain and collapsed on the bed afterward.

‘I have never felt this exhausted before… Not even during my training with Khrome or Miss Camille… he cried inwardly.

Meanwhile, although she had stopped moaning, Lias body was still twitching slightly, and on her face was a blissful expression.

Once hed recovered enough energy, Leo sat up on the bed and looked at Lia.

“How are you feeling” he asked her.

“Never felt better…” she mumbled in a low voice.

“I meant your bloodlust…”

“Its under control.”

Leo heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good. Although the process is exhausting, at least it works properly.”

“Looks like you will be able to keep your head for a little longer.” Lilith chuckled.-

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